Report: Cedric Benson close to joining Packers

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The mysterious unemployment of Cedric Benson seems close to its end.

The 29-year-old running back, who rushed for 1,067 yards last season in Cincinnati, seems close to joining the Packers.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen tweeted the news Friday afternoon that Benson was in Green Bay, and expected to sign.

The Packers took a look at James Starks in exactly one game before making the move. Their own guy, Ryan Grant, hasn’t found a home after they allowed him to walk as a free agent, but Benson’s more of an inside runner.

Others had been rumored to be interested in Benson, notably the Raiders. But even though he goes against grain of typical Ted Thompson moves, he does give them a more proven option in the backfield.

21 responses to “Report: Cedric Benson close to joining Packers

  1. Good signing for the Packers considering there may have been other teams possibly looking to sign Benson.

  2. nice signing, u cant sling the ball 40 times in the dead cold, when winter comes around, hes a ok horse too and starks has durability issues before

  3. Glad to see Ced finding a place to play. He’s a good guy and deserves to play somewhere. He has a good attitude. Good luck!

  4. If Cedric Benson does sign with the Pack I wish him luck and I hope he has a successful stay in Green Bay.

    I am more glad that Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen did flinch and feel the need to pull the trigger on signing Cedric Benson. There is a reason they did not sign him and they are sticking to the plan. This is a great sign for the future.

  5. Thats a great move for GB. And I hate it!!! Ground and pound back that can grind on the D. Instantly makes me more worried to see them in the playoffs, with that added capability. This team is stacked on offense. It seems to me that they are a D. Sproles type player away from being “feared” to “pissing in my pants” perhaps 16-0 kinda offense.

  6. If he goes to Green Bay, and has the right attitude he makes an already talented team much more difficult to beat. He could very well be the difference between almost and another Super Bowl ring. He has to stay out of trouble. Will be a very strong year for the NFC North, minus, well we all know.

  7. San Diego would not have picked up Benson. No chance. Mathews’ clavicle will take about 6 weeks to heal according to reports, putting him around week 3 for a return. San Diego currently has Ronnie Brown and Jackie Battle as backups. Both are competent enough to handle two weeks of duty. It would be very odd for San Diego to pick up Benson just for two weeks without Mathews.

    Lots of teams looked at Benson, but nobody picked him up. I’m curious why. I have nothing against him or the Packers, so good luck with him. I always like to see castoffs prove people wrong.

  8. After letting Eric Walden play all last year is it any surprising Green Bay signed Cedric Benson when even Cincinnati no longer would?

  9. Not a bad signing…bring him in and see how he does. Smart, calculated move by Thompson.

    Keep in mind, this is a low risk (most likely veteran minimum salary for one year) move…if he is great in Green Bay Ted looks like a genius, if he sucks, he’ll get cut.

  10. Raider, Packers have 11 million in cap space, not sure how many other teams do.
    Also, I could name about 25 starting RBs better than James Starks so the need also wasn’t there for most teams.

  11. Big Name… No game.. Benson is done an Greenbay know it. But Now they dont have a choice.. the market is dry. They didnt draft a RB an they never made a free agent move or look to make a trade. So they are stuck with Benson who’s still on the street an pre season has started…. Take this literal.. Brake A Leg Greenbay

  12. Everyone hesitated on Benson the same reason they have on Plaxico…baggage. Benson is reliable at best on the field but he’s always into something. (see MC Wren)

  13. Ted Thompson’s entire offseason hasn’t been “typical” Ted. They’ve been bringing in veteran after veteran. While Clay Matthews clearly thinks the Packers are invincible, at least their GM panicked after their loss to the Giants. Ted Thompson has made some strong bold moves this year in free agency, because he knows if you rely on the draft you get a bunch of punks who can’t admit defeat or make adjustments.

  14. Thompson its time to pay the piper.
    You’ve turned your back on NFL vets for far too long. PRO BOWL players with a few years on them dont even think about going to Greenbay. They know you will turn your back on them like you did BRETT FARVE… Good luck Thompson

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