Dontari Poe has “a ways to go”


Expectations that Dontari Poe would step right into the starting lineup at nose tackle after the Chiefs made him the 11th overall pick are looking overly optimistic right now.

Poe hasn’t been taking starter’s reps in camp, replacing Anthony Toribio only when the Chiefs are working on passing situations and he’s got some work to do if he’s going to change that before the start of the season. Coach Romeo Crennel outlined the things Poe needs to improve before he will earn more playing time.

“A lot,” Crennel said, via Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star. “He needs to work on technique, he needs to work on understanding the system, he needs to get the calls correct all the time. He’s got a ways to go.”

Poe admitted to difficulty adjusting to the NFL game, saying that nothing about it is the same as in college. He also said he feels that he’s getting a better handle on things, so it’s still premature to write him out of a competition with a player who was on the practice squad last year.

In the end, the most important thing is that the Chiefs drafted Poe because they knew they needed more in the middle of their defensive line. He’ll get a chance at a bigger role as soon as he proves he deserves it. The sooner that moment comes the better for the K.C. defense.

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  1. That’s to be expected. He’s a project. The nice thing about him not starting right away is that, with the return of Berry, the Chiefs defense can break the top 10, even with Toribio manning the middle.

    Poe seems to have a good head on his shoulders, so I expect him to eventually figure out the mental aspect of being a 3-4 nose tackle.

  2. Wow the Chiefs are striking out along that 3-4 defensive line. With Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson as high first round picks and not living up to the hype they either need to switch back to the 4-3 or try something new.

  3. That’s just RAC setting expectations correctly. It’s rare for a D Lineman to come in and dominate from the beginning. It’s taken TJ and Dorsey a few years. We should give Poe the same timeline. I’m hoping he can sub in on occasion and cause some disruption. Toribio seems to be doing fine as the starting NT.

  4. Not a fan of Poe, but he was never described as NFL ready when being hyped as a first round pick.

    It was the classic, “physical talent overcoming lack of production and experience against elite competition.”

    Best case scenario is Jason Pierre-Paul – limited contributions year 1 followed by elite production in years 2 and beyond.
    Worst case analogy is the dozens of first round busts who never bothered to learn proper technique after getting their payday.

  5. OF COURSE nothing is the same. Poe had zero technique in college, and just used his raw strength to overpower everyone. Doesn’t work like that in the NFL, as Tony Mandarich found out a decade ago, and Bruce Campbell has been finding out for the last couple of years.

    Scott Pioli using a mid-first rounder on someone this big and powerful who couldn’t even dominate Conference USA does not speak well to his talent evaluation abilities.

  6. Haha. Poe has had “BUST” written all over him from Day 1. He couldn’t even dominate Conference USA competition. The Chiefs’ front office made a colossal mistake wasting the #11 pick on him.

  7. Way over-picked in draft. The guy was an average player in a nothing conference at Memphis State.
    Not like he was in the SEC or anything.

    His pick was worse than JaMarcus Russell. Just plain foolishness and I have to say, I am surprised to a very high level in that it was Scott Piolli pulling the strings. Hard to believe.

    Just because a guy benches a bit more than the next guy, and just a tad faster does not a great football player.

    He is a third rounder AT BEST. Crazy pick, sorry. Chiefs deserve it if he busts out ala Gholston, Russell, Adam Jones, etc.

  8. You mean the guy who was an average player against conference USA competetion isn’t dominant in the NFL?!?!
    Color me shocked.
    Why do GM’s keep falling for this workout wonder stuff year after year after year after year???

  9. Jee. Bad tape, has effort questioned by opposing coaches and players, but runs a great 40.

    He’s a 300+ pound version of Vernon Gholston!!!

    I remember when NFL Network did their own Draft Eve mock draft and they had him going to the Arizona Cardinals. At that time I felt that it was a bad pick because why would you take anybody with blatantly bad tape over a guy that needed to complement Larry Fitzgerald???

    Well, he’s KC’s problem now and quite frankly I thought that they were better off going after Shea McClellan or Fletcher Cox (even if they needed a NT)!!!

    Never take need!!! Go with the best player available!!! How do you determine that? Look at his tape!!!

  10. My goodness all of you haters need a new hobby. Give the kid a chance and give him some respect. Does it sound like Romeo is dissapointed? Nope. He knows what he is doing.

  11. It’s amazing how many people are already counting Poe as a bust, way overrated, colossal mistake etc.

    Yes, the coach said he has “a ways to go” but we are also talking about practice…not a game…practice.

