Maurice Jones-Drew not expected in Jacksonville any time soon

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Don’t expect Maurice Jones-Drew’s holdout to end soon.

Although Jones-Drew’s camp and the Jaguars are in regular contact, his holdout is expected to last until the end of August and possibly into September, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

Schefter reports that the Jaguars and Jones-Drew have been speaking almost every day during training camp, and that the communication is “cordial.” You know, except for the part about how Jones-Drew is refusing to show up for work until the Jaguars give him more money, and the Jaguars are telling him he can either honor his contract or find a new line of work.

Jones-Drew still has two years left on the five-year, $31 million contract he signed in 2008. Eventually, he’s likely to get back to work and play for the $4.5 million he’s slated to get paid this year. But that’s probably not going to happen until just before the start of the regular season.

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  1. They will start the season 0-4 with or without him so what does it matter??? Let him sit out. If they cave in and pay him more, they will regret it when they are 1-6 through the first 7 games of the season.

  2. These dudes that sign contracts and blow the bonuses and then want more cash should all be made to honor their contracts or stay home and collect NO money. Its different for tagged players, but MJD has 2 years left. The Jags should just stand their ground.

  3. MJD is one of the best backs in the NFL and is on one of the most anemic NFL teams. He shouldn’t be demanding more $$$. He should be demanding to be traded.

  4. I can assure you that not too many people in Jacksonville are worried about this. We love MJD, but we need a passing game to get W’s. We’re happy to watch that develop as he enjoys his deserved vacation.

  5. Just go to work dude. You have no leverage. Your going to show up right before the season starts and pull a hammy or groin or something and that’s just going to hurt your future contract.

  6. The team should stand their ground. Let him go bag groceries for minimum wage. Tired of these millionaires whining that $4.5 million isn’t enough.

  7. Another Starting Running Back that is going to miss valuable training camp and off season time to get in to football shape for the regular season.. My crystal ball is seeing a lot of Chris Johnson like seasons in the future… :/

  8. What a turd…. Holding out for more $$ on a Desean Jackson type contact is 1 thing…. Being the best weapon and earning, if I remember correctly $690k annually……..but, signing a non rookie contract and getting a large front loaded deal, spending the $$$, then suddenly acquiring DeJa Vu?????? C’mon man!!
    With all Due respect, the JAgs assume to be as pathetic as my Vikings thus year, bench him then trade him!!! It gets really old

  9. Unless a negotiated contract specifically gives a team the right, by a specific date, to “take a look” at their sitation in the offseason and re-assess a given player’s value to their overall picture, the team has to pay the contractual obligation, regardless of whether they keep the man or cut him.

    If they choose to cut the player who is due to get a roster bonus or has clauses in his deal that give the team the right to cut him without any fiscal obligation, there is no moral failure.

    This is what happened to Todd Heap. He figured some money was better than no money, and took a pay cut before he got cut.

    Why doesn’t the same standard apply the other way around?

    Why can players sign contracts which lead to a team projecting a certain financial situation over the next few years, only to throw a wrench into the franchise’s planning by randomly deciding they want more money?

    It’s just flat out wrong.

  10. Just trade him and get what you can for him! I never understood why teams bother with this I could see if both camps were close to a deal but they seem miles and miles apart

  11. “These dudes that sign contracts and blow the bonuses and then want more cash should all be made to honor their contracts or stay home and collect NO money. Its different for tagged players, but MJD has 2 years left. The Jags should just stand their ground.”

    Oh, you mean honor the contract like the teams do when they cut a player or ask them to take a pay cut when they are not performing up to their contract? I hold no ill will towards a player who holds out for more money if they deserve it. You have a short career and need to maximize it. These contracts are one side and the NFL uses these guys up and then cuts them loose.

  12. ravenmuscle says:
    Aug 9, 2012 6:16 PM
    These dudes that sign contracts and blow the bonuses and then want more cash should all be made to honor their contracts or stay home and collect NO money. Its different for tagged players, but MJD has 2 years left. The Jags should just stand their ground.


    Yeah right after the owners are made to honor those same contracts that they sign. And how do you know he blew his bonus?

  13. Call his bluff/make him make a decision. 5-day letter. He either shows up within 5 days or he sits the entire year with no chance to play for the Jags or anybody else. I’m not sure but I believe he would get no credit for a contract year either and would still owe the Jags 2 more years. (That may just be initial contracts and MJD is on his 2nd, but I can’t find the details) Either way, the Jags are not much better with him there. Sure, he was the rushing leader last year but where exactly did that get the Jags? Sitting at home during the playoffs–just like they will do this year if he doesn’t show up. He has overvalued himself. The Jags gave him a pretty good deal last time, they shouldn’t budge now.

  14. Some people here do not understand NFL contracts. You have to be on the roster to get paid. If you get cut and are not subject to waivers then you are a free agent. Free to go get as much money as you can from any team or fast food restaurant.

