Andre Johnson inactive for Texans preseason opener


Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson has resumed practicing since an early-camp groin injury, and isn’t known to have suffered any setbacks. But the organization is playing it cautiously with its 31-year-0ld, All-Pro skill-position player, deactivating Johnson for Saturday night’s preseason opener against the Panthers.

Per Nick Scurfield of the Texans’ website, impressive rookie Keshawn Martin will start in Johnson’s place. Martin appears to have passed spring sensation Lestar Jean on the depth chart.

Among Houston’s other notable inactives are linebacker Brian Cushing (virus) and defensive end J.J. Watt (elbow dislocation). Cushing, like Johnson, should be fine. Watt is due back by Week One.

11 responses to “Andre Johnson inactive for Texans preseason opener

  1. He’s done. He has all the talent in the world, but he just can’t stay on the field.

  2. Ugh. Like I’ve said countless times before, this “injury prone” crap is a recent event, with 2007 and 2011 being the only seasons to give the label any sort of credence. Very hard to drill facts into the brains of certain people.

  3. Johnson , just like Kenny Britt ( obviously just in terms of talent) are both so freaking talented but man, they just cannot stay on the field! Really to bad, Johnson is already 31 yrs of age…. In terms of mileage…. He is just breaking in, cause half of his career has been spent on a stationary bike! Too bad, he is a class act

  4. A) You could say that about the vast majority of NFL players
    B) I don’t claim to know it all, I just watched AJ suit up for many terrible teams from 2002 until last season. He kept his mouth shut, came to work, and rarely missed a game. He was on some teams that blew games in epic fashion and was a consummate pro the whole time. With that being said, when he suffers his first multiple injury season and misses more games than played, it bothers me to see him inaccurately criticized as some worthless bum who’s been hurt more than healthy in his career. It just isn’t true.

  5. King Dave can be defensive, but we all know the history! As a fan, I would love nothing more than to see him on the field every game. But the bottom line is between being injured & out or he is playing @ just 80% because of some ailment! TWreck stated fact!

  6. He’s fine….no point in playing 12 snaps of a scrimmage. Had it counted he like Cushing and possibly even Watt would have gone. Nothing to see here.

  7. King Dave in all his royalty is correct. All of you “haters” are a bunch of front running fan boys who discovered the great Andre Johnson last season and assumed he’d had chronic injuries every season. Wrong and wrong. Gayke Gayden has laid down the law.

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