    I don’t think Poe will be dominant Week 1 against the Falcons, but kind of ridiculous to have any impression of someone you have never seen play in the NFL.

    Let’s at least wait a few weeeks, if not seasons to determine how well the Defensive Lineman is rather than judging his Practicing Abilities…

  12. Wow. I had no idea just how many unemployed expert talent evaluators visited this site.

    I am shocked that everyone on here isn’t employed with a NFL team as the lead scout.

  13. Another reason why draft position means nothing, and all these off season champs awards are laughable.

    Oakland didn’t have a pick until the 3rd round, and the Raiders draft class is looking solid. Criner and Burris look like 5th round steals and Bergstrom should be starting by year end.

    It’s all about talent evalution folks and knowing who can and who can’t play the game of football. Reggie McKenzie is proving to be a guy that know how to find FOOTBALL players.

    The Raiders didn’t pick until the 3rd round – so what. The Raiders had cap issues – so what. All the man has done is find gems in the draft and undervalued free agents (i.e., Wheeler, Bartell, Tollefson) who actually are better than the guys they replaced (i.e., Wimbley, Routt, Jarvis Moss).

    The Raiders have the best roster in the division top to bottom. If Oakland avoids any significant injuries, then the Raiders take the West. We in good hands for years to come with Reggie too. Sorry, The Nation’s dark days are over folks. We’re back for a long time.

  14. Just goes to show that not every superior athlete playing football can be JPP. I gained a great deal of admiration for JPP in the Giants’ game against the Saints last year and he was the only Giants player who never quit; no matter what the score was.

  15. In other words, we blew our #11 pick on someone everyone but the Chiefs thought was WAY OVERRATED and shouldn’t be a first round pick, not that you’d draft an interior defensive lineman in the first round anyway!

    A top-half first-round pick should be a starter as a rookie. This guy may never be.

    The Chiefs certainly pissed that one down their leg.

  16. At least with JaLoser Russell, there was allot of hype and praise surrounding him.

    Everybody said this was a major reach and it’s worse, it a major swing and a miss.

    This guy is a mega bust.

  17. Some people are idiots,this kid has been in camp for a little over a week,sure he has a ways to go.He will end up being just what the Chiefs d needed.And saying Tyson Jackson and glen Dorsey are busts is crazy.Both ranked in top 3 for 3/4 d ends against the run.

  18. Romeo will coach him up, and he’ll be solid just like Dorsey and Jackson.

    Whats hilarious is seeing faider fans talk about other teams drafting busts. They’re the poster boys for that.

  19. The people calling him a bust are just as annoying as the people who were ready to anoint him as the next great NT.

    He hasn’t played a single snap and he was considered a project when he was drafted.

    If he is coached well and if he is driven, he will definitely be good–maybe not great.

    But to already call him a bust is laughable. Most of you people haven’t even seen him in camp!

  20. Man, talk about what have you done lately. I don’t know why 90% of the commentors on this site are so quick to label someone a bust. I didn’t like this pick during the draft because of the tape, but even I’m not writing him off yet. Give the guy two seasons at least to see how good he is. JPP would be labeled a bust by all of these guys since he didn’t do anything in year one (let alone 3 weeks into the preseason).
    Simmer down now, simmer down.

    Weeden is the only exception to the “give him two seasons” since in two seasons he’ll be filing for Social Security…

  21. “Doesn’t work like that in the NFL, as Tony Mandarich found out a decade ago”

    Brother, step away from the bong. That was 23 years ago.

  22. 99% of the players drafted this year will not start! Name any of our 1st rounders drafted in the last decade that started with the 1st stringers in week 1. Don’t come down on this kid just because of the teams track record of drafting d/lineman.

  23. redripper says:Aug 12, 2012 10:07 AM

    99% of the players drafted this year will not start! Name any of our 1st rounders drafted in the last decade that started with the 1st stringers in week 1. Don’t come down on this kid just because of the teams track record of drafting d/lineman.


    Made up statistic alert!

    253 players were drafted in the 2012 NFL draft. 99% of 253 is 250.47. I can safetly say that more than 3 players in the draft will be starters. In fact the first 7 draft picks will be starters, for sure.

    Poe just isn’t very good, so let’s not make up stats in order to justify your teams poor drafting practices.

  24. Whoa! Meaning starting with the 1st unit this yr begining wk 1. Not over their entire career. Now give me a statistic. And as far as being good how would you know?! Oh but you wouldn’t because he’s NEVER has taken regular season snap in the nfl. I’m not saying he’ll be great, but will say give him a chance to play before running him down.

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