Marcus McNeill decides to call it a career


Whenever a team has needed a tackle this offseason, Marcus McNeill’s name has come up as a possibility.

We’ll need to find some other names for the next time the subject comes up. Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that McNeill has decided to retire after a six-year NFL career with the Chargers.

McNeill made the Pro Bowl in his first two seasons with the Chargers and signed a long-term deal with the team early in the 2010 season. His body started betraying him soon after that and San Diego wound up releasing McNeill in February after injuries limited him to just 20 games over the last two years.

He drew a lot of interest over the course of the offseason, but the uncertainty of his physical condition kept teams from signing him to a contract. In an interesting twist, the Chargers could have been in the market for his services thanks to the injury to Jared Gaither, who was signed by the team to replace McNeill last season.

That won’t happen, though, as McNeill’s agent confirmed the retirement report with Adam Schefter of ESPN and said the neck injury that ended his 2011 season is behind the decision.

12 responses to “Marcus McNeill decides to call it a career

  1. If his body wasnt breaking down, we could still use his services in SD! It was a great run and he will always be loved and respected in SD! Have a great life after football marcus, BOLT UP!!!

  2. Early in big macs career he was noticably lighter and his back was never a issue. As he got lazier and fatter his back became a problem. Good luck to him in the future. Who knows, maybe his back prevented him from moving around as much.

    And the video of him getting “lit up”. His momentum was horizontal while Curry was moving forward. Wasnt that hard to knock him over. It was a better job by the De to stretch the play out and allow Curry a shot a t hitting McNeill while he wasnt square.

  3. man the season hasn’t even got started and the wheels are already coming off the track on the superbowl express…..choo choo!!! love watching curry light him up like a christmas tree.

  4. The guy was a great tackle regardless if he got lit up on the play referenced above. All players get lit up now and then.

    Hopefully he will enjoy retirement while he still has everything working well in his noggin. Best of luck to him.

  5. He had neck problems consistently in San Diego for years, sad some opposing fans obsess over single plays that don’t matter because we know he had talent. It’s unfortunate his neck was this much of a problem but at least it didn’t get hurt badly and possibly progress further so he can live the best life possible now.

  6. That’s crazy. I remember after his first two years I was very envious of SD because they had the tackle position locked up for the future. How quickly everything can change….

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