Jared Gaither still not practicing at Chargers camp


Chargers left tackle Jared Gaither was unable to practice in late July due to spasms and cramps in his back. The team deemed Gaither “day to day” then, but it’s nearing the middle of August and Gaither still isn’t practicing.

On Wednesday evening, the Chargers announced the signings of offensive tackle Anthony Davis and Michael Toudouze. They waived defensive tackle John Cullen and waived/injured H-back Patrick Doyle.

Michael Gehlken of the Union-Tribune San Diego confirms that Gaither’s back is “healing slower than the Chargers hoped.” Gaither will not play in the Chargers’ exhibition opener, and “there is some doubt” about his availability for the second week of the preseason.

It’s time for the Chargers to start worrying about Gaither, and the addition of two offensive tackles suggests they probably already are. This is not the first series of back problems for Gaither. San Diego signed Gaither to a four-year, $24.6 million contract in March. $13.5 million of that deal was guaranteed, including an $8 million signing bonus.

For now, undrafted rookie Mike Harris out of UCLA is practicing as the Chargers’ first-team left tackle. Harris, who ran a 5.58 forty-yard dash at the Bruins’ Pro Day, played right tackle in college.

Hopefully, Rivers makes it through tonight’s possession or two against the Packers unscathed.

10 responses to “Jared Gaither still not practicing at Chargers camp

  1. I’ll keep saying it. The poor O-line of the Chargers will be the team’s downfall this season. Football at its core is a game won in the trenches. The Chargers O-line is going to be one of the worst in the league. I’ve reviewed each player in prior posts. Rivers is going to be seeing a lot of turf and Mathews will have little room to run the ball.

    Oakland has quietly assembled the best roster top to bottom in the division, especially both lines. Both of Denver’s lines are poor. KC has the second best set of lines in the division, but not quite up to Oakland’s (especially on the defensive side).

    Oakland should be able to physically whip all three division opponents in the trenches (as has been the case more often than not the last two years). That’s a major reason why Oakland will ultimately win the West this season.

  2. I can’t believe the Chargers paid this kind of money for a player that didn’t even make the starting line up for the Chiefs. Even worse, he was cut mid season.

  3. Tamba Hali is licking his chops right now.

    Oh, and Gaithers back will NEVER heal.

    At least theres one O-line in the division worse than the faids. Barely.

  4. I remember how good this guy was three and four years ago. Then the next season he complained about back spasms.,He never played that season, and the Ravens let him go the next. He bounced around the AFC west and ended up in San Diego. I thought he had finally changed his was, but evidently not.

  5. We’re basically at the point where if the Chargers don’t go at least 9-7 this year, nobody is allowed to refer to them as a good team anymore.

    That 14-2 season was a long time ago.

  6. So Gaither works hard, gets the big contract and then goes back to being a lazy slug.

    Color me shocked. Truly.

  7. so what happened to Green or Dombrowski? Is a UDFA beating them for a roster spot?
    If people want to look at the reason why the Chargers have not won that elusive SB ring, look at that OL. They committed to players that didn’t deserve being committed to. Look at Olivea. Look at Clary. McNeill was one of the worst LT in the league his last 2 years in SD. They currently have a mess at RG, RT and LT.
    We (SD fans) just can’t expect consistent domination from the Chargers until that OL is full of TALENT and hard workers. That is why we need to draft em in the first rounds. We have talent on that DL and now seem to have some decent pass rushers, we need to stop taking those who are perceived as the “best available” in the draft because we DON”T have that luxury and take those proven 4 year starting 1st team all american linemen and just watch what mathews and Rivers will do with a cusion.

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