Plaxico high on Cowboys’ list, if there’s an injury

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The last of the unemployed, over-the-hill, objects-in-rear-view-mirror-are-farther-away-than-they-appear receivers could be moving closer to getting a job.

Steve Wyche of NFL Network reported Thursday that the Cowboys have had “preliminary discussions” with agent Drew Rosenhaus regarding receiver Plaxico Burress.  Wyche characterizes the talks as “exploratory,” with no signing imminent.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Cowboys have Burress “high on their list” in the event of an injury.

In other words, the only way anything would happen is if Miles Austin or Dez Bryant or whoever emerges as the No. 3 receiver get injured.  (Then again, Austin already is.)

Of course, it’s also possible that a need will arise if Dez Bryant gets in trouble again — and if owner Jerry Jones meant what he said when he said last week on The Dan Patrick Show that the team will move on if Dez doesn’t step up off the field.

20 responses to “Plaxico high on Cowboys’ list, if there’s an injury

  1. Just sign him, Jerry. He caught 8 TDs last year, which was more than a lot of starting RBs scored.

    Austin will miss games at some point due to injury, and Dez… who the hell knows with Dez?

    If the window really is closing on this group and you expect big things now, sign Plax as a possession/red zone/insurance policy. He’s willing to play for the league minimum! Just sign him already, before someone else does…

  2. Report the whole story, Jerry Jones also said early this week when asked about Dez that and I quote ” just cause I said it doesn’t mean it’s so” followed by chuckles from the media. The boys want to see if they have a number 3 WR on the roster before they bring an aged veteran in. It’s called evaluating and coaching. Expect a preseason game or two to be played before a decision is made to bring someone in.

  3. Hold on a sec…you pass up on Owens to pick the guy that shot himself in the leg in case the guy that smacked his mama gets into trouble?

    Any quotes yet from the HC? What’s his name again? [sarcasm]

  4. So it looks likely he may play for every NFC east team but the redskins. I guess things have indeed changed in DC.

  5. The good thing about signing him is that there aren’t other teams looking to bring him in so he should be content with whatever playing time he gets. And from watching him last year – there is still some gas in the tank.

    I would still take him over TO mostly because I think Plax will accept his role and not complain whereas TO still thinks he should get 10-15 balls thrown his way each game.

  6. Now all they need to do is dig up Amani Toomer and they’ll have the dynamic duo that ended their 2007 SB dreams.

  7. Plax isn’t going to sign even if we tried. Why would he? Why not wait til late preseason when teams have injuries and have to pay more?

    That said teams aren’t going to sign? Why should they when a vets salary becomes fully guaranteed if they are on week 1?

    Game of chicken let’s see who blinks first….

  8. There is one thing that everyone is overlooking here.
    There are only 53 spots on the roster. If a player is not a starter, he needs to be good on special teams.
    Otherwise, you will lose a valuable spot on the team. That is why he hasn’t been signed yet.

  9. Its been reported that Plax will take the veteran minimum to play. Teams are stupid not to bring him in for that little amount of money. As evidenced by last year, he’s still one hell of a red-zone threat.

    I’d love for the Chiefs to bring him in, strictly for red zone work. Baldwin, Bowe (when he shows up) and Plax as 3 targets in the redzone? Even Cassel couldn’t mess that up.

  10. “Any quotes yet from the HC? What’s his name again?”

    His name is Jason “I’m too busy preparing my team to answer dumb questions from the media” Garrett.

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