Tebow’s night ends with Vontaze Burfict interception

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The Jets offense didn’t quiet any doubters in its first action of the preseason.

Tim Tebow was intercepted by Bengals rookie linebacker Vontaze Burfict on his last throw of the night, a poorly thrown ball in the general vicinity of tight end Jeff Cumberland that Burfict picked with a nifty diving grab. That ended Tebow’s night about halfway through the third quarter with the Jets trailing 17-3. Tebow was 4-of-8 for 27 yards overall and didn’t look much different as thrower than when we last saw him in a game.

He didn’t look much different as a runner either. His 34 rushing yards were the most positive thing to happen for the Jets offense when either of their first two quarterbacks were in the game. Mark Sanchez completed 4-of-6 passes for just 21 yards during his quarter of play and the running backs weren’t able to make much impact against the Bengals front seven.

That front seven had a strong night, sacking Sanchez twice to go with their work against the run. If the Bengals injuries — defensive end Carlos Dunlap, linebacker Rey Maualuga and safety Taylor Mays all left Friday night’s game — don’t get in the way, Cincinnati should have a good defense again this season.

The Jets never ran Tebow with the first-team offense in one of the packages designed to take advantage of his running ability, so we haven’t seen the full complement of what they plan to do this season. They’ll have to hope

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  1. Oh come on … it’s preseason. This is hardly a glimpse into how NYJ will be in the regular season. Tons of teams have gone 0-4 in the preseason and went on to have amazing seasons.

  2. Tebow showed in just a short 1-1/2 quarters of play why he is a force to be reckoned with. Yes, tim had an interseption, that will happen once in a while, however Tebow doesn’t have a history of a lot of interceptions. Tebow came close to driving for a touchdown except Mr. Hill dropped a pass right in his hands. 50% completion tonight 62.5% if hill catches that pass.
    But if you had been listening to the game like I was the broadcast booth has to find something to address Tebow’s passing. NOW, its like they would like to see him pass with more confindance. Now they are mind readers. Mark my words, “Tebow will be a one of a kind superstar in the future.

  3. The Jets also didn’t have holmes or kerley, nor targeted keller

    dont be too bias for tebow or anything


    Tebow played terrible except for 2 scramble plays and that was against our 2nd team defense. The special teams scored a blocked punt TD, guess what the media showed for the Halftime highlights. Yup the two Tebow scrambles. Don’t tell me about bias.

  4. A good defense? The Bengals have a top 10 defense & likely will again. Their secondary is a weakness, but their excellent front seven will cover up for a lot of that.

  5. Well Cincys front 7 is a brickwall..they have young tough guys and also a good rotation..so yeah stay of their way coz they will be tough to beat……Vontaze said the Bengals got a steal..well I guess he’s right ..he has been strong during camp..the Int doesn’t come as a suprise..he did it camp too..

  6. rmchairqb says:
    Aug 10, 2012 10:12 PM

    “Oh come on … it’s preseason. Tons of teams have gone 0-4 in the preseason and went on to have amazing seasons”

    I hate the NJ Jets as much as everyone else but rmchairqb is right: it’s preseason.

    But I strongly reluctant to associate the words ‘Jets’ and ‘amazing season’.

  7. How come he is never rumored to be with or pictured with any broads? U can b a virgin and still date something weird goin on

  8. It’s amazing. Jets fans can pile all the jets talk all off season ( as if tebow to NY was just the most important thing to hear about all offseason) yet the minute they get negative publicity, it’s all about the whine and cheese.

  9. Before the draft when the Burfict bashing was going on, I was like the only one saying “wait a minute, check the tape, Burfict will fill a gap & light up a ball carrier. Luke Kuechly only makes tackles 8 yards down field”!! I won’t be surprised when Burfict has an incredible career and a few of the highly rated LBs from this years draft are out of the league after 4 years!!

  10. muir6 says:
    Aug 10, 2012 10:45 PM
    How come he is never rumored to be with or pictured with any broads? U can b a virgin and still date something weird goin on

    Wtf does the have do w anything?

  11. I am a Tebow fan but he just didn’t look good as a qb and he may never look good as a qb. Its time Tebow starts to focus on strictly being a running back. He is a very talented runner and can withstand the pounding as big as he is and would actually help any team he plays on. He could be a better version of Peyton Hillis and even potentially a borderline pro bowler if he were to really focus on only being a running back. The sooner he realizes this the better he and the Jets will be.

