Tom Brady will play tonight in preseason opener


One of the biggest problems with the NFL preseason, especially the first and last week, is that fans who pay full fare see precious little of the people they actually want to see.

But in New England tonight, fans will at least get a glimpse of Tom Brady.

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe reports that Brady will play tonight, even if only a small amount.

The Patriots star didn’t play in last year’s preseason opener, as the lockout left the Patriots line unsettled, and they didn’t want to risk it.

In the 2010 preseason opener, Brady played two series totaling 17 snaps against the Saints.

It’s not much, but it’s something.

14 responses to “Tom Brady will play tonight in preseason opener

  1. any “fan” who complains about not seeing starters in preseason games needs a reality check. With the injuries in this sport?…..faster starters get off the field the better as far as i’m concerned

  2. Fans want to see the backups as much as they can. God knows they’ll never get into a regular season game unless Brady goes down. Is Hoyer ready to step in? Was Mallet worth the draft pick? Is either one trade bait? Any rational fan wants Brady protected from injury now.

  3. I couldn’t disagree more. I’m a Pats season ticket holder, and I have zero desire to see Tom Brady play against a bunch of slappies in a meaningless game while being subjected to injury. I’d much rather watch the guys fighting for a roster spot to see who could break out and make our team.

  4. I fear the people falling on him tonight are gonna
    be much larger than the ones in that photo.

    I’m gonna have my eyes covered like its a horror
    move. I pity Hoyer and Mallet. They are gonna
    take a beating.

    Their O Line is in so much flux right now. Light
    gone. Mankins on Pup. Volmer on Pup. No
    clue on Waters. My guess is it ain’t got nothing
    to do with wear and tear on his body but the
    paltry $1.4M he’s scheduled to earn this year.
    He made the Pro bowl last year and had a better
    season than Mankins.

  5. As a season ticket holder, paying full price for preseason tickets is one of my biggest complaints about the NFL.

    If Roger Goodell wants an idea on how to spread the game around the world, why not have all of the preseason games abroad. Let the rest of the world pay full price to now see almost as many players who wont make the team (with 90 man rosters) than who will.

  6. the o line is in worse shape right now then before last seasons opener. They are missing 3 projected starters. And the guy playing RT basically missed all of last year and is really a guard.

  7. 1. The full-price for preseason games is ridiculous.

    2. True fans should never want their starters on the field that long in a meaningless game.

    3. True fans should be interested in seeing how 2nd and 3rd string guys perform, especially newly drafted guys who haven’t earned the starter’s role yet. Most teams have at least a couple of interesting position battles, and pre-season games are the biggest determinant for who wins out.

    4. That being said, #2 and #3 still don’t justify the full-price tickets. And yes, that’s a point worth mentioning twice.

  8. You never know when you’ll get hit by the season killer bernard pollard =( Although i wanna see him, i pray he doesn’t get hurt. Just like any other fan of another team would for their starting QB..

  9. “My guess is it ain’t got nothing
    to do with wear and tear on his body but the
    paltry $1.4M he’s scheduled to earn this year.
    He made the Pro bowl last year and had a better
    season than Mankins.”

    Nah, I doubt that. Waters has been doing this for years well before he came to the Patriots. My guess is that just like last year he doesn’t want to go through training camp and Belichick already knows he’ll be starting against the Titans in week one.

    Remember he was signed a week before the regular season started last year started and played great against the Dolphins and kept playing at an excellent level all season. A guy at Waters’ age could lose a lot more from going to training camp than gain I’d rather have his older body fresh for the regular season rather than being beat up and tired after training camp and preseason.

  10. “And the guy playing RT basically missed all of last year and is really a guard.”

    Just because Mel Kiper and people of his ilk see Marcus Cannon as a guard doesn’t mean Dante Scarnecchia and Belichick see him as one. The Patriots drafted Marcus Cannon to be a tackle this year he’s going to be the primary backup to Solder and Vollmer just like Solder himself was last season.

  11. If you really want to see Tom Brady in preseason, watch game 3 or just show up at Gillette for the practice sessions. They’re open to the public and free.

    Agree with everyone on prices of preseason games. They should just charge half price and spread the difference over the price of the regular season games. How hard is that?

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