Bills have significant issues on the field as well


The Bills have some big-picture problems at the moment, that are hard for politicians to swallow.

But in the micro-view world on the field, they have issues of more immediate concern to Bills coach Chan Gailey.

He mentioned his distaste for the five false start penalties his team committed in Thursday’s 7-6 loss to the Redskins.

It looked ugly. It felt ugly. It was ugly,” Gailey said.

Then Tim Graham of the Buffalo News just had to go and tell him it was actually eight.

“Is that how many it was?” Gailey replied. “Gol-ly, . . . It’s awful.”

They actually had three during a four-play span in the second quarter, but Gailey didn’t blame young players or replacement refs.

“That penalty is my fault,” Gailey said. “I’ve got to get them disciplined. That’s just lack of discipline. That’s my responsibility, the discipline on this football team.”

On the night, they committed 14 penalties for 134 yards, with three more declined. One took a touchdown off the board.

The Bills have a chance to be exceptional on defense this year, and that will keep them in games regardless what they do with the ball. But if they keep moving backward, they have no shot.

19 responses to “Bills have significant issues on the field as well

  1. The Bills have some big-picture problems at the moment, that are hard for politicians to swallow.

    Last time I checked this was the first game of the pre-season. Can we settle down please?

  2. A lot of the penalties came with backups in. Not worried. One of the false starts in that 4 play span from the FB was garbage. Replacement refs just tryin to make themselves a story.

  3. With only one preseason game played by most teams in the NFL the only significant problem that can be attributed to these glorified practices is the refs.

  4. I’m a Pats fan but I really like & respect Coach Gailey. I think the Bills will be big challenge to play this year.

  5. No injuries = Victory
    Preseason games and how they look are meaningless.
    The Bills will show absolutely nothing until their opener against the Jets. When the bullets fly for real is when to get upset about an ugly performance.

  6. I’m a Bills fan but they’re going to suck so long as the guy who was terrible at Georgia Tech and didn’t last a preseason as an OC with the Chiefs is HC. Ask any Dallas or Georgia Tech fan about Gailey.

  7. Any team that loses their last 9 out of 10 games needs more then Mario and healed ribs of the qb to become a contender. All this Bills hype is pretty funny. The Fins swept the Bills last year by a combined 34 points!

    People saying Bills have best D line is a joke as well. You realize Miami has 3 of 4 DL that are pro bowlers right? Oh and the 4th hes just a first round pick that plays like a first round pick.

    Wake= Pro Bowler
    Starks= Pro Bowler
    Solia = Pro Bowler
    Odrick= Future Pro bowler

  8. I’m no Bills fan, but that’s refreshing to hear a coach not blame everybody else for what happened in the game. Best of luck to them (except when they play my team).

  9. The refs definitely deserve a certain share of the blame, as they were clearly overofficiating that game. And, as everyone above pointed out, this was the first game of the preseason. That doesn’t mean, however, that the Bills offensive line won’t have issues with jumpiness and holding (which is to say the speed required for one to not have to hold) during the regular season. Letting Demetress/trius Bell walk was a mistake. Hopefully Stevie Johnson, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Mario Williams (otherwise known as where the cap space to resign Demetress went) can make up for what his departure means to the line. The secondary didn’t wow anybody yesterday either, but it’s fair to say that if the Bills don’t make the playoffs this year the offensive line will be to blame. Also maybe the Bengals, Chiefs, or Steelers.

  10. Why are people putting so much stock into preseason games? People that put so much stock in preseason make me laugh so hard, because the 0-16 Lions were 4-0 in the preseason and looked amazing.

    That right there shows you how important a preseason game with base offenses and base defenses mean. Atlanta went 0-4 last preseason. Indy went 0-4 in Manning’s last season he played. 2009, Miami and Seattle went 4-0. Seattle finished 5-11 that year and Miami 7-9. Catch my drift?

  11. Jwreck… do know that the “starters” for the Bills last night were 3 backups, right? They had one of the best lines in the NFL last year even with the injuries. Why aren’t the Pats in trouble? They almost got Brady killed last night. Perception is not reality!

  12. Jwreck, Why would you want bell? Dude was never elite and hurt all the time ? Odd thing to say that’s all Mario is, is someone who is great taking away the ability to resign someone mediocre .,

  13. Bell played 7 games last year. He’s already been demoted in Philadelphia. If the Bills are the “same old Bills,” I think the reason will be the QB.

  14. Trent Edwards closed the 2010 preseason with a passer rating of 102.6.

    Still think the offensive performance in the preseason means anything?

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