The Bears are raving about Alshon Jeffery

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There’s been a lot of optimism around the Bears this summer with their upgrades at receiver serving as the foundation for much of it.

Chicago traded for Brandon Marshall to be the kind of No. 1 receiver that the Bears have lacked since bringing Jay Cutler over from Denver. If you believe cornerback Charles Tillman, they also got a Marshall clone when they drafted wide receiver Alshon Jeffery in the second round of the draft.

“The best way to say it is, he’s a Brandon Marshall in the making,” Tillman said, via Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times. “He has that capability to be as good as Brandon if he continues to have the work ethic and work on ball skills and work to be a better player. But he can definitely be on that level.”

Tillman’s not the only one dropping compliments at Jeffery’s feet. Marshall said that Jeffery is further along than he was as a rookie and that he’s learned a few things from Jeffery since they started working together. Coach Lovie Smith said that he’s been “outstanding” during practices and said that his attitude about working hard and getting better makes him “easy to like.”

All of these compliments are tempered by the fact that Jeffery is far from a completed product at this point. We’ll get our first chance to see how the Bears utilize Jeffery on Thursday night against the Broncos, but his size and reach should make him an instant red zone target. As long as he keeps drawing these kinds of reviews, that will be just the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. Can we stop talking about the Bears. I would like them to fly under the radar. I don’t want to be let down. Anything short of the playoffs is going to be a huge let down for this team.

  2. They should be raving about the guy, he’s a good receiver. He has the best hands in this year’s draft class, and if it wasn’t for his crappy QB his last season, he’d probably been taken early in the 1st round.

    I also think the media over blew his weight “issue.”

  3. Why does everybody overlook this team? I think they have as good of a shot as the packers this year. The only question marks are related the the o-line and urlachers knee. All things considered that is fewer than most teams.

  4. I knew AJ was going to work out in Chicago. I bet there are several teams out there that wished they would of grabbed this kid a bit earlier. Between AJ, Marshall and Hester, the Bears look quite powerful in the receiving department this season. Hopefully Cutler works out as good as they think he will, he can be even better with the weapons he has at his disposal(Forte). The Bears look primed to give Green Bay and Detroit some issues this season.

  5. Josh, unless I’m mistaken Marshall’s comments were that Jeffrey was further along as a Rookie at ‘dealing with the Media and speaking publicly’, next time read the entire interview.

    And the Bears have NEVER had a receiver as good as Marshall, EVER! Sorry Johnny Morris, you’re records will be safe for awhile longer….

  6. Gotta love it.

    Kid took his Rookie symposium remotely because he didn’t want to leave Halas Hall and working with the QBs.

  7. That is some interesting comments about Jeffrey, I hope he does turn out for the Bears. A really good recieving core would be a first for that franchise.

  8. He can be as good as Marshall if he continues his work ethic, ball skills and work to be a better player. That describes every rookie WR draft pick in the first 5 rounds.

  9. This guy was a steal in the 2nd round and I am more than happy that the Bears grabbed him.
    He and Marshall are exactly what they needed.

  10. I live in south carolina. Saw him play often. Alston could have been a top 10 pick had he played with Luck or even RGIII. He has the ability to get the ball at its heighest point and he also has tremendous catch radius. He will be a great receiver in this league with the right coaching and continued hard work. I would have loved for my team, the Panthers, to have gotten him in round 2. They traded their 2nd round pick away.

  11. If you’ve got a problem with a post why don’t you email the person and tell them…didn’t mean to call you out, but….

  12. If Jeffrey stays in shape (he was pretty fat & got winded at SC last year) he has the potential to be a very good compliment to Marshall & a draft steal, given where he was drafted. If he plays up to his potential & Marshall returns to Broncos’ form with Cutler, the Bears could have a very good offense this year. Remember, they were a good team until Cutler & Forte went down. If they all stay healthy, they are going to be a lot better & easily put themselves ahead of the Lions as the 2nd best in the NFC North.

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