Matt Slauson takes pay cut, wins starting job

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The Jets ended a competition for the starting left guard job on Wednesday.

Coach Rex Ryan said that Matt Slauson will retain the job after getting a challenge from Vladimir Ducasse this offseason. Given the timing of the announcment, it doesn’t seem like Ducasse put up much of a fight. That might not be all there was to the decision the Jets were making, however.

Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that Slauson recently agreed to take a pay cut for the 2012 season. He was due to make $1.308 million this season, but will now earn $1.05 million in fully guaranteed salary. Slauson, a 2010 sixth-round pick, was originally slated to make $565,000 this season but he earned escalators in his rookie year that pushed things up to a more robust number.

It’s not too much of a jump to see the relationship between the two things. Players don’t tend to take pay cuts unless they run the risk of losing their roster spots, so the loss of $258,000 likely bought Slauson another year on the Jets roster. With his presence assured, the Jets could halt a competition that always seemed like a stretch based on the way Ducasse played when forced into action last season.

6 responses to “Matt Slauson takes pay cut, wins starting job

  1. Wait someone of actual talent wants to take a cut in pay. Woah he must not be feeling well. The appropriate behavior would be holding out for a 6 year 74 million with 23 million gaurenteed with a no trade clause. The trainers better check him for a concussion. In all seriousness Good job Slausen.

  2. Ducasse is prob the worst football player in the nfl.. I can’t believe how this guy is still on an nfl roster.. He single handedly was the reason rob turner broke his ankle last preseason

  3. That headline reminded me of when Johnny Carson would do the Art Fern bit and while he was giving directions to the sponsor he would say, “Go to the Slauson Cutoff, get out of your car, cut off your Slauson, get back into your car, and drive until you see the fork in the road.”

    Hey, I’m old.

  4. Why would anyone want to play for the Jets in the future when they treat their trench warriors like this? For that piddling amount in todays NFL, that is a monsterous insult to not just him, but all linemen on offense or defense.

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