Report: Plax willing to take veteran minimum

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With the Mike Wallace impasse dragging on, talk of a Plaxico Burress return to the Steelers bubbled up this week.

General Manager Kevin Colbert said that Pittsburgh wasn’t looking for a veteran receiver at this point, but stopped short of ruling it out later in training camp. That was one stumbling block to a Plax reunion with Ben Roethlisberger, with Burress’ reported salary demands also serving as an obstacle. According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the latter issue has resolved itself.

Bouchette reports that Burress is now willing to sign a one-year deal for the veteran minimum. Given his problems with the tax man, it wouldn’t be surprising if Burress was lowering his sights in hopes of getting a job and extending his career as long as possible.

Nothing has changed with the other stumbling block, however. Per Bouchette, the Steelers aren’t interested in Plax 2.0 at any price at this point. There’s no word on if Burress’ lowered demands have resulted in interest from any other quarters, although it won’t hurt his chances of landing somewhere as teams get a better idea of what they are working with at receiver.

19 responses to “Report: Plax willing to take veteran minimum

  1. Somebody needs to pick this guy up, hes got a great nose in the Red Zone just not blazing speed anymore. I mean at the very Least the Dolphins should be looking at this dude.

  2. I am very suprised no one has picked this guy up yet. He put up as much TDs as Fitz last year, has proven to be great in the red zone( 6-5, 230).There are plenty of teams that could use him. It would be great if he ended up on the Bills!

  3. he’s slow as heck these days but is abolutely unguardable in the red zone. i would love him back on the jets. amazed no one has picked him up.

  4. If there is trouble in the red zone tonight vs. Philly – I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steelers gave him a work out. The price is right, but is the talent and media presence worth it for a vet min $ receiver?

  5. i wouldn’t be upset for my vikes to get him for the minimum for a year. losing childs for the yr perhaps forever. it would give christian a big target and help his growth

  6. I cannot believe he’s still not signed at this point of the year. As a Giants fan I will always stay loyal to him, and would love to have him back, but I don’t see that happening. But regardless, he still put up decent stats for being on a team last year with a inconsistant qb, and horrid o-line. He is better then 50% of teams out there’s #2 wr, including the Jets. The Pats should really give him a chance, cause all their wr’s are under 6 foot. I seriously can’t understand him not being picked up or even given a chance at all…

  7. People, the dude is SLOW. He can’t get away from coverage. NFL teams are not stupid. Watch some games from last year. Guy gets zero separation. Get over it.

  8. Oh, he’s WILLING to take the minimum!! Exactly what CHOICE does he have at this point? How can ANYONE , this close to the end be this clueless?! In addition to being rather aged, he is known throughout the league as a MAJOR trouble maker, extending back to his MSU days! Lastly, he is in a precarious situation regarding his personal finances. It is nice to know that despite all these rock-solid bargaining advantages, that he is WILLING to take the minimum!! Oh to be Plax’s agent at this point in his career!!

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