Chiefs offense off to a fast start under Matt Cassel


Break up the . . . Chiefs?

Kansas City roared to a 14-0 lead over the Cardinals in the first quarter, looking smooth on offense without Dwayne Bowe, who is apparently en route.

It’s a nice debut for new coordinator Brian Daboll.

Matt Cassel was a clean 5-of-6 for 67 yards, and the Chiefs put together a pair of touchdown drives, including a 12-play, 72-yard grinder.

Of course, 60 percent of Cassel’s completions were to hybrid playmaker Dexter McCluster, so they could obviously use a downfield threat.

Newcomer Peyton Hillis ran four times for 41 yards, and it looks like they’re finding a nice blend between the physical Hillis and Jamaal Charles, who had three carries for 12 yards and an 11-yard reception.

12 responses to “Chiefs offense off to a fast start under Matt Cassel

  1. The whole squad looks great.

    Cassel looked great. Even better than manning last night.

    Yes I know its preaseason… but its so much better than going 0-4 in preseason like last year.

    hillis feet looks quick, D looks dominant… mccluster looks like a great slot weapon…

    Im soooo stoked.

    Taking the division in 2012!

  2. The Chiefs are the most underrated team in football. They are quietly building a team that will give the rest of the league fits.

  3. watch out for those broncos fans, chiefs fans, since they got megahead, they think they are SB bound, lol

  4. KC has nice players, but let’s be real, Kansas City is just one of those franchises that you know will never win another SB for however long Mankind goes on brother…at least you have memories of being at the top of the NFL…from the 1960s.

  5. Manning in Denver with a revamped D = 1st
    Oakland and San Diego will be a close fight for 2nd and a Wildcard berth.
    KC? With Matt at QB and offensive weapons that can’t stay healthy it looks like a tough 4th place finish. Sorry, ya had your chance at Peyton and he was not even interested enough for a visit.

  6. just finished reading about all the things the experts in the NFL do wrong. the first example used was brian dabol as a coordinator, lackluster performance, conflicts with other coaches and general predictability. also Lions went 4-0 there wonderful Marinelli masterpiece year

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