Schiano says he hopes and plans for Doug Martin to start


It you’re looking for proof that preseason depth charts mean nothing, look no farther than Tampa.

LeGarrette Blount is listed as the Buccaneers’ first-string tailback.  But coach Greg Schiano recently acknowledged that the plan is for first-rounder Doug Martin to start.

Asked by our buddy Joe Rose of WQAM in Miami whether the first-year NFL head coach expects Martin, first-rounder Mark Barron, and second-round linebacker Lavonte David to be starters, Schiano was unequivocal.

Sure hope so,” Schiano said, via  “I mean they’ve been doing very well in camp.  And, you know, I think they’re really talented guys and they pick things up very quickly, all three of them.  So, that’s our hope.  That’s our plan.  But you know you can’t make stuff happen.  It’s got to happen on the field.  But I think it will.”

It doesn’t mean that Martin will definitely leapfrog Blount.  But it sounds like a tie will go to the rookie, and then some.

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  1. Coach Schiano has got to get a good look at all the players under game conditons The rookies should go first. He has seen a lot of Blount’s work on film. Not so much with Martin in a pro formation.
    Go Bucs

  2. This is actually sad news to hear. Martin should have to earn his spot. I don’t get how a RB with over 1800 yards in 2 and half seasons while only ever getting one offseason with the team could loose his job to a rookie (who while I am excited to see what he can do in the NFL) came from a very weak conference and never went over 100 yards rushing vs one of “the big boys”. Martin will be a good back and I think him andBlount will have a chance to be the best back combo in the NFL but just handing him the job over a player who’s proven (unlike Barron and. David who there is not a proven player in front of them) is bad for the team.

    Also using fumbles as an excuse went.out the window during this camp since Martin has put the ball on the ground 3 times compared to Blounts 0.

  3. If Martin isn’t the starter by week 3 I’ll be shocked. Blount is just too predictable when he’s on the field; mediocre pass blocker + average pass catcher = High % chance its a run. With Martin on the field he simply makes the offense more dynamic and unpredictable. Plus Martin is a total back, can run inside and outside, catches it out of the backfield and has been apparently outside in pass coverage in camp.

  4. @allinskins

    He has wowed the crowd on several occassions…cuts on his runs have been pretty beastly. Had 1 day where he fumbled once and was chewed out for it but other than that he looks great. Been used a lot in the passing game as well. Has shaken a few defenders out of their cleats. Excited to see this dude in action tonight!!

    On the other hand, Blount has looked great too. To my knowledge, he hasnt fumbled during any scrimmage at camp and has made some pretty good runs up the gut.

  5. @allinskins

    I’ve been to as many open practice sessions I could attend (4) along with an open night scrimmage in Raymond James. Any practice I couldn’t attend I’ve read thoroughly about via and…Martin looks like every bit the 1st round pick he was picked at. Solid hands out of the backfield, our best blocker at the running back position, and has done everything asked of him.

    I wish I could say he looks like the next Adrian Peterson or MJD but it’s really hard to gauge that in practice where the coaches tell you not to tackle (just thud) and stay up. He has looked phenomenal with the ball in his hands – quick cuts, excellent burst through the hole, and (for the exception of I think two fumbles) great hands. We really won’t know what it looks like for real until he takes the field…but our expectations in Tampa are very high for him.

    tl;dr Martin’s looked excellent and definitely worthy of the #1 back spot, but there’s only so much you can see against your own team in training camp.

  6. bucs were a dumpster fire last year, it was truly sickening, there is no way way but up for them, sleeper team this year for sure

  7. Martin is playing steady and looking like we were smart for trading back up to get him but don’t count out Blount. Ever since martin, the new threat is in town, he’s stepped his game up. It’s still preseason but I don’t think it’ll matter who starts cause they both are going to run the hell out of that rock.

  8. Martin has looked good from what I hear. He’s obviously better than Blount in catching and blocking, but also is more elusive which could lead to less fumbling, which happens to Blount when he’s battling through guys instead of getting around them.

  9. I saw Martin in camp last week and he has looked fantastic! He has great vision and balance. He is a much more complete player than Blount…maybe not quite as strong right up the gut as Blount, but much better picking his way thru traffic, turning the outside corner (he has surprising speed) and way better in pass blocking and receiving out of the backfield. This is a guy that can make people miss and pop a long gainer any time he touches the ball. At this point I am so glad we didn’t try to trade up to get Trent Richardson…although I’m sure he will be a fine runner too.

  10. This article reads into his words more than there is. What coach doesn’t hope three draft choices become starters????

    Martin has done okay in camp, but Blount has done as good or better. Martin fumbled, Blount didn’t.

    And those saying Blount can’t catch or block obviously have not been paying attention to recent news. He has improved in both areas.

    As far as last year, yes he had fumbles…but this has been coached out of him. He also caught the ball most of the time it was thrown to him last year. If anyone were to compare his drops to attempts, they might be pleasantly surprised.

    Blount gets a bad rap because of his taking a swing at a college coach and a minor scuffle as a rookie. I saw the Jets get in a 20 man fight this week one day, and another bunch of fights the next day. I bet not one of those players will be judged the way Blount has been.

  11. Blount fumbles because he doesnt know when to go down, so it is no surprise to me that he hasnt fumble in “soft” contact camp. On a different note, the Bucs are going to be completely beast this year!!

  12. I don’t like the Saints. I don’t like the Falcons. I am a Boise State guy. I would love to see Doug with 2300 total yards this season with 15 TDs. Blount will have a hard time getting on the field this year. Just not good enough.

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