Bengals tell players that Wharton is done for the year


One of the newest members of the Bengals won’t be playing for the Bengals in 2012.

A league source tells PFT that the coaching staff has told the team that guard Travelle Wharton is out for the year, due to a knee injury suffered Friday night in the team’s preseason opener.

As Gantt pointed out this morning, it was feared that Wharton would be lost for the year.

Wharton signed a three-year contract with the Bengals after being cut by the Panthers in March.  He has a base salary that shoots from $825,000 in 2012 to $2.675 million in 2013.

17 responses to “Bengals tell players that Wharton is done for the year

  1. brownsbacker44 says:
    Aug 11, 2012 6:27 PM
    No loss it’s just the Bengals.


    what? a browns fan saying something about the bengals. you might want to worry about your garbage team before you talk about a team that swept YOUR garbage. hows trent richardson’s injury doing. HAHAHAHA

    enjoy last place and another top 5 pick in the draft next year. i bet you guys draft another QB. loser

  2. jomochiefsfan84 says: Aug 11, 2012 7:18 PM

    This is a perfect reason why preseason games should go players are getting hurt for meaningless games it’s just stupid.

    Players can get injured anytime, training camp, preseason or even at their own house or playing basketball like Suggs.

    Also, try telling the undrafted rookies and bubble players that preseason is meaningless as they’re hoping to perform well enough to get a contract or find another profession.

  3. Jomochieffan…I disagree with getting rid of it completely. Some players (even experienced) really need tuneup in live games. I’d say 2 games is the perfect number brother. As for the other comments referencing me, have no idea what that’s all about brother.

  4. Seems like a nice guy. The guys on the team were happy when he signed..he moved family up to cincy and was really ecstatic to become a was sad to see him go down last night but we all fans know that is just life in the NFL..All the best to him

  5. Trent Richardson will play this year. Week 1 as a matter of fact. Also, Bengals and Browns fans arguing about who is better is ridiculous. The Browns are constantly rebuilding and the Bengals are horribly inconsistent. Everyone knows that even if they make the playoffs, they’ll crap all over themselves and be out in the first round. Both teams at this point are irrelevant so we shouldn’t argue about it. But if we must, then I would say that Andy Dalton is a goofy ginger and he will never win anything. Go Red Rocket!!!….err, rifle.

  6. Awful news as I liked this signing before the year. Boling looks like the likely replacement – he’s gonna have to grow into the job really fast.

    Hope Wharton has a full recovery as is able to be a part of the team next year.


  7. i will take the inconsistent bengals over the irrelevant clowns any year , i can t even remember the last time the browns made the playoffs , what like 12 , 13 years ago wow what a miserable fan base .

  8. “He has a base salary that shoots from $825,000 in 2012 to $2.675 million in 2013.”

    He was gone after this season anyway, no way the great Mike Brown pays real money to a player.

  9. ‘joetoronto’ says “no way the great Mike Brown pays real money to a player”….
    WTF does that mean ?

    You really ought to pay more attention brother……..

    I think Carson Palmers’ second contract with the Bengals made him the best paid QB in the NFL at that time.

    Mike Brown pays real money to the guys he thinks deserves it. Paying the money isn’t Mike Browns problem, his problem is he thinks he’s as good as his daddy at being a GM in scouting the players in the first place and trying to put a team together. He ain’t.

    The relative success in the Marvin Lewis era has been the coaches like Lewis and Zimmer slowly taking over player selection from Mike Brown…..

    Long may that process continue…….

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