Jerry Jones says no Plax discussions for Cowboys


If the Cowboys have made a list of receivers to contact in case of injury that features Plaxico Burress, it’s news to Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys owner told Calvin Watkins of that the team hasn’t been talking about adding Burress, which contradicts a report from Steve Wyche of that the team has had preliminary discussions with Burress. Jones said that the team is planning to use the preseason games to evaluate the receivers already battling for the third receiver spot.

“We’re going to go to war with, so to speak, or go into the season with question marks at the third receiver, there’s no doubts, no matter who it is,” Jones said. “We’re not trying to trade and we’re really looking forward to this run of preseason games to look at these young guys and the people we have and we like what some of them are doing.”

Stephen Jones, the team’s executive vice president, said in a radio interview Thursday that the team wouldn’t “totally rule out” Burress, but his father’s message was quite a bit different. While the elder Jones said he was sticking with the question marks at third receiver, he did admit that the team would take a look if a player of interest became available. That would seem to rule out Burress since he’s as available as a player can be at this point in time, although that could change if the preseason games don’t go well for the receivers already in house.

7 responses to “Jerry Jones says no Plax discussions for Cowboys

  1. …and now a word from the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett. Coach Garrett what would you think of bringing in Plaxico Burress for a wide receiver spot?

    *crickets chirping

  2. I think it would be a good move for Dallas to bring him in. He has had a full offseason to get into shape, he said he is a lot faster, he played fairly well last year, can catch unlike Olgetree, has experience and played well in big games, and he is desperate to play well (tax issues). Give him a one year deal and, at least, check him out.

  3. Plax was all for the idea, until he heard something about Jerry wanting him to try out at a glory hole.

  4. Jerry still doesn’t get it. Since he took full control of the Cowboys in ’95, he’s been a .500 general manager and he’s going to stay that way until the end. If Plaxico works out, it could be his biggest steal since Jay Novacek. If he doesn’t he’s only cost you veteran minimum. Think Jerry, think!

  5. Let me say this again – the Boys aren’t going to take old players or other teams trash! JJ enjoys flapping his jaws but Stephen and Jason are calling the shots in Big D. The Return of Big D is coming to a stadium near you!

    Do you really think Vick can stay healthy for a full season he can’t even make it out a Preseason game 1 without getting dinged.

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