Melvin Ingram makes mark


The first quarter of the Packers-Chargers game featured five turnovers.  One was an interception resulting from intense pressure applied on quarterback Aaron Rodgers by rookie linebacker Melvin Ingram.

Ingram, the 18th overall pick in the draft, also applied a fairly solid hit to Rodgers on what turned out to be the reigning league MVP’s final play of the game.

The good news (if there is any) for the Packers is that Ingram wasn’t beating the starting left tackle, Marshall Newhouse, but reserve Herb Taylor.

Rodgers completed only two of eight passes for 16 yards.  In addition to the interception, Rodgers lost a fumble.

Jets fans will be paying close attention to the early portion of Ingram’s career.  With Ingram on the board when the Jets used the 16th overall pick, New York took linebacker Quinton Coples instead.

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  1. I remember that – the Jets taking Coples over Ingram. Wow.

    Oh man — the Jets and their personnel moves. Not exactly emulating the Steelers’ draft of ’74.

  2. Oh Yeah Clay I guess Ingram didnt Blast Rodgers, But Rodgers simply held the ball too long. LOL. I see James Jones still dropping Touchdown Passes. LOL I cant wait for week 12. Licking the chops. Discount Double Checking the Pack!!!!!!


    Everything I read about this guy in camp is that he’s a monster all over the field already looking like everything a first round pick is touted to be.

    It’s early but still, his first preseason game, a pressure on Rogers into an INT. Perfect start for a passrusher

  4. “Yeah, a 1st round draft pick is owning your undrafted 3rd string offensive tackle in a preseason game, we’re gonna own you packers…. ka-durrh?!”

  5. It’s only preseason but watching him play I’m reminded of Kiper’s and Mayock’s comments of him and then reflect it to Aldon Smith last year. “doesn’t do anything exceptionally well. Doesn’t really fit a typical end or even edge linebacker mold…. Overrated” and it appears in both cases they are gonna be eating heaps of crow. Ingram has IT

  6. oh wow! the first round pick beat GB’s 3rd string LT who will be lucky to make the practice team? Wooo!! what a stud, and this obviously makes SD a big contender, and GB is now a longshot to be a wildcard…

  7. Great job Rex and Mr. T…Jets always think they are smarter than everyone and can coach up any player. I hear that Coples is getting owned by Vlad Ducasse in practice. He has already lost his assured starting role and will only be in on paassing downs. Why would the Jets draft a player who was known to take games off when a high intensity effort guy like Ingram was available? Even if Ingram wont be an every down player, him and Maybin rushing the passer from the outsides would have been a real passrush.

  8. PFT welcome to the Jets/Den drinking game.

    Mention jets in an article about the Chargers…


  9. The 1st preseaon game and we have one guy in Canton and another a bust that hasn’t even played yet. Lets wait for half a season of real games before rushing to judgement.

  10. Seahawks passed on both Ingram & Coples, took Bruce Irvin instead. Many of the mock-drafts had Seattle taking one of those two, so when Pete Carroll & Jon Schnieder had that opportunity and passed, really took a risk. Hope it pans out, but I think Mel Ingram is gonna be the best of the three – not based on tonight’s preseason game, but on everything I saw leading up to Draft Day…. Maybe If Bruce Irvin is a bust, we can have T.O. can rush the passer?

  11. Watched the game sparingly last night but from what I did see from Melvin Ingram is a motor that doesn’t stop. His engine just kept churning and it was a great site to see a rookie go in there and seize the opportunity.

  12. “With Ingram on the board when the Jets used the 16th overall pick, New York took linebacker Quinton Coples instead.”

    Coples is a D-End who also played some D-Tackle in College, not linebacker.

    The fact that they play different positions is why the draft pick at 16 was not an apples-to-apples selection.

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