Steelers rookie blockers have ups and downs in debut


Using your first two draft picks on offensive linemen is an obvious statement of intent.

But the Steelers didn’t get nearly the early returns they were looking for out of David DeCastro and Mike Adams in their first professional game Thursday night.

“I thought [Adams and DeCastro] represented themselves well, at times, at least from an assignment standpoint,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said, via Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “They were beat physically some, but that’s life in the National Football League. I am sure they will take the lessons learned in that stadium tonight and build upon it.”

Ben Roethlisberger can only hope so.

Adams gave up 2.5 sacks in a nine-play span, before leaving with a knee injury that wasn’t believed to be serious.

For the most part, he looked a little lost, which could be explained by all the installation he missed because Ohio State’s on the quarter system and he missed most of the OTAs.

“He made a couple of rookie mistakes; everybody gets beat,” left guard Ramon Foster said of Adams. “But he bounced back, and he wasn’t showing that it was affecting him too much.”

DeCastro had the better night of the pair, such that that is a compliment. He was pushed around a bit in goal line situations, but made fewer errors than Adams.

“It’s hard for me because I am not watching them, but by the look in their eyes, it looked like they were doing well,” Roethlisberger said.

DeCastro in particular is a key to the season. He seemed like the perfect Steelers pick in April, a plug-and-play-for-a-decade guard right out of the mold of an Alan Faneca. Adams, they can afford some time with, after bringing back veteran Max Starks. But both will need to improve, quickly.

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  1. A big part of that I’m willing to bet is because the eagles line up their rushers wide instead of right up on the line. Steelers defense doesn’t do that, so they’ve never seen that before in the NFL. Still, it’s game 1 of preseason, did this really need an article?

  2. Two things Steeler fans need to keep in mind while you’re taking about how bad of a position Mike Wallace is in.
    1. I have never seen a star receiver NOT get paid
    2. I have never seen a team do well our even make the playoffs without their star receiver.

  3. redguy12588 says:
    Aug 10, 2012 8:01 AM
    A big part of that I’m willing to bet is because the eagles line up their rushers wide instead of right up on the line. Steelers defense doesn’t do that, so they’ve never seen that before in the NFL. Still, it’s game 1 of preseason, did this really need an article?


    Yes definitely agree with your first point, the eagles pass rushers played something the tackles hadn’t seen.

    As far as the article goes, yes they do need it. Can you name any team in the NFL with super bowl aspirations that has 2 rookies (LT and RG) and 2nd year guy (RT) starting on their o-line?

  4. I love how each year Ngata lines up across from Pouncey and destroyes him. Steeler fans act like Pouncey is the best in the NFL but he get destroyed regularly by elite linemen such as Ngata.

    I’m sure DeCastro (if he doesn’t bust out of the league) and Pouncey will be failing at trying to double team Ngata for years to come. Mike Adams will most certainly be a bust since he was a slacker in college and will probably be a slacker in the pros.

  5. Wait, was that Hutchinson, oh no, you mean it was Decastro, a poor mans version of a below average guard who is a rookie, ok now I see who you’re talking about.

  6. cue the idiots once again calling for the Steelers demise. First it’s because they are too old on defense…despite addressing every single position in the draft in last 3 years for replacements. Then it was Ben and his coach wouldn’t see eye to eye. Now…it’s because their rookie linemen struggled in their FIRST pre season game. this gets old people. Steelers are best run organization in football. They will be there in the end just like they are every year. By mid season this line will be firing on all cylinders and once again people will be saying “maybe we shouldn’t have written them off so early” like they have for the last few year.

  7. And starting fullback David Johnson, a key position in Halye’s new offense, is out for the season. If this is any indication of the O-line, Ben will be in a body cast by mid season.
    The defense will once again have to carry the team. How’s the 2013 draft class looking ?

  8. It’s their first game-give it some time. And just to add–the Eagles have one of the better defensive fronts in football

  9. Ravens fan here. The truth is that it the first preseason game and there rookies. If we based everything on first quarter the ravens won’t win a game. There offensive line was horrible to say the least. These games are for guys trying to make the roster and new players to get adjusted.

  10. Its amazing the people who post how bad the Steelers are going to be this year tend to be Ravens fans or Bengals fans and amazingly Browns fans(didn’t think they really existed) all because they are hoping for the chance at playoffs. Lets be honest we have usually been the ones to knock off the Ravens and prevent them from getting to the Big game. But its game 1 of pre-season(which is to practice against other teams to fix the kinks and prepare for regular season) so lets not get ahead of ourselves and actually think before we type.,

  11. Who won the division? Tell me who is the QB to have game winning drives back to back years in your stadium?

  12. And now you see why so many teams passed on DeCastro (a supposed top 15 pick) and Adams. Adams everyone knew was going to fall since he was a slacker and a pot head, and DeCastro was riding the combine hype, much like Dontari Poe.

    Good luck with these two Pittsburgh. For your sake I hope they don’t get Ben killed, but as a human being with values and a good set of morals, I hope they do get Ben killed.

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