Jaguars offense gets going with a bang


The negative reports about the Jaguars offense didn’t find much support on the team’s first offensive possession.

Rashad Jennings, filling in for Maurice Jones-Drew, ran six times for 38 yards and Blaine Gabbert completed 4-of-7 passes on a drive that ended with a touchdown pass to Cecil Shorts. Mike Thomas caught two passes for 41 yards on the drive, which included three third down conversions before Shorts’ touchdown.

It’s just one drive, but it was a good drive for an offense that’s been heavily criticized this offseason.

When the Giants pressured Gabbert, they were able to force incompletions but time worked in the favor of the Jacksonville offense. The drive resembled many from early last season against the Giants defense, which is playing without three starters who are out with injuries on Thursday night.

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  1. That was pretty surprising, and impressive, yes. Gabbert was stepping into throws, even when he got hit. Later on there was a “chuck and duck” moment, but every QB does that when an unblocked guy is about to nail you with no angle to make a throw. Eli Manning did the exact same thing on the Aaron Ross blitz, although he got bailed out on a bad “grabbing the back of the helmet (?)” call on the failed 3rd down. Even though Ross never grabs his helmet.

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