Ryan Tannehill gets his feet underneath him in debut

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Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill had a spotty first half, but has recovered nicely in his professional debut.

Tannehill came on in the second quarter, after Matt Moore started in the absence of David Garrard.

His first drive was a three-and-out, but a fumble recovery on the ensuing punt gave him a short field.

Tannehill moved them to an apparent touchdown, but his pass to Roberto Wallace was overturned on review.

They let him try a fourth-down pass near the goal line, but after locking onto Charles Clay, his pass was batted away. Truth be told, it was close to being picked off and taken back for a touchdown the other direction.

The Dolphins made sure to do things to make him comfortable after the half, rolling him out, letting him take advantage of his athleticism.

In the third quarter, he looked sharp, leading a clean touchdown drive, hitting Clay for the score. Tannehill was 7-of-8 for 83 yards on the drive.

If he can continue playing that kind of low-risk, clean football, there’s little reason to not play him.

25 responses to “Ryan Tannehill gets his feet underneath him in debut

  1. Oh, but he’s raw! He needs to sit! He can’t play for a few years!


    Nice to see him show what he can do in a game, can’t wait to watch him in a real game. I don’t think we’ll be waiting long.

  2. It’s still way too early to draw a conclusion on Tannehill but the early but so far it is great to hear. Miami is long overdue for a franchise QB, hopefully they finially found one.

  3. There’s zero reasons for the Dolphins to keep Tannehill on the bench. He knows the offense, he just needs to get adjusted to the speed of the NFL game…and that won’t happen from the sidelines. He’s more talented than Matt Moore, plain and simple, so I don’t see a benefit in having him “learn” for a year.

  4. So after struggling against the first string defense he came out in the second half and recovered against second stringers and guys who will be sorting boxes for FedEx in a month.


  5. i like what i saw from the qbs. tannehill looked pretty good. devlin was decent also. moore may be the frontrunner now that Garrard is hurt but RT can win the job. start tannehill and keep moore as backup with devlin as 3rd. cut garrard due to numbers. moore will be gone next year too so roll with RT and devlin next year

  6. He looked very good tonight, and his “spotty” first half play wouldn’t have been considered such had Wallace held onto that ball in the endzone. His stat line would’ve read 15-21, 178 yards, and 2 TDs. 14-21 167 and a TD is a nice debut.

    And for the record, that “almost” interception for a TD was a deflected pass, not a dropped INT. Kid got 1 hand on it, it didn’t go through his hands. A poor decision, none the less.

  7. i cant believe all of you goofy ass fantasy football players! what 1 medicor game and he’s Johnny U! what a ridulous statement and embarrasment to Unitas family! tannehill wont even be in the NFL in 2015 he will be selling all of you fantasy football players your life insurance policys just to keep his smokin HOT wife! do u think she needs to be pushing his wheel chair up hills? he weighs twice of her weight and shes HOT! he wont have a football team or his wife by 2016!~ go read up just how many 1st round QBs are still with thier orginal teams and how many arent even in the league after thier 2nd year and were awesome QBs in college he never proved nothing in college and all of you are just playing into ross’s Jackass smoke screen in making you think he made a big move! he simply just drafted him because he was the so called best avaliable QB at that time! and who was the idiot that said SUPERBOWL are u smokin crack! there is no way in hell this team wins 6 games this year in the worst division in all of the NFL the only team that is a sure of winning is the Bohston patriotrats!

  8. Go ahead Naysayers… He had a QB rating of 106.8 yes, he played against Tampa 2nd Team, he was also on Miami 2nd and 3Rd stringers. Equal and still impressive. A good start for a rebuilding Team that can easily have a winning record.

  9. Moore would have been doing great too if Ochostinko and Bess were catching instead of dropping

  10. gotampabay52 says:
    Aug 10, 2012 11:18 PM
    Johnny U really against third string everyone looks like Johnny U. You and my dolphin wife need a reality check

    He may have played against a bunch of 3rd stringers but he also played with a bunch of 3rd stringers. The only way to see where he is at is to have him playing against and with starters. The other thing you need to think about is pressure is pressure no matter who is applying it and there were times where Tannehill had a pass rusher in his face and handled it like a pro.

  11. nepawiseguys says: Aug 10, 2012 11:47 PM

    oh by the way we lost today!!!!! i guess you all must have thought we won right? IDIOTS!

    It’s preseason. Wins and losses don’t matter. It’s about reps and evaluating players.


  12. After 1 preseason game I have some instant analysis.

    1) “spotty” writing as Tannehill drove the team to the goal line with about 2 minutes left in the 1st half, threw a touchdown that was called back but should have been caught. So where was the “spotty” play in the 1st half exactly?

    2) The Tannyhaters = media zombie, stalking the earth mindlessly looking for nonsensical fodder from 24 hr babblers!

    3) Any comparisons of Tannehill to Johnny Unitas after 1 preseason game has to be pure tongue and cheek. He looked poised, confident, and like he belonged. Which is great start in itself.

    4) Thank god, my fins didn’t not draft Ryan Mallet last year, the Pats are in a world of trouble when TBraids retires!!!

    I fully expect to be censored for pointing out dubious critique. It’s very “A Few Good Men” around these parts.

  13. I was optimistic that Miami would be a .500 team or maybe even squeak out a 9-7 record this year but that vanished yesterday. The fins D got smoked by a mediocre Tampa offense. The Bucs first team moved the ball at will. Miami should just put THIll out there and let him learn this year while the team is rebuilding. I see a top 5 pick in the Dolphins future next year.

  14. T-hill looked very calm which is pretty much what I wanted out of such a young kid in his first pre-season game. He did a lot of directing and seemed to control all 11 guys on the field. I could care-less about his numbers and more about his decision making which was spot-on even when he received pressure he tried to get back to the line of scrimmage and not lose yards. Some of the passes he made in the game were beautiful as far as release, timing, zip, and anticipation. So far so good, Fins should roll the dice and start him pre-season game 3. Matt Moore’s athleticism has already pushed him back to #3 in this race, he looked horrific last night and has absolutely nothing about him that says “starting nfl qb”. Moore should just accept his role and enjoy his paychecks.

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