Updating the Titans’ quarterback battle


Titans coaches huddled late Wednesday to decide on a starting quarterback for their preseason opener Saturday night against Seattle. While the scribes in Tennessee tentatively believe Matt Hasselbeck will get the nod, that may have more to do with the fact that Hasselbeck is the incumbent starter as opposed to his practice performance when compared with Jake Locker’s.

According to John Glennon of the Nashville Tennessean, Hasselbeck has thrown eight interceptions in training-camp team drills, while Locker has thrown just two. In Wednesday’s Titans practice, Hasselbeck completed 6-of-11 throws and was picked off twice. Locker went 8-for-12 without a turnover.

Locker has had his ups and downs so far in camp, but he’s picked it up again recently and remains squarely in the mix to start in Week One.

If the Titans intend to field the most talented lineup possible on opening day, they will give strong-armed, athletic Locker the nod over a fading, (nearly) 37-year-old Hasselbeck.

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  1. Have you been to Titans’ training camp? Do you know? Or are you once again making bold assumptions based on practice stats? This is getting ridiculous.

  2. I think it is a no brainer to let Matt Hasselbeck take the reigns to start the season. He’s a proven leader and winner, there’s no reason to rush Jake Locker when the Titans have more than a formidable starter in Hasselbeck. Locker will be waiting in the wings and the second Hasselbeck is declining or the season is lost then give him the key to the franchise.

  3. Smart money says Hasselbeck gets the start because they’re playing the Seahawks in Seattle. It would be the class move by a class organization for Matt to here the cheers from the 12th man one more time when he is announced.

    That being said, I agree that Locker will most likely be the week #1 starter.

  4. The loudest cheer this Saturday night when the Titans travel to Seattle may be when Matt Hasselbeck’s name is called over the loudspeaker.

    However, those cheers are based on past performances. The reason Hasselbeck is no longer in Seattle is because the team wanted to build for the future, and a QB heading into the latter part of his 30s wasn’t part of the long-term agenda. The Titans are in a similar place today.

    Locker is going to make some mistakes, and sometimes, the only way to learn in this league is to go out, make the mistakes, and learn from them. If the Titans honestly think Hass can take them to the playoffs this year, then he should start. If not, then there’s no reason not to start Locker. Given Hass’ injury history (hasn’t completed a full season since Seattle’s SB run in 2005), Locker would be playing at some point this year anyway, but over the long-term, they may be better off starting him sooner rather than later.

  5. this team can win now and hassleback is the best option to efficiently utilize the weapons tenn has. they had one of the best red zone offenses in the league and there gonna be running more now

  6. I can see why the current refs are upset. If replacement refs come in and cause the game to be officiated better see SB 40. Ya im still bitter. Then why worry? These refs can bash the replacements all they want. The current refs mess up more times then i care to recall. Maybe it is time for fresh eyes.

  7. locker was a top ten pick – he should beat out a past his prime quarterback who would be a backup on most nfl teams.

  8. It’s makes sense to start Hasselbeck for another reason as well.

    The starters don’t typically play that long. The coaching staff knows what they have with him. So why not let Locker get the additional playing time with the twos so you can get more tape on him?

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