Kyle Williams gets yanked from practice after scuffle


After becoming the goat of the NFC title game, 49ers receiver Kyle Williams is ready to come out swinging.


Jim Harbaugh yanked Williams from practice Wednesday after the head coach deemed that Williams had instigated a scuffle with rookie cornerback Deanté Purvis.

According to, the three-second incident included Williams delivering a head butt to Purvis.

Per the report, Harbaugh appeared to “angrily” order Williams off the field.

It’s hard not to wonder whether Williams feels compelled at some level to demonstrate aggression and toughness, given that a pair of Giants said after the Super Bowl play-in game that they were targeting him due to his history of concussions.

And yet only the Saints have been vilified for treating football as the game of attrition that it necessarily is.

12 responses to “Kyle Williams gets yanked from practice after scuffle

  1. The goat?
    It was strictly his fault. Every 49er came to play that day except him.
    The giants couldn’t move the ball on the 9ers defense until Kyle Williams gave them the ball twice on their side of the field.

  2. I don’t understand your dig at the end; the Giants admitted targeting Williams and their strategy paid off (pardon the pun).

    Kyle Williams should be concerned about his roster spot though with the additions of moss and manningham.

  3. Yeah, he might have played stupidly in the biggest game of the year, but I blame Harbaugh for putting a not 100% player in that situation, that was the coach’s decision. If the Giants knew, the 49’s should have known that Williams would flinch.

    Did anyone yell angrily at Harbaugh for that?

  4. I guess with that last line you are just trolling for comments but do you really expect us to believe you don’t know the difference between being paid an illegal bonus for taking out another player and taking out another player by going after weaknesses?

  5. Smart (or isn’t that the right word to use when talking about some of these players) move, you have a history of concussions so you head butt someone to instigate a fight.

  6. You guys who keep talking about that game like Kyle Williams was the only one to screw up in that game. Well if we all want to be narrow minded, dumb, and stubborn to see the facts then the defense failed because they gave up yards and the offense failed because they didn’t score every time they moved the ball. Of course some of the blame is on Kyle Williams but not all of it. San Francisco had the ball with two minutes to go and all their time outs sitting on their 20 yard line and we run play action into the best part of that defense and put ourselves into 2nd and 3rd and long situations (playing right into the hands of the defense). In OT we had the ball twice and did nothing with it. So who’s to say if Kyle Williams doesn’t fumble the punt then history (of that 2nd half and OT to that point) shows that we would of just punted the ball back to them anyways. Then who would the blame be on? This is why football is a team game. If you win all 3 aspects of the game (offense, defense, and special teams) then you will win the game.

  7. Ninersforlife15 hit it right on the head, i was ready to fly to SF and fight Kyle Williams after those two fumbles(not really, just pissed) but as it set in, i realized he should of never of been in that position due to the offense didnt do s*** in the last 20min of that football game and the coaching staff should have told him in OT to call a fair catch! but regardless, last year is in the past and Kyle Willams is not a terrible receiver…he can still make an impact, call me crazy but hes the best #5 reciever in the

  8. I like that Jim took control of the situation and sent him off. Headbutting a team mate is no way to prove that you are tough following a series of concussions. In fact, it is a good way to get another one and get cut from the team in the process… Be smart!

  9. The 49ers offense was the goat in that game. I guess we all forgot how Alex Smith regressed to ’07 Alex Smith in the 4th Q and overtime.

    Sure Williams fumbled the ball, but that offense looked outright BAD more than a few times that game.

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