    Mojo signed his deal in 2009 not 2008. They tore up his rookie deal and released Fred Taylor. He had never eclipsed 1.000 yards rushing and they gave him +/- 3rd highest RB money.

    He has been great but that’s what they are paying him to do. He lead the NFL with 1616? yards for $4.5 mil. He cashed checks totaling $13 mil a couple of years ago- he wasn’t any better.

  15. but yeah if he gets traded, the jags will probably want 2 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder, look what the rams got for a unproven irg3

  16. @ themars211

    Believe it or not, the language is actually in the contract stating that the owners can cut the player without owing non-guaranteed money. So when an team cuts a player and doesn’t pay the non-guaranteed money, they are not dishonoring the contact, but actually using an aspect of the contract the both sides agreed to initially.

    A holdout, would be the equivalent of an owner refusing to pay guaranteed funds. I.E. refusing something both sides agreed to.

  17. I think the only real issue is that the jags paid MJD a lot and with the skillset he has with how much they ran him, it was a good price.

    now that they are running him into the ground, way over 350+ for last season and probably see’s more – he wants more money.

    I don’t blame him at all.

    If anything, the F.O. should add incentives into the contract that state if he gets over so many yards/carries, then he gets bonuses. Solves problems for both sides.

    not sure how much longer MJD has as a player after these 2 years anyway

  18. Stealersfann

    You couldn’t be more wrong. Unless the contract is guaranteed, and that’s almost impossible in the NFL, the team can cut the player at anytime during the contract with no compensation to the player.

    A vested veteran who is on the roster game one gets his full salary for that year if cut, but that’s it.

    The Jaguars can cut Jones-Drew today and not owe him a cent. They won’t because they realise what a good deal they have. They’re hoping he caves and comes to camp.

    If Jones-Drew holds out long enough the Jaguars will pay him or trade him. He has a value and if he won’t play for them they might as well get a draft pick for him rather than nothing.

  19. Here we go again. Teams can cut players without paying the balance of the contract and that’s within their right according to NFL contracts per the CBA. At the same time players have every right to sit out their contract at any point if they’re willing to pay the penalty stipulated in the contract. If the owners wanted to get rid of holdouts maybe they should have added more severe penalties in the new CBA. They didn’t so everyone needs to stop whinning.

  20. All of this 0-4 and 0-16 talk is ridiculous. Don’t forget they play the Vikings week 1. They don’t need MJD because Gabbert or Henne can throw for 475 and 5 against the Vikings secondary.


    Dude, even as a Missouri fan I hate to say this but I don’t see Gabbert even eclipsing 250 yards against the Pat’s Pass defense

  21. 5 day letter, Case Closed!!
    And to all who think he “didn’t” want the rock 350+ times last year can kick rocks.

    MJD doesn’t deserve to “pick up a penny found on the ground”pretty much sums that up.

    **To ALL the haters on this board, does ANYONE of you know that MoJo is still due to make “MORE” money than Forte & Rice this year, who just recently signed big ass contracts?? So move along cowards, the Jags structured this contract perfectly, knowing they had a future star in MoJo, nuff said.
    MJD=NO Leverage, Jags=ALL the leverage!!

  22. When he goes back to work( and he will ) his contract may well be $1 million less if the Jaguars decide to fine him (and I hope they do ).

  23. The Jags did MJD a favor a couple years ago by redoing his rookie contract when he had two years left on it. Not all that common in the NFL. A nice gesture by the Jags.

    And now MJD demands more money with TWO years left. One year would be understandable. Two years is just a joke, no matter how good you are.

    The Jags won’t cave. MJD will have to if he wants any money this year. MJD is good, but the Jags were bad without him. A RB won’t make a difference on this team. Like others have said, they need to establish a passing game, so all the focus is on Gabbert this year. And Jennings has looked real good this year

  24. Put yourself in MJD’s shoes.

    You play on a losing team year in and year out

    You never complain about anything

    You have 1000 yd seasons without a QB

    You lead the league in rushing

    So you pay the man!

    Don’t think he is being greedy. Yes, he is already wealthy, and yes he is still on contract


    A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

  25. The person who is going to pay for this is Gabbert in pass protection… He’s going to know where the tailback should go on a running play, he’s not going to know he needs to chip the DE on the way to the flat.

    He needs to get his behind in camp, he was given a fair deal at the time, honor it.

    The Jags need to fine him the $30K daily and set a precedent. New owner, new coach, won’t be strong-armed by a whiny 5″6″ running back.

  26. 0-16 either with or without him and the team is moving. It sucks to be a Jags fan.

    What a mistake putting a team there, massive.

  27. Shocker a millionaire wanting more money. But for my fantasy teams hopes… You were a keeper for me this year now get your rich ass back on th field u clown

  28. You pay the man ? Sounds a lot like what the lions did with sanders. U can either play ur contract out. Or retire. Up to you. Players have no leverage in a case like this

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