Plaxico vows to be dominant again

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The pool of out-of-work-veteran-receivers-with-impressive-careers is down to, well, one.

Plaxico Burress still doesn’t have a job.  And he recently told KILT in Houston that, once he gets one, he’ll be even better than he was in 2011, when he scored eight touchdowns for the Jets.

“[F]or me to go out and do some of the things I was able to do last year, being away from the game for two years, I kind of thought that was enough to set myself up leading up to this year, to have an even better year,” Burress said, via  “The crazy thing about it is nobody’s even see me or seen the kind of shape that I’m in.  I just want to get out on the football field and get back to dominating my position and everybody’s just going to go, ‘Wow.’”

Burress, who disputed a report that he owes nearly $60,000 in taxes, said he “would die to be” a member of the Texans, who currently have only two receivers with NFL regular-season experience.

The former Steeler, Giant, and Jet admits that his past could be keeping him out of work.  “I was young at one time,” Burress said.  “I’ve made some mistakes.  Like I’ve been saying, I’ve made some mistakes in my life and I’ve moved on from them and I wish that everybody would, also.  I’ve put those things behind me and I’m just focused on being a better person and moving forward in life. . . .  If I don’t play football, let it be because I can’t perform physically, not because of what my past has been or what somebody has said.”

He has a pretty good point.  While teams are always concerned about the influence a veteran receiver with a history of being late and otherwise doing whatever he wants to do would set a bad example for young players, putting him on a short leash at a time when unemployment has left him humble has no real downside.  So if guys like Randy Moss and Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens can get a job, why shouldn’t Plaxico get a chance, too?

Especially since he’s the only member of that quartet to have earned a Super Bowl ring.

26 responses to “Plaxico vows to be dominant again

  1. Plax played well for the Jets….its difficult to find tall receivers with good hands..
    .some team will give him a roster spot for sure!!

  2. The guy is hungry, I think he deserves a shot he handled himself decently last year. Id expect to see him wearing a purple and gold jersey by the end of the preseason. Get on it zygster

  3. “If I don’t play football, let it be because I can’t perform physically, not because of what my past has been or what somebody has said.”
    If he had that attitude BEFORE his issues he would not be looking for a job right now. Teams know he wants to play and there will no doubt be plenty of injuries throughout the league. He will get a spot after week 1 when his salary would not be fully guaranteed.

  4. Thank you for using dominant, and not saying he was dominate, like most of the ignorant posters here do.

  5. Can you really be called “dominant” if you have never once lead the league in any statistical category?

  6. Given Andre Johnson’s last couple of years, I would think the Texans would at least give him a look. The Rams could use him too.

  7. The reason he is out of work is because out of the 3 that were mentioned he’s the only one to go to Jail… Who cares the dude caught 8 TD’s last year.

    Moss, TO and Johnson only have their personality faults. None of them have shot themselves while carrying an illegal consealed firearem into a public establishment!

    The dude needs to play football again because he pissed all his money away, he owes back taxes and probably owes on other things too and he won’t make millions doing whatever it is he expects to do after football…

    He’s also not the 2nd or 3rd all time leading receiver in things like TO and Moss. And Johnson only got the job because Miami needed somebody to sell ratings on hard knocks. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t get cut.. and if he doesn’t he won’t put up any kind of numbers for the 4th year in a row.

  8. Giant fan praying he sighns with boys, never learn that it takes a team he is over the hill bad attitude doesn’t run his routes hard every play perfect cowboy

  9. Something just not right with plax…The jets need a wr why the jets not calling him back in. I’m thinking the jets have put a bad word out there on plax….he’s to slow

  10. He’s certainly more qualified as an NFL wideout than he would be as a hit man. I hope to see him playing next year. He’s probably got a season left in him. I’d be happy to see him on the Chiefs roster in Sept.

  11. The Jets should at least try him out, they’ve got no one other than Holmes that scares any defense, plus he’s familiar with the QB and most of the personel & coaches.

  12. Ya and I vow to make the nfl, anyone can “vow” anything, actually make it happen and we can believe it. I mean after all the jets did vow to win the Super Bowl and that clearly never happened

  13. What does him having won a superbowl have anything to do with anything and why does that mean he should get another shot?

  14. Well Plax….maybe if last year you were actually open to playing for other teams you wouldn’t be in this situation. The dude flew out to SF last year but hopped right back on the plane once he heard the Jets were interested.
    He could have been a 49er…in the NFC championship game last year. We all know he would have been their best receiver seeing as Crabtree was the only one with a catch.

    Tough for me to feel bad for you dude….you made my team resort to Braylon who was cut halfway through the season.

  15. There are two reasons why Plax will have difficulty making an NFL team now:
    1) Plax is not a good influence on young players. He is a headache to coach as he travels to the beat of his own drum (no matter how humble he has become).

    2) Plax is slow. He can no longer separate and break coverage. Although he is still effective on outs and in the red-zone, there are few teams that are willing to sign this headache given his diminished skills.

  16. The Jets seemed to be on every prime time game last year, so I watched a lot of Plaxico. Plus, he was on my fantasy team. I can say one thing about Plax, is that he was lazy with his game. Sanchez went to him a lot. He seen plenty of double teams too. If he can get it turned around, I think Houston should scoop him up. It doesn’t help Plaxico, that Keyshawn Martin, Lestar Jean, and Trindon Holiday are all having excellent pre season.

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