Dolphins decide to take full advantage of new blackout rule

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In the end, the buzz from Hard Knocks and the addition of Ryan Tannehill and the adoption of a more open approach to the media didn’t do enough to prompt the Dolphins to believe that they’ll come dramatically closer to selling all non-premium tickets to their home games.

And so the Dolphins will take full advantage of the league’s new blackout rule, dropping the minimum percentage of non-premium ticket sales from 100 to 85.

“We are reducing our manifested capacity by 15%, changing the number of seats we need to sell in the lower and upper bowls from 60,500 to 51,128 to take advantage of the new NFL policy,” Dolphins CEO Mike Dee said in an email to PFT.

“As you know, over the last three years we have always placed a priority on keeping our games on local  television. We have worked hard to do so, feeling it is important for as many of our fans as possible to see our games, either in person or on television. We have one of the largest seating capacities in the NFL and know there is still work to be done in order to get every home game on local TV. However, this will help us in our efforts to achieve that goal.

“We are not taking these seats out of our sales manifest. We will still sell tickets for all the seats in the entire stadium and are still focused on selling out as many games as possible. We are trending ahead of our season ticket pace from a year ago (42,584), and with over 8,000 new season tickets sold we are on pace to set a team record for most new season tickets. Nevertheless, we feel this is a prudent business decision which will benefit our fans.”

The new blackout rule requires teams to make a decision before the season as to the percentage that will apply to all games.  And if the team guesses too low and overshoots the minimum, the team must give to the league’s visiting-team pool an extra 16 percent of the gross revenues of all tickets sold above the chosen threshold.

For the Dolphins, this means that for any tickets sold beyond the new minimum of 51,128, the team will be required to give up 50 percent of the excess, instead of the usual 34 percent.

All things considered, that would be a good problem to have.

20 responses to “Dolphins decide to take full advantage of new blackout rule

  1. Why not just sell those upper level seats for $15 or $20?
    Drop the parking fee by $5? Get people in the door. They will spend money and you will grow your brand.

  2. $15 is a bit cheap, but $40-$50 should get them sold.

    It’s odd to see this happen living in WI and having to pay double face value to even be able to get into Lambeau. Season tickets? Not in your great-great-great-grandchild’s lifetime.

    I can’t even imagine how awesome it would be to walk up to the ticket window on a Sunday and be able to buy four tickets for that day’s game.

  3. Horse manure…Jeffy, put a good product on the field, win some games and the seats will sell out…
    It’s pretty simple…

    Although there is something very valid to what mybrun says… I had season tix for 17 yrs before I had to give them up… I gave them up because I could no longer afford the other costs involved added to my ticket prices… Make it easier for fathers to bring their kids. Make it easier for groups of friends to attend and you’ll sell the product…

  4. Why not?

    Less negative attention when it comes down to buying up the rest and I think the same number of people will buy regardless of the outcome.

    Can only generate more TV exposure in the end at right now with a positive story such as the one I’m commenting on. I. fact in concept it should generate more sales based on requiring less sold of that makes any sense lol.

    They come when you don’t need them and stop showing just when you really do.

  5. It’s different in WI, not much to do where in Miami it’s beautiful year round, the team needs to be winning to get people in the door, been to Lambeau many times, used to live in Door County, it’s like a college atmosphere…..but I really don’t understand why teams don’t just lower the prices on tickets…..any money coming in the door has got to be better than none.

  6. Would lowering the ticket prices actually help people who want to go to the game or places like StubHub?

    Either way, I do agree that ticket prices are too high in general now that they are coming out with super HD displays and you don’t have to worry about parking or drunk guys ruining your day.

  7. Don’t worry South Florida, myself and 10,000 other Jags fans will be coming down in December. Should get yah on local television.

  8. My Jags are the only Florida NFL team that didn’t need to use the blackout rule. Can you imagine if the Jags had to use the blackout rule? Jax would get completely lambasted by the national media, and it’s zombie following, but it’s excuses galore when Miami, and Tampa need it.

  9. If your over 5’11 there is no chance for you to enjoy a game in that stadium. Sitting in those seats feels like your sitting at the kids table at Thanksgiving dinner. I understand its become kinda historic but that stadiums seating needs work badly. Read a report earlier this summer saying the Fins stadium was one of the worst stadiums in terms of how far the seats are away from the action on the field. If your over 5’11 its easier to just go to one of the sports bars owned by one of the old players.

  10. I love all of these armchair GM’s and CEO’s……”Just win and you will sell out every game” “Just lower ticket prices to $15 and you will sell out”

    Miami knows that winning will cure all of their attendance problems and they are trying to put a winning product on the field. Miami already looked at selling tickets at drastically reduced pricing but it was more economical to envoke the new blackout rule.

