Garrard says surgery went well, Philbin says QB race is close


On Friday morning, David Garrard was the leader in the Dolphins’ quarterback competition. But the news breaking on Friday afternoon that Garrard needed knee surgery, followed by rookie Ryan Tannehill outplaying incumbent starter Matt Moore in Friday night’s preseason opener, has the quarterback race looking very close.

The man who will make the final decision, head coach Joe Philbin, said the gap between first string and third string on the Dolphins’ quarterback depth chart wasn’t particularly big even when he named Garrard the starter for the first preseason game, and it’s obviously smaller now that the No. 1 quarterback is hurt and the No. 3 quarterback has outplayed the No. 2 quarterback in the preseason opener.

“I don’t think it’s huge,” Philbin said, via the Miami Herald. “I think it’s relatively close, probably.”

Tannehill went 14-for-21 for 167 yards with a touchdown and no interceptions against Tampa Bay on Friday night, while Moore went 7-for-12 for 79 yards with no touchdowns and one interception. So if the race is close now, and if the preseason keeps going the way the opener went, Tannehill would appear to have a good chance of taking the starting job by the start of the regular season.

But after having surgery this morning, Garrard indicated that he thinks he’s still in the race. Garrard wrote on Twitter that he’ll be back soon:


If Garrard can heal quickly enough to get some time with the first-string offense in the preseason, he may be able to keep the starting job. But after the events of Friday, Tannehill is surging. And in four weeks he may be starting.

16 responses to “Garrard says surgery went well, Philbin says QB race is close

  1. I like what I saw out of Tannehill yesterday. Maybe Coach Philbin should consider giving him a start or two in the remaining pre-season games.

  2. The kid looked pretty good last night. Not great, but better than I thought this early on. I still don’t think he should start out of the gate, but I was mildly impressed last night. Now let’s see more of Lamar Miller.

  3. What is with the uniforms? I have noticed this with every team…Is that sweat in the picture or is the uniform actually patches of a different color? Either way it looks bad and they need to change it back.

  4. Tannehill showed a good arm, good mobility and will look better as the pre-season goes along. I would love to see Moore start the season and Tannehill as the #2. Looking forward, the bye week is week 7 but the two games after that are road games and I don’t think you want to start Tannehill on the road in hostile environments (although maybe that Indy games isn’t such a hostile environment). Does he start week 10 at home against the Titans? That would be my choice.

  5. Playing as the 3rd QB doesn’t say much

    Put him out there with the 1st stringers to see what he got! Wish the kid the best of luck! He could be very good

  6. The quarterback issue with the Dolphins is solved weather the team goes with Tannehill or Moore. However the lack of ability for the receivers to hold on to the football when it counts; in the end zone and to keep a drive alive is critical. The exhibition game against Tampa Bay revealed that the Dolphins have very average receivers who are not able to make a play when it counts.

  7. As to who’s starting, I don’t know. But all 3 QBs demonstrate that Chad Henne was an absolute stiff, as was the coach propping him up.

  8. People put way to much emphasis on the first preseason game. Teams don’t game plan, they don’t watch film, it’s extremely vanilla on both sides of the ball.

  9. nyyjetsknicks says