Spagnuolo impressed with how resilient Saints are


It would be fair for you to suspect things are fairly chaotic in Saints camp right now.

But new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo said things are much smoother than they appear, and he’s encouraged by what he’s witnessed thus far.

Steve Spagnuolo joined WIP radio in Philadelphia with Rickie Ricardo and Ike Reese (via, and said he’s been impressed with his new team and how adaptable they are.

“You guys may not believe me when I say this, but very, very smooth,” Spagnuolo said. “And I think it’s a testament not only to the leadership at the top, . . . but really the players and the coaches that have been there. If you go back to last season, there was a little bit of a dry run with this when Sean Payton injured his knee on the sidelines.

“Now, nobody ever wants to go into a season or an offseason without their head coach. There’s a great deal of love and respect for Sean. . . . I look forward to being with him next year, but I really feel like this organization, more than anyone I’ve ever been with, just really has a way with being able to adjust.”

And while the bounty scandal has created personnel losses in the coaching staff and on the roster, Spagnuolo said he can sense a quiet sense of resolve in those who remain.

“It’s not a talked about every day thing,” he said. “My guess is, underneath, I would think that we’re all prideful men, that maybe there is a little bit of that. If it’s used as a rallying cry and it helps us win, I’m all for it. But I think that we’re all, right now, just focused on training camp, what training camp’s all about, building a foundation.”

They got off to a good start, in a 7-6 loss to New England Thursday night. And when you look at certain aspects of the game, it’s clear they could exceed expectations. Bounty suspension aside, they might have upgraded at linebacker from Jonathan Vilma to Curtis Lofton, and if Spagnuolo can get a consistent pass rush from his front four, they have the opportunity to surprise people.

11 responses to “Spagnuolo impressed with how resilient Saints are

  1. “and if Spagnuolo can get a consistent pass rush from his front four, they have the opportunity to surprise people.”
    Surprise? Um, we did go 13-3 last year and one play away from hosting the NFC champ game.

  2. I’m surprised, having all that off season turmoil, suspensions, Brees contract stuff and losing the head coach it seems it would have been easy to lose focus.
    You gotta love their us against the world mentality they may make some noise in January.

  3. Surprise? Um, we did go 13-3 last year and one play away from hosting the NFC champ game.


    Lot of people (especially analysts) don’t like the saints chances with all the suspensions and lack of coaching continuity.

    I personally think if Spags can get that defense workin (btw this is from a Rams fan), there’s not too much to worry about with Bree’s knowing that offense.

  4. Not to be a wet blanket, but it’s easy to impress Spags these days. After all, he was the head coach of the 2-14 Rams last year.

  5. sb44champs…u took that comment the wrong way…imma saints fan wit u..what he what sayin by that comment want that if we had a more consistent pass rush…like the giants or 49ers we can surprise people..everybody know we was 13-3…but look how many time qbs threw for 300 and 400 yards on us…i like what i see so far tho and i like what chris lofton doin..

  6. Good…good. Let all the idiots think that those filthy birds up in Atlanta even stand a chance. Pick against the Saints, go ahead. If this defense looks anything like it does now in the regular season, we’ll win 13 games again and run home-field advantage all the way to a title in the dome

  7. The form tackling Spags is pushing instead of strip-tackling alone will make a huge difference in the way the defense plays. I like his “fundamentals over flash” approach and I think it’ll suit the Saints well.

  8. They are nearly as resilient as Favre was in the NFC Championship Game. Now THAT’S resilience!

  9. I keep telling myself that life as a Saints fan could be worse. We could have Alex Smith as a QB and a coach who’s even more openly hostile to the media than Sean Payton.

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