Dolphins issue statement in response to Johnson arrest

Getty Images

The Dolphins have issued a statement in response to the arrest of receiver Chad Johnson for domestic violence.

“We are aware of the situation and are in the process of gathering all the relevant information,” team spokesman Harvey Greene told PFT via email.

It’s predictable, but nevertheless appropriate.  It’s early in the process.  It wouldn’t be prudent for the Dolphins to say or do anything more at this point.

Still, the Dolphins have the resources to gather all the relevant information quickly — and they should.  They also should bring Johnson in for a meeting (which presumably will occur without the Hard Knocks cameras running) to get his version of the events.

And if there’s anything he says that doesn’t completely mesh with the objective facts or in any way raises reasonable suspicion that he’s being less than truthful, the Dolphins need to be ready to move on.