Ed Dickson, Torrey Smith banged up for Ravens

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There might be some auditions for tight ends in Baltimore in the next few days.

Ed Dickson injured his shoulder in Thursday night’s game against the Falcons and will have an MRI Friday to determine the extent of the injury. Coach John Harbaugh said that the initial read is that the injury is just a sprain, but that he still expects Dickson to miss at least a couple of weeks. With Dennis Pitta already out with a broken hand, the Ravens could be in the market for another body to fill out their depth chart at the spot.

Harbaugh also said that wide receiver Torrey Smith sprained his right ankle and indicated that he could also miss some time as he waits for a full recovery. Smith downplayed the injury after the game by saying he didn’t even know he had suffered a sprain.

“I didn’t even know it was that,” Smith said, via the Baltimore Sun. “They just made me put ice on it. I’m all right.”

The most serious injury of the night might have been to defensive tackle Ryan McBean. The Ravens think he broke his ankle, although there will be more tests performed on Friday to determine just what McBean did to himself on Thursday night.


15 responses to “Ed Dickson, Torrey Smith banged up for Ravens

  1. The Falcons starting defense looked pretty solid against the Ravens starting offense. And vice versa for that matter, Julio put up over 100 yards and a TD in one quarter against some really talented corners.

  2. Torrey Smith played all last season with a hernia and still managed around 900 yards and 7 TDs, all those stats despite not seeing any playing time until week 3. I can’t wait to see what he does when he’s %100.

    Next to AJ Green, Torrey is the best WR in the AFC North. He has the best speed/size combo in the division, the Ravens will be fine as long as he stays healthy.

    Oh and enjoy your two bust linemen Pittsburgh. DeCastro and Adams wouldn’t even make the Raven’s practice squad.

  3. The defense isn’t going to get carved up like they did on the first drive very often…

    …but the offense is as bad as I expected. Flacco looked like the same guy he has been the last 4 years.


    Baltimore Ravens… all defense, sabotaged by their own offense.

    And yes, Harbaugh, your special teams STILL sucks.

  4. Flacco actually looked damn good going 9 for 12 and 88 yards. Ravenhater, why are they going 8-8? Because in your fantasty world thats what you want? How pathetic are you that you can’t get a name that supports a team you love and you name yourself after a team you don’t like. That makes you a loser…pathetic and a disgrace.

  5. Crazy kids and their crazy notions. Flacco only put up a 124 QB rating and half the defensive starters weren’t playing but leave it to those uneducated folks to make proclamations such as Super Bowl for a team that was Tebowd by a backup QB, ouch.

  6. Ravenatorhater says:
    Aug 10, 2012 8:20 AM
    Like I said……enjoy 8-8


    Given your user ID, you’ll understand that I think your prediction on the Ravens’ record this season is more than a little bit biased.

  7. The Ravens played a lot of soft coverage last night, I’m not worried one bit about the defense. The offensive line however still needs a lot of work from what I saw. Plenty of time still for all 32 teams to work on their issues.

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