  11. “We have one of the largest seating capacities in the NFL”?

    – Arrowhead Stadium Chiefs 79,409
    – Bank of America Stadium Panthers 73,250 –
    – Candlestick Park 49ers 64,450
    – CenturyLink Field Seahawks 68,000
    – Cleveland Stadium Cleveland Browns 72,300
    – Cowboys Stadium Cowboys 80,000
    – Edward Jones Dome Rams 66,000
    – EverBank Stadium Jaguars 73,000 8/18/1995
    – FedEx Field Redskins 80,000
    – Ford Field Detroit Lions 65,000 9/22/2002
    – Georgia Dome Falcons 71,149
    – Gillette Stadium Patriots 68,000
    – Heinz Field Steelers 64,500
    – Lambeau Field Green Bay Packers 72,515
    – Lincoln Financial Field Eagles 68,500
    -LP Field Titans 67,000
    – Lucas Oil Stadium Colts 63,000
    – M&T Bank Stadium Ravens 69,084
    – MetLife Stadium Giants/Jets 82,566
    – Metrodome Vikings 64,035
    – Coliseum Raiders 63,146
    – Paul Brown Stadium Bengals 65,600
    – Qualcomm Stadium Chargers 71,294
    – Ralph Wilson Stadium Bills 75,339
    – Raymond James Stadium Buccaneers 65,657
    – Reliant Stadium Texans 69,500
    – Soldier Field II Chicago Bears 63,000
    – Sports Authority Broncos 76,125
    – Sun Life Stadium Miami Dolphins 75,000
    – Superdome New Orleans Saints 69,082
    – Phoenix Stadium Cardinals 63,000

  12. First to Jags fans:
    Yea you sold out, but you have TARPS covering half the seats up reducing your capacity.
    MIAMI seats close to 76k.
    After TARPS, you sit a total of 67k about the same as Tampa.
    Now if Tampa and Miami tarped off 10k seats neither would need to accept the rule.
    the uppers endseat zones are already $25.00, family 4 pak is 4 tickets,meal,soda is $199.00
    Upper corners are $42.00
    Upper sidelines are $85.00
    Lower endzones are$125.00
    How much lower do you go?

  13. In fairness to the organization, the day that Hard Knocks premiered, they had a one-day sale and had Season Tickets available for $25/game. (probably nosebleeds, but still a great price)

  14. If Jeff Ireland did his job & brought some talent to this team we would not have this problem.

  15. I gave up attending afternoon home Dolphin games. Tiny seats. No leg room. Scorching sun. No air movement in the lower bowl. You are so conscious of the heat that you become completely miserable.
    The solution is simple. Saturday night 7:00 PM games when the U of Miami is not playing. Its a win win win solution. Fans will appreciate the cooler temps, the Dolphins attendance will jump dramatically, and the NFL can own a new time slot. Forget the network worries about NCAA Saturdays. These are the times to take advantage of NFL Network ownership.

  16. How about lowering that $30 parking fee or better yet getting rid of it to get fans in there like the Panthers did when no one was going to their games? It worked for them. Now that they made the playoffs last season they’re charging it again but it sure helped when no one was going to the games.

  17. The lower bowl and uppers are outdated seating areas. Its a bad experience going to games there, if you don’t have Club Level access. 40 bucks gets you uppers in the baking sun, the drunks, people smoking in the seats, zero security presence. Its a War Zone in the Upper Level. Why go to the games there for that experience when you can listen to the game on a boat while fishing, watch it at a bar on the beach or sit by a pool with the game on.

    Its not like Sun Life is in a very nice part of Dade County, Miami Gardens is a pretty high crime area.

  18. Well, well, well, what do we have here. Tampa, Miami and reportedly Oakland taking advantage of the new blackout rule and guess what team isn’t. Yes ladies and gentelman that would be your Jacksonville Jaguars. It’s funny most you people on here including Tampa fans(blacked out 2 years straight except one game and still expect blackouts this season even with the new blackout rule) Miami fans (had a Florida Gators championship 2 year reunion, I repeat 2 year reunion) to sell tickets and what do ya know, Jax has ZERO blackouts since 2009..

    Save the tarp comments. Everbank Field hold 76k w/o the tarps( can be expanded to 84k) and with them 67k which is why the tarps were added still making it the 20th largest stadium in the league on par with every single other small/medium market team. You people wouldn’t know this b/c facts about the Jaguars somehow seem to get lost by the national media. Oh by the way, Miami metro population has 5.5 million, Tampa metro population has 2.8 million and Jacksonville metro population has 1.4 million. Jax doesnt get to use excuses, so save yours. Damn I love facts.

  19. If the Phins ticket office would do a credible job on relocating season ticket holders they’d have more season ticket holders.

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