No buyer’s remorse for new Browns owner Jimmy Haslam


Ever since Tennessee truck stop magnate Jimmy Haslam bought the Browns, they’ve had a run of luck that’s nothing other than Brown-ish.

But he said Wednesday he wasn’t feeling buyer’s remorse after a ridiculous run of luck.

Since he’s taken over, the Browns have lost linebacker Chris Gocong for the season with a torn Achilles, found out first-round pick Trent Richardson needs knee surgery and found out that cornerback Joe Haden’s facing a suspension for failing a drug test.

I think that’s part of football,” Haslam said, via Tony Grossi of “You’re going to have some bad breaks and some good breaks. But I’m confident listening to everybody that we’ve got a good, young team that’s headed in the right direction.”

Haslam spent eight hours in meetings with his new employees, catching up on the work to be done, before heading to practice at Cleveland Browns Stadium to meet fans and watch a little football.

“I was telling some of my friends back home who asked what were my two main impressions [of Cleveland],” Haslam said. “First, I’ve never seen people who like football as much as this community does, and second of all, we need to win. That’s actually 1. and 1a.”

Asked what he told fans who asked when they could expect to see the winning, Hasalm replied: “I don’t know any more than you do.”

“I think the Browns are heading in the right direction, but they were 4-12 last year,” he said. “They’ve had two really good drafts in a row. I think Tom [Heckert, the GM] and his team have done a really nice job. But we’ve probably still got a ways to go.

“What I’ve told every fan tonight is hang in there, be patient. We’ll work our hardest to bring a winner here. I don’t think it’s going to happen overnight, but I do think we’re heading in the right direction.”

Of course, questions about direction — as it applies to Mike Holmgren, Heckert and coach Pat Shurmur — are among the first he’s going to have to decide.

13 responses to “No buyer’s remorse for new Browns owner Jimmy Haslam

  1. Holmgren needs to go. He did very little as Seattle’s G.M. and even less here as Prez. I knew when he let Eric Mangini stay on another year he had no idea what he was doing. I was proven right.

  2. I was skeptical at first because I didn’t want another tear down and rebuild, but now I love it. It sounds like he can see the direction that we are headed in and will continue the rebuild process from here.

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  3. He overpaid and dumped his money knto a black hole. The winner is the previous owner for making out like a bandit and getting rid of the factory of sadness for that price brother.

  4. I’m am sure all the negative posts on the browns by these experts had the
    rams who were 4-12 winning he super bowl too. Truth is anything can happen and usually does

  5. its very tough in the rust belt. Not enough ‘Leaders’, business, education and government:
    1. Lousy previous owner,
    2. no other businessman got it right regarding sports, or stepping up as a business and media. 3. education- state threatens to take over the school system?
    4. Government- officials getting snagged in bribes..

    its never ending in the rust belt.

    One guy can do his little piece of this world, I wish him luck.. (Steeler Fan).. I do like the record for the last 24 meetings.. Steelers 22 Browns wins 2

  6. The nice thing about buying the Browns…you can always move them to a new city, change the name and the uniforms, and win a superbowl.

  7. Perennially good football teams start at the top with ownership, lost in this seasons misfortune is the simple fact that the Browns are now a completely different organization because of this guy. I’m not sure what else he said in that interview but as a Browns fan I like to hear him compliment Heckert. Hopefully that translates into keeping him around and many more solid drafts.

    >> When you’re having a bad day, just think about the actual human being pretending to be Hulk Hogan on a football blog and remember your life could be more sad. <<

  8. The thing about Billionaires is they know when to jump ship and ditch an investment before it takes a hit and find an investment on the upswing.. Thus why he is dumping his small shares in the Steelers and buying the Browns.

  9. Don’t get mad at me that your franchise makes mistake after mistake brother. I’m telling you the cold hard TRUTH. Only Cleveland would botch in trade negotiations to get a savior like RGIII and turn around to draft a RB (Who can be found in lower rounds EASILY) and a QB knocking 30 AS A ROOKIE LOL. I feel bad that you guys have to believe in the same car crash every year brother.

  10. hulk……The truth does hurt. And, yes. We’ve had some lean years. The Steelers have been quite successful.
    But, with that said, let me remind you that after Chuck Noll and company had their Super Bowl run, you guys also had quite a few lean years. it’s easy to brag while you’re on top.
    The Browns now have the opportunity for a fresh start. A new owner that wants to win. Not an owner just hoilding the team as a trust favor to his daddy.
    Be very careful about your braggadocio. The Browns are coming. And remember, the Steeler’s worst defeat in their team history was handed to them by the Browns…..51-0! In your house!
    You might want to lock your doors and be silent. You know what they say about paybacks.

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