More injuries for Steelers


It’s been a rough night for far for the new-look Steelers offense.

Along with fullback/tight end David Johnson, the Steelers also have lost rookie tackle Mike Adams and rookie running back Chris Rainey to injury.

Adams (pictured) quietly exited during the middle of a drive with a knee injury.  Rainey was laying on the ground but seems to be fine as he walks on the sideline.

The Steelers lead 13-0.

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  1. Not looking good in the Pitts. Afraid this team reached its pinnacle a few years ago. Sad to see them on the decline with immobile Qb. weak running game, and aging defense. The balance of power will soon shift to the upa and coming browns and bengals. At least they have 6 Lombardis from the past to dwell on.

  2. We isn’t this the team all the Pittsburgh fans were clamoring was bound for the Super Bowl. Haha, fat chance.

  3. “upa and coming browns and bengals.”

    …Since when have the Browns been up and coming?

  4. David Johnson injury – serious

    Mike Adams injury – not serious

    Rainey – 57 yard touchdown in 2nd half – fine

    Steelers shutout Eagles first half

    DeCastro Pouncey Colon will be best interior in NFL by week 6-8.

    Wallace stretching, getting ready to come in.
    Redman looked strong.
    Antonio Brown trounced Asmougha badly.
    Sanders looks smooth and fast.
    Chris Carter heir apparent to Harrison.
    Cortez Allen strong corner.


  5. Ravenator- name the amount of money that you want to bet on who goes farther in the playoffs this year between the steelers and ravens. although from your previous posts I can’t imagine someone with your lack of intelligence working anywhere except for the 7-11. If I’m right, I’ll bet you 10 Big Gulps

  6. Interesting how anti-Steeler fans jump all over the Steelers when they deal with tribulations, and bring up that we will have the past championships to dwell on and suck eggs for the rest of the, well, it seems forever, when their teams don’t have a 6-2 record in the Super Bowl era.
    The reason we’ve been able to compete for so long is once the Rooneys got it right from the late 60’s onwards with having a solid draft system, and being patient, we endure. We don’t go through coaches like toilet paper, and we give our GM a chance to do his job, and he is already prepared for how to do his job prior to taking over.
    Anti-Steeler fans forget that for those that are still alive from when they started in 1933, the first 30 to 40 years were very forgettable because the league was much different then, and there were very few teams that had a solid infrastructure the way it is now.
    We shall see how their teams hold up over the long haul of this season. We shall see.

  7. O line looked bad n first series Bens on his heels running for his life an he’s gettin older n can’t keep taking these unnecessary hits …. We need a starting tailback n our big receiver to pull his head out his A$$ n get on the field.

  8. It feels good to see so many terrified Steelers-Haters go bat-sh*t crazy about every.single.teeny.tiny.negative.thing. about the Steelers b/c they’re only able to deal with their own personal insignificance by hiding behind a keyboard and try to denigrate the talent and success of a great and irritate the team’s fans with anonymous nanny-nanny-boo-boo childish name-calling to assuage their own meager, desperate, hate-filled existence caged in by their own ignorance.

    The more you hate ’em the better the Steelers play so keep on hatin’ all your tiny brain will allow.

  9. Oops- there should’ve been a “team” after the word “great” at the of the 4th line.

    In case anyone cares.

    And I hope the injured Steelers players are all OK sooner than later.

  10. Only a dimwit who knew almost nothing about football would make any kind of determination about the season based upon the outcome of a preseason game, especially the first preseason game.
    Let’s just call it two team practice under realistic conditions including 65,000 fans instead of a game.

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