Jaguars players deny locker room disconnect with Mike Mularkey


There’s been a lot of critical commentary leveled at the Jaguars since the start of camp, but a comment by former NFL player and current NFL Network talking head Heath Evans has drawn some return fire.

Earlier this week, Evans said that there was a disconnect between the Jaguars players and coach Mike Mularkey because of the way Mularkey has handled running back Maurice Jones-Drew’s holdout. Specifically, Evans said that Mularkey’s lack of communication with Jones-Drew was creating problems in the locker room.

That runs counter to what Mularkey has said about speaking with Jones-Drew on the phone as well as other reports of contact between the team and player, presumably involving people on the Jags side who actually dole out contracts. Mularkey called the suggestion of a rift in the locker room “comical” and some of his players sent similar messages when asked about Evans’ comments.

“That’s kind of hilarious, that’s just the opposite of what’s been happening,” offensive lineman Eben Britton said, via Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union. “It really feels like a professional football organization from top to bottom. I’ve never been a part of a team that’s so acutely attentive to details.”

“Honestly, I really believe it’s a hungry team. Everybody’s all in with what Coach Mularkey is doing,” guard Uche Nwaneri said. “There’s not one person in this locker room who feels like we don’t have a chance to win every Sunday if we do everything that’s asked of us – finishing blocks, finishing runs, finishing routes, defense finishing tackles. I couldn’t imagine where someone would think there’s dissension that’s creeping in because there’s absolutely zero. There’s none of that.”

The oddest thing about the idea that Jones-Drew’s holdout would reflect poorly on Mularkey is that Mularkey has very little to do with getting Jones-Drew into camp. General Manager Gene Smith and, ultimately, owner Shad Khan are the men who are in control of whether or not Jones-Drew gets a new deal and they are the ones who have held firm to not giving the running back a new deal.

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  1. I dont understand how Mularkey gets so much press for being a completely mediocre OC. i watched a few falcons game last year and the announcers could not get over themselves when discussing “Mike Mularkey’s offense” he was probably the most name checked OC in the league as far as i remember last season.

  2. Heath Evans is a joke. He was talking out of his rear end and got called out. There have been multiple local TV and radio stations trying to get him to call in and explain himself and he won’t return their calls.

  3. Jaguars fans have been criticized as being whiny, but that is far from true. Most of us find it hilarious when the media levels negative opinions toward the team. What we can’t take is the misrepresentation of the truth (lies) that the media puts out there, then due to laziness, inattention to detail, it gets repeated over and over. Heath Evans and Michael Lombardi have been called out by fans and local media. Deservedly so….
    The truth is what this article correctly states. Mularkey is starting out on the right foot with the team and the fans!

  4. “I’ve never been a part of a team that’s so acutely attentive to details.”

    Good thing one of the details they ignore is their horrible quarterback.

  5. A sincere thank you Mr. Alper for taking the time to write this piece. I am not coming on here to moan about the negative media Jacksonville gets as some of it is deserved. However, some of it is not deserved. The “report” by Heath Evans was so erroneous and unfounded, it truly shows a lack of competence in regards to his position with the NFLN. Couple that with Mr. Lombardi’s stance regarding Henne outplaying Gabbert ealier in the week and the whole situation is laughable. As someone who has been to almost every practice and is wanting the guy who gives us the best chance to win at QB to play, there is no way in hell you cannot objectively say that Gabbert is head and shoulders above of Henne in THIS training camp. That is just the truth. So again, thank you for taking the time to point out Heath Evans and his “report” and acknowledge what is really going on.

  6. “they are the ones who have held firm to not giving the running back a new deal.”

    and the ones who should and will continue to hold firm…

  7. No, with Mike Mularkey, say it ain’t so!

    I’m sure this is a big surprise with Gene Gene, the dancing machine.

    0-16 baby!

  8. Heath Evans is a buffoon

    Yo Heath, go back to shaving your head, your attempt at growing your few remaining hair follicles
    looks ridiculous.

  9. This is why the media is absolutely terrible. They Haven’t even played one preseason game and they are trying to stir controversy already. Heath- get a new job you moron. MJD is in a holdout and Mularkey has no power to change that. Is he suppose to call him everyday to see how his day went? Give me a F-ing break!

  10. Total Bogus “Reporting” by Heath Evans…

    Jags definitely have some weak parts to the team – BUT…

    They won 5 games last year with no preseason, rookie qb who was not ready and should not have been playng, horrible oline and horrible receivers…
    Coach Fired and Team Sold – ALL during season…
    If they won 5 like THAT…it is all looking up…

    And the Jags moving to LA is THE MOST tired, weak, and overblown “story” out there…

    8-8 or 9-7 this year and the team is definitely on the way up…Very tough “D” – Posluzny was AWESOME last year – sideline to sideline tackling machine.

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