Lurie divorce quickly, quietly settled


When word emerged out of the blue on July 4 that Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and his wife, Christina, were divorcing, both parties took steps to emphasize that the team wouldn’t be affected.  Given the manner in which the McCourt divorce turned the Dodgers upside down, many Eagles fans opted for a wait-and-see approach.

They didn’t have to wait long.

The New York Post recently reported that a settlement has been reached, and that court papers could be filed as soon as next week.  Christina Lurie reportedly will emerge with “a sizable chunk” of the team.

Jeffrey Lurie purchased the Eagles in 1994.

16 responses to “Lurie divorce quickly, quietly settled

  1. My understanding is that they have put the problem aside and have remained friends. Obviously financial issues had to be resolved, but I am also sure she will keep an active role with the franchise and Jeff has no problem with that. Correct me if I am wrong on the details.

  2. Shoot…

    You want to talk about a team that has to come together to overcome and survive?

    It’s too bad that the Eagles and the Saints are both in the NFC……

    Can you imagine the story lines leading to the Super Bowl for the Eagles and Saints?

  3. Mrs. Laurie SHOULD get a sizeable shunk of the team…..It is HER MONEY that bought the Iggles.!!!
    He should’nt get much of a share….

  4. Get a prenup man .. Biggest scam in America is divorce laws men and wealthy women get screwed by their mates who probably have never worked in life ..

  5. Note to self. No Craig stadler jokes about Andy Reid. Florio gets offended by them. He loves Reid and the eagles.

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