Seahawks appear to violate practice rules with T.O.


It made for good theater, even if it wasn’t within the rules.

When Terrell Owens signed with the Seahawks and practiced Wednesday, he apparently violated the rules about when new acquisitions can work with their new teams.

Owens was wearing shoulder pads and going through regular work when he arrived at Seahawks camp yesterday.

League spokesman Greg Aiello explained the process, via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times:  “Players have a 3-day acclimation period during the preseason.  Day 1 is for the physical and meetings.  Day 2 and 3 the player may participate, but only in helmet and shells or a padded shirt.  Day 4 and for the rest of camp is in full pads.”

Whether the league wants to punish the Seahawks remains to be seen, but his involvement clearly appears to be a violation.

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  1. Darin “Whistleblower” Gantt.

    I would suspect the player has the right to waive such restrictions if he requests it. Common sense applies here.

  2. Unless the Seahawks forced TO to practice in pads, wouldn’t it be TO that violated the CBA? I could see if he would have said, “I have three days before I can go in full pads.” And the Seahawks said, “No, you have to practice now.” But if he just wanted to go get out there with his new team, not really sure why the Seahawks would be at fault. I’m sure Goodell will find a way to drop the hammer. After all, we don’t watch games because of players, we watch because of Goodell, right?

  3. Thought that was fishy he was full go on first day…when Vikings needed extra linemen they went with one that had been in a camp so he did not have the 3 day wait as they needed bodies.

  4. Kidding, right. Now a football player can’t even put on shoulder pads after years in the league? Padded shirt? What the hell is that. I’ve watched football for 30 years and never see a player in a padded shirt. Cheerleaders yes, players no.

  5. Yeah, because a 16 year vet may need time to acclimate to the training camp process.

  6. People complain about the NFL getting soft; I think it starts with rules like these.

  7. from having full contact on OTA’s to this.. whtas next.. pay players under the table “incentives” so they can come to the hawks. Oh Petey.. u never learn..

  8. Loaded questions, but seriously, what the hell is wrong with Pete Carroll?

    This makes multiple times his Seahawks program has been fined or slapped for basic rules/procedural violations.

  9. So they want to punish a guy for wanting to get on the field too soon? This type of assinine thinking is just one more reason Adolph Hitler Goodall has to be kicked out the league.

    Let the man go to work. Gzzzz

  10. So you don’t like the rule. Fine. It’s still a rule and needs to be followed no matter how silly it may seem. I don’t get the rule myself, but nonetheless, it’s there. There’s lots of rules I don’t care for, but I still have to abide by them. It’s quite simple.

  11. Since when does Goodell use “common sense”? Btw – the rules only apply to the Saints. Haha….

  12. A rule like this in the CBA would’ve been added by the NFLPA, so don’t complain about the NFL being soft. Their players are, or at least their leadership is.

  13. Going by Rogers’s current pace I see nothing less than at least half a season suspension for T.O. And a full season for the coach.

  14. All these rules come from one place and one place only, and that is union involvement. It’s a veritable certainty that this 3 day acclimation rule came from the players because they didn’t want to wear pads. There’s no way the owners put this conditioning period in place, as they’d have the players in full pads for every practice, OTA, and even team meeting if they had the choice!

  15. Goodell has a lil peter complex…he will prolly fine em, but absolutely shouldnt…..let em’ live

  16. You got to be kidding me, let the dude play, he a 16 year vet.

    Also, I would just like to say thank you to Bill Polian, Tom Brady’s knee, and Roger Goodell for ruining the game of football for us true fans.

  17. Hey! Give him some credit for wanting to get into the field!!!

    He missed the game!!

  18. “Whether the league wants to punish the Seahawks remains to be seen, but his involvement clearly appears to be a violation{ of common sense}”

    There. Fixed it for you.

  19. I think T.O. knows the drill when it comes to Training Camp. Last I checked he was a veteran in this league. Stupid rule, It needs to be dropped, for good.

  20. The players negotiated for this in the last CBA.

    So they give Goodell full power to administer discipline as he sees fit for the opportunity to drag their feet for 3 days before practicing with a new team in full pads. Shrewd!!!

  21. He also got thrown to the ground by Brandon Browner, schoolyard bully-style! Browner stepped up to jam him at the line, grabbed him by both shoulders, and threw him to the ground and jawed at him. Welcome to Seattle, b****!! Home of the biggest meanest ugliest secondary in the NFL.

    I’m rooting for TO. He’s only got a few weeks to prove himself, and the Seahawks won’t be cutting him any slack. He’s been taking reps against the first-string secondary, that same unit that sent 4 dudes to the ProBowl last year. It would be hard enough to earn a spot against a middle-tier secondary at his age. If he can stand out and make some stuff happen, I will be extremely impressed. I can’t believe TO is finally the underdog and I’m actually rooting for him!

  22. Nobody can waive the wait period.
    Clown Carroll and and the Searats will have to be punished.
    You deserve T.O.

  23. Don’t say it… don’t say it… don’t say it…

    Tiki is flabbergasted.

    There I said it.

  24. good thing roger is way too busy getting put in his place by jonathan vilma to worry about what kind of equipment a 40 year old football player wears during practice.

  25. As a Detroit Lions fan, I am very familiar with this rule. Schwartz has mentioned it multiple times in the past week with Cliff Avril ending his hold-out and showing up to camp. I’m sure fellow coaches won’t like the fact that Seattle could get away with this.

  26. 2016: Pete Carroll is heading back to College football to coach the University of _____ after allogations, that have come to be known as _____gate, have surfaced. Rumors have it that it will probably cost the Seahawks a ___ and ___ round pick, and ____ to ____ game suspensions for at least a few players.

    The only difference here is that Pete Carroll will not win any SBs or even division championships since he is not able to draft the top 10-15 players of every draft class like he did at USC.

  27. Steelers lost a draft pick thirty years ago because of ‘Shouldergate.’ that pick may have been used on local boy, Joe Montana. What nerdy Pittsburgh beat writer blew the lid on practicing w pads too early? John Clayton.

  28. realdealsteel says:Aug 9, 2012 5:20 PM

    So they want to punish a guy for wanting to get on the field too soon? This type of assinine thinking is just one more reason Adolph Hitler Goodall has to be kicked out the league.

    Let the man go to work. Gzzzz

    Uhhhh, it wasn’t Commissioner Goodell that mandated these work restrictions. The player representative asked for the easier work conditions. Blame Demoron Smith for all of this.

  29. Some of the highest paid workers in the world need organized representation to make sure they don’t have to practice in work-like situations. Shaking my head…

  30. TO doesn’t wear leg pads, just as many stupid WRs don’t. Therefore, the argument can be made that he was only wearing a helmet & shells (shoulder pads).

  31. aaroncurryisbust says:
    Aug 9, 2012 5:08 PM

    What a stupid rule. This is football, not Girl Scouts.

    Definately. The Girl Scouts in my family don’t even stretch before they get on the field and play any type of game or activity. 3-day waiting is for wimps. So I agree, the Girl Scouts are a much tougher group and also know how to make excellent crafts.

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