Eavesdropping case still not dead

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The investigation regarding possible eavesdropping at the Superdome is forgotten but not gone.

Nearly four months after a dirt-digging expedition by ESPN’s John Barr produced a report that Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis had the ability to eavesdrop on opposing coaches during games played in 2002, Louisiana State Police Colonel Mike Edmondson tells the Associated Press that an investigator is still working with FBI agents regarding the situation.

No evidence has been turned over to federal prosecutors, yet.

The obstacles to a conviction include the applicable statute of limitations and the fact that the Superdome has been renovated since the eavesdropping allegedly occurred.  The box where Loomis allegedly had access to the conversations of opposing coaches is, for example, gone.

The news that the investigation continues comes at a time when former FBI director Louis Freeh reportedly is conducting his own investigation at the request of the Saints.  The possibility of prosecution could mean that Freeh’s findings will never see the light of day.

The possibility of a lawsuit from Loomis and/or the Saints against ESPN also could prompt the Saints to keep Freeh’s findings close to the vest.

Loomis vehemently has denied the allegations, and he has said that he would talk to investigators.  It’s unknown whether he has been interviewed by state or federal officials.

15 responses to “Eavesdropping case still not dead

  1. this is a non-issue. the whole situation is preposterous and shouldn’t be considered a story until it is proven that something, ANYTHING, actually happened.
    From the beginning of this it has been clear that an ex-employee said this happened. no proof was needed to make national headlines and it is still being investigated because this would be a federal crime and the fbi, rightfully, take it very seriously. But also, it is nearly impossible to prove whether it happened or not because of all the changes in the superdome and the amount of time that has passed since this supposedly happened.
    I wish ESPN would stop sending reporters with the sole mission of digging up dirt on the saints and report actual news of the REAL facts of importance (“bounty/court case) instead of trying to create something that is, for all intents and purposes, nonexistent . and I’ve been wondering why people have been having such misguided beliefs about the “bounty” scandal…

  2. How much can one team get totally, undeservingly punished is beyond me and anyone else with half a brain!!!

  3. “The investigation regarding possible eavesdropping at the Superdome is forgotten but not gone.”

    If this was the Patriots or any successful team this would be anything but forgotten.

  4. Please tell me the season is starting soon…..I wanna hear/view who did what, when, and where on the field, and not 2.5 mins w/o an arrest; or, them new refs gamble; or about something from 2002.

  5. If they had the ability to listen in on the opposing coaches, why wouldn’t they have that go directly to the Saints coaches.

    It wouldn’t make much sense to have it go to a GM (who’s a money guy, not really a football-guy) to try to understand what he’s hearing and then relay that info to the coaches.

  6. Loomis was, is and will be a crook. But only because he is smarter than you.

    This is not about common sense or getting some big advantage in a game. They try to rationalize it away by saying it couldn’t have helped the Saints win a game so it couldn’t be true.

    I do know this: The FBI does not investigate crimes with zero evidence.
    Doesn’t matter how silly you and I think it is that they are investigating one of the chief, lying sacks of scat in New Orleans.

  7. An investigation also does not mean anything actually happened. They are investigated because they were accused, even though it is a false accusation.

  8. “How is FBI involved. isn’t this simply a league matter?”

    It’s a violation of Federal law to wiretap without a warrant, which the Saints could not obtain, obviously.

  9. Lets all be honest if this was The Raiders this would be BREAKING NEWS on here, ESPN, they would be doing sportscenter specials on it but it’s the SAINTS so you hear nothing about it. If Raiders had bounty gate the whole team would have been suspended

  10. but it’s the SAINTS so you hear nothing about it.
    Thats so dumb… the saints have been getting blasted this year more than any team in the history of the NFL… PERIOD!!!!!

  11. Freed was hired by Benson. why does that make it shady? It means he is making sure nothing else is going on, and probably to disprove a lot of the accusations.

  12. The Louisiana state police turned over their finding to the FBI last week. The cheif investigator said that he wouldn’t call what they handed over evidence, but they gave what they had found. Look for Loomis to file a lawsuit against ESPN for reporting a false story. Mickey is going to get whatever he loses in salary from his suspension from ESPN. Will we ever hear from John Barr again? Freeh is looking into the wiretapping allegations and then he is moving on to the bake bounty accusations. There is proof that it didn’t exist and it will come into the light of day. Goodell will then be hitting the unemployment line, sucks because it is so hot out there right now.

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