Report: Trent Richardson having surgery Thursday


It looks like yesterday’s word that Browns rookie running back Trent Richardson would be having arthroscopic surgery was correct.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that Richardson is “definitely” having the surgery on Thursday. Her report confirms that the intent is to remove a loose piece of cartilage in the knee. The surgery will be done by Dr. James Andrews, the same surgeon who performed the surgery to repair Richardson’s torn meniscus in February.

An exact timetable for Richardson’s return isn’t known at this point, but it’s believed he should be healthy enough to play come the start of the regular season. It’s possible that he could see some preseason action, although it would likely be a limited appearance given how little the Browns could afford to lose Richardson for the games that count.

Montario Hardesty will start for the Browns against the Lions on Friday night with Brandon Jackson next in line for carries. If the Browns decide to take it easy with Richardson in the early weeks of the season, one of them will benefit with increased playing time.

19 responses to “Report: Trent Richardson having surgery Thursday

  1. im glad he’s going back to the same guy that effed up in the first place.

    get well soon TRich

  2. Haden, Richardson, Taylor, Gocong, Fujita…. and we haven’t even taken a snap against another team. As if the Browns schedule isn’t hard enough this year.

    Go Browns!

  3. There’s something really strange to me about the Swoosh on the right shoulder going from left to right.

    I think Nike should re-evalulate the logo and instead of the Swoosh, do the rectangle with the word “nike” in it. I have a pair of Dri Fit shorts where the logo is like that instead, and it looks great.

    Maybe the old Reebok jerseys looked better because the logo (does it have a name?) was inside a box.

    Or rather, take the logo off the shoulders altogether and just stick it on the left chest like it is with shirts and basketball jerseys.

    **yeah, I preferred to avoid the typical “Cleveland is cursed!!!” comment. Y’all will say it anyway.**

  4. It’s got to be tough for Joe Thomas. Probably the greatest tackle in the league, surrounded by 50 turds, a soon to be suspended Joe Haden and the freshly injured Kijana Richardson.

    Oh well Browns fan… there’s always next year.

  5. Loose cartilage? I’m not a doctor so I don’t understand. The knee was just scoped in February, I believe. Where does the loose catilage come from in such a short time? Is it from returning to activity too soon?
    It makes me wonder if we are not being told the whole story. The Meniscus was/is his problem. he had a tear. He had it scoped. Meniscus is cartilage.
    Did Dr. Andrews not get it all the first time? Or, is this really another tear? I sure hope he’s ready by the start of the season.
    Newer philosophy says you don’t draft high for running backs these days. High risks. Hope the Browns didn’t go against conventional wisdom and lose… they do in everything else.

  6. Well they are saying he’ll be ready well before the opener. The preseason isn’t really all that important for a RB like him. Hopefully it takes care of any soreness and he’s 100% for the Eagles.

  7. Knee surgery before he starts getting hit by NFL linebackers and linemen is not a good thing.

    I wish him a speedy recovery, but as always, beware a top 10 pick of RB.

  8. Dr Andrews is overrated..He is still living off what he did for Brees’ arm. Find another doctor and kick that guy to the curb. He obviously screwed that Feb surgery up and now it is going to bite the Browns in the rear. That team just can’t catch a break. Looking at the roster they have a solid young team with huge potential playmakers. It’s like every day you hear something.. That Taylor guy out for 6 games, Gocung out for the year, The suspension of Fujita and who knows what the league will do about Haden and now this. My guess is they will still come out and surprise people this year. Last year they had the Hillis saga and Brandon Jackson and their other RB were hurt..Geez..

  9. Much like a 28-year old future backup QB, Richardson had no business being drafted that high in the first place

  10. Seriously, someone in that organization really screwed the karmic pooch at some point in the past because that team just cant catch a break.

    Oh well, I used to say it could be worse you could be Lions fans but even they eventually found a way to get better. Maybe new ownership is exactly what’s needed.

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