Bengals planning on rotation across from A.J. Green


One of the biggest questions of the Bengals offseason has been which of the team’s receivers will grab the No. 2 job opposite A.J. Green.

The answer at this point is no one. Quarterback Andy Dalton told Jamison Hensley of that the team is going to go with a rotation of players at the spot instead of one defined starter. Armon Binns, Mohamed Sanu and Brandon Tate were the receivers Dalton said would be in the mix and offensive coordinator Jay Gruden confirmed that trio will be more or less interchangeable.

“Right now, the way they’ve performed, I have no reservation whatsoever of anybody coming in there,” Gruden said. “My play calling won’t alter one bit if Sanu, Armon or Tate is out there.”

Andrew Hawkins looks like the best bet for the slot receiver role in Cincinnati, although we’ll have a better idea of how the receiving corps will shake out when the Bengals face the Jets on Friday night. Even before seeing the offense in action, it seems like a good bet that tight end Jermaine Greshem will wind up being the team’s top non-Green target over the course of the season.

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  1. I guess everyone has forgotten about Shipley? He’s not even mentioned as going to make an impact for the team. Yeah he’s coming off injury but so far he’s looking good in practice. Keep an eye out on Shipley. Apparently he’s going to surprise some people!

  2. Shipley’s been playing with the 2nd offense, and Baby Hawkins is the #1 slot WR on the depth chart right now. Love Shipley, but it’s a dog eat dog league, and he’s gonna need a few weeks into the season to completely get his legs underneath him. Hopefully he’s not cut before the real season starts because of this…

  3. Someone will step up. Receivers come and go. Not too much of a concern if you ask me. I’d say the Bengals are looking good if this is their biggest worry.

  4. bengalsfranchise:

    No way Shipley gets cut. He’ll be here until the end of the season at the very least. If they then decide his injury has him too far gone (which I highly doubt) then they will do something with him. If Shipley isn’t starting at slot by Game 1, he’ll be in by Game 3. Baby Hawk is a good player, but he’s no Shipley.

  5. I think it’s a worry. I think it’s a plan. They have a smart QB and having multiple looks with different players in there will give other teams more to prepare for. Seems like this has been likely for a while now. I agree that Gresham is probably the 2nd best receiving option for fantasy leaguers.


  6. bengalsucker:

    I’m a huge Shipley fan as well, and hope he recovers sooner rather than later… I’d love for him to start game 1 of the season, but you have to love the change of pace element that Hawkins brings to the table. His elusiveness, and acceleration ranks equal to or greater than some of the shiftiest players in the NFL. Hope Ship gets back soon, but love what Hawkins brings to the table. Go Bengals!

  7. I hope Shipley is not the next Kenny Irons. Irons looked like a all pro in the making then he blew out his knee. After a couple of surgerys the knee never healed correctly. 1 out of 1000 acl surgery dont heal right.

  8. If Shipley gets beat out at the slot, the only way he remains on the roster is by playing on special team. And coming off ACLS surgery makes it a long shot for Ship. He can be placed on pup list and seat out first 6 games or on the practice squad. And someone would pluck him off that right away.

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