Fumbles hurt Jags after fast start

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The Jaguars offense got off to a smashing start on Friday night, but fumbles took the wind out of their sails after the first possession.

Wide receiver Cecil Shorts, who scored Jacksonville’s opening touchdown, was stripped by Giants corner Prince Amukamara on an end around on the first play of the team’s second possession. It was a sloppy play by Shorts, who stopping paying attention to ball security as he made his way down the field.

That meant a third series for starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert, who moved the team into Giants territory until he lost the ball on a strip sack by linebacker Adrian Tracy. Defensive tackle Marvin Austin deserves some of the credit, though, because he caved in the center of the Jaguars line and forced Gabbert to move out of the pocket where Tracy stripped him.

Gabbert ended the night 5-of-10 for 62 yards. It was a decent performance, certainly not the nightmare that some have been predicting, but the real story of the night is that Maurice Jones-Drew didn’t gain any leverage in his quest for a new contract. Rashad Jennings ran for 62 yards on 10 carries, an encouraging outing for a player who could be toting the rock in Jacksonville for quite a while.

15 responses to “Fumbles hurt Jags after fast start

  1. Gabbert looked great,moved the ball to tight spaces,converted on third down, and had nice touch to the corner of the endzone for a TD. It was the exact opposite of what the national pundits predicted. Go Jags!

  2. Good to see Gabbert standing in the pocket and getting hit, and still making throws. We still need work, but a good start.

  3. Giants first team didn’t look that impressive. The only reason they even got a TD was because of a phantom roughing the QB call. And Prince was getting abused all night in coverage. Not too scared of the defending champs right now.

  4. go jags………….and keep losing!!! gabbert is garbage, jones drew is money hungry, and the coach has no communication skills and the owner looks like R. jeremy

  5. andyb….you clearly have no idea what you are seeing. the giants first team o was fine. eli intentionally checked repeatedly to see if his young receivers could adjust; the o line was stellar; prince forced a fumble and was physical; his mistakes are correctable as he ‘read’ twice in man coverage. the d line was dominant. it is pre season. you must know the game to understand it, boy.

    stick to madden.

  6. @peytonsneck18:

    Just like a Colts fan, you guys are nothing but a bunch of cry babies! Cant wait till the hard working Jags sweep you guys this year. You know its coming! See ya on sept 23rd loser!

  7. “Gabbert looked great”, going 5-of-10 for 62 yards.

    Man, that’s a hell of a low set of standards in Jacksonville.

  8. joetoronto says:
    Aug 11, 2012 5:48 AM
    “Gabbert looked great”, going 5-of-10 for 62 yards.

    Man, that’s a hell of a low set of standards in Jacksonville.

    Man, you just love trolling my friend because if you see the game he played well. He also had a TD and took command of the offense. That stat line is the standard line for starting qb’s in their first game because of i don’t know they don’t play much.

    Oh by the way, just worry about the oakland raiders situation where they lower their blackout threshold to 85 percent and having buy one get one free ticket to sell out their pathetic stadium. lol.

  9. Well, joetoronto/heathevans/michaellombardi, that’s what happens when you just look at the final box score and try to form an opinion.

    Yes, Gabbert looked really, really good last night – even going 5 of 10.

  10. Oh yeah, Gabbert reverted right back to his correct form on his final drive. If you have the ability go back and watch the play with 13:25 left in the 2nd quarter…..he ducked and chucked (like a coward) missing a wide open Robinson for a huge gain…..he is who we thought he was!

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