  12. @Wreigert:

    You’re a one in a lifetime speller, it sucks. My 7 year old cousin spells better than you. It’s hard to mark the words of someone who writes “confidance” & “interseption”. Mark my words, you will get at least 50 thumbs down. Mark my words again, Tebow sucks now & will suck in the future. He plays QB as well as you spell.

  13. Jets fans are blind to the truth…. They are a 4-5 win team in 2012. The have an average to below average QB in Sanchez, depending on the day. They have an old, slow defense that saw their #1 pick running with the 2nd & 3rd stringers (that’s very telling that the guy they drafted to be a pass rusher can’t break the first squad that has no pass rushers). They have a crap offensive line that gives their crap QB no time to throw. They have an average running back that will never be a true #1 RB that is needed to be competitive in an outdated “ground & pound” offense (I still haven’t found that play book in Madden). They have a diva of a WR who will be complaining by week 3 because his QB is crap. Did I mention they have a crap QB? Instead of addressing their real needs, they tried to sell tickets & grab headlines by trading for a player they have no need for. The real Jets were the weeks 8-16 Jets & they are not a good team. The Bills are much improved & the Pats are the Pats. Also, regardless of the year, the Jets split with the Dolphins, who they will be fighting for 3rd place in the East for. 4-5 wins for the Jets & that number will be determined by whether they split with Miami or get swept. Remember, you heard it here first.

  14. muir6 says:
    Aug 10, 2012 10:45 PM
    How come he is never rumored to be with or pictured with any broads? U can b a virgin and still date something weird goin on
    I take it you don’t watch the news or any tv He’s been seen with some of the hottest girls Steven A even said that biys lucky with the girls but the girls don’t get lucky with him

  15. As much as I despise the Big Green Fungus, I do pity them now that they hired Tony Sparano. The offense you saw I’m this game is what you’ll get the entire season (about one offensive TD every other game). Get ready for the Jets to have quite a few games scoring a total of 6 or 9 points. Fist pump for another field goal!

  16. Boy its funny to hear you tebowmaniacs say that tebow had an excellent game and I really love when you turn his negatives to a positive. Peyton Manning threw an int, its his fault, he wont be good this season, tebow throws a pick, well his receiver didn’t run the route right. He gets praised even when he misses his target by a mile, you fans baby him and you’re too naive to see that he played horrible and he’s still the same ol tebow, more rushing yards than passing yards.

  17. The best thing about the jets is that they are so predictably unpredictable – you can always count on them to do something goofy but you NEVER know what or when.

    (Pssst!! – neither do they.)

    To top it – Tebow is intercepted by a guy with the handle – Vontaze Burfict.

    Is that a name or what?

  18. Sometimes when Tebow throws, I’m not convinced he’s left handed. I don’t think he believes it too.

  19. Pre season here in The Mile High City has very pleasant this year without all the T-bow nonsense coming from his loud mouthed cheering section. Timmy and the jets deserve each other.

  20. Its time to put Tebow in the backfield. I just don’t think Tony has the forward thinking as an O Cord to realize what he could do with 2 QB’s on the field.

    Its tough to say anything bad about Tebow the person, but the football player, as a fan nobody wants him on the team they root for as a QB.

  21. I know it’s always fun to pile on Sanchez and Tebow. They have plenty of haters. But, the quarterbacks aren’t the problem with the Jets. The Line is terrible and they have no receivers. There wasn’t a game plan. It wasn’t a very good offense, period.

    To look at Sanchez, he had good accuracy, when he wasn’t on his back. Tebow wasn’t as accurate as Sanchez, but there were some nice balls thrown from Tebow. And the beautiful thing about Tebow is that he can escape sacks and turn it into positive gains. As a result, Tebow had good production with the second team, even with the stupid INT by staring the receiver down (my 12 year-old son could’ve gotten that pick.)

    But if I were a Jets fan, I wouldn’t be concerned about Sanchez or Tebow. I would be concerned about the O-line, the receivers and the defensive line. The Jets team looked bad. Their RB had nowhere to run. Sanchez and Tebow looked rushed. The D-line looked holey. It didn’t look like a good team.

  22. Mark Sanchez needs a t-shirt showing Mad magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman’s face on it saying “What me Worry?”.

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