Chris Johnson thinks he’s faster than Usain Bolt


Chris Johnson might be coming off his worst season, but he’s not lacking for confidence.

In fact, Johnson thinks he’s faster than the fastest man alive.

The Titans running back told Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean he thought he could outrun Usain Bolt, under certain conditions.

“I feel like if I would have kept training for track I’d have a chance, but I play football and he runs track, so it’s totally different,” Johnson said. “I think I could still probably beat him in the 40. If I actually trained for the distance he trained for, I think I’d have a chance.”

Bolt broke his Olympic record with a 9.63-second time to win his second straight 100 meters. He runs the 200 on Thursday (which you can watch on NBC).

Johnson hasn’t focused on track since high school, and he did run the 40 in 4.24 seconds at the combine in 2008, the fastest recorded since times were kept electronically in 2000.

They’ve talked about a race in the past, but it never moved past the talking stage.

“Training for football, we do a lot of short sprints — we do 40s and 50s and things like that. We don’t really train like track athletes,” Johnson said. “If a track athlete tried to come play football it would be totally different [for Bolt].”

There have been attempts to extrapolate what Bolt’s 40 time would be based on splits (and they’re anywhere from way faster to close to Johnson’s time), but the reality is we’re talking about apples and oranges.

Or, more accurately, the fastest apples and oranges in the world.

26 responses to “Chris Johnson thinks he’s faster than Usain Bolt

  1. This is easy to figure out. When Donovan Bailey was the world-record holder in the 100, and Michael Johnson was the world-record holder in the 200, they agreed to run a 150 meter race, in which Bailey embarrassed Johnson haha.

    40 yards is almost 40 meters, so CJ and Bolt should race a 70 meter race. Bolt is a better finisher than a starter, so it could actually be interesting.

  2. The 40 yard dash and the 100 meter sprint are completely different. Johnson does have a ridiculously fast 40 time but Bolt has a different gear that separates him from the pack after the 50 meter point. Out of the gate it would make sense that Johnson would be quicker, Bolt is 6’5″. But when Bolt gets into full stride it would be no contest during the last 50-60 meters.

  3. The only things C.J. might be able to do faster than the BOLT…is to delusionally inflate his own ego, and get his mouth to out-run his brain.

  4. He must have been watching espn’s skit about bolt trying out for the giants when he came up with the idea that he could ever win a foot race.

  5. Easy enough to solve; Get a couple of reliable people to witness and time, and then lace ’em up and go! I am sure the Bolt would do it, he’s a good sport. I am also reasonably sure Bolt would defeat Johnson.

  6. Bolt is currently competing against the fastest competition the world has to offer and is making them look silly.

    I suspect Johnson couldn’t even make it past the qualifying rounds of the Olympic 100 or 200.

  7. Johnson is also blazing fast in pads. Would carrying pads make it harder for Bolt? I think it makes Johnson look faster.

    I’d like to see a race with Johnson, Ford and Djax.

  8. The main difference between these two athletes is bolt wouldn’t open his mouth to call out CJ.

  9. Maybe first 15-20 yards, and then Bolt and all 9 others in the 100 meter finals would blow your doors off Johnson. Bolt wins, followed by 9, and then you drag up last.

    Why do NFL players say these things during every freaking summer olympics? Stupid.

  10. If Chris Johnson thinks he’s faster than Usain Bolt then why isn’t he in London proving it? Sorry but this idiot in pads needs to shut up if he’s not willing to put up. Maybe CJ should try showing he’s a good football player, someone good enough to not be playing on the pathetic Titans team.

  11. As a side note, at 6’5″ and with speed like that, I’d give Bolt a tryout at receiver for sure. Not to say it would necessarily work out just based on speed and height but there’s no downside. You know if he catches the ball in space there isn’t a man alive who will catch him.

  12. Might be able to hang in the 40 YD. In the 100 METER Bolt would be able to commence his looking around, pointing at the hotties in the crowd, and watching CJ pant on the jumbo tron a little earlier than he usually does.

  13. Someone out there extrapolated Bolt’s 40 time to be somewhere between 3.85 and 4.11 secs. They gave him an advantage for going off starting blocks, but said that human error at the combine allows for delayed reaction in starting the stopwatch giving benefit to combine participants.

  14. CJ is also at a disadvantage because he can’t juice up and get away with it like they can. The Jamaican sprinters look like Hulk-freaks. Especially Yohan Blake. Both Bolt and Blake have ridiculous trapezius and deltoid muscles in the neck and shoulders that are the tell-tale signs of steroids. They look like coconuts have been inserted under their skin. They’re sprinters, bot body builders, but you can hardly tell the difference.

  15. If CJ1K worked as hard as he mouths off about past and speculative accomplishments, he might still be among the best backs in the league. Now he’s nothing but a bag of hot air…..a very expensive bag of hot air.

  16. I don’t think Bolt’s speed would translate well to the NFL. He wins his races in the last 30 meters. Hershel Walker was like that. He really didn’t have a great first step.

  17. I actually think he could beat BOLT. But then the alarm clock went off and it woke us all up from that dream. Time to come up with something else for reporters to listen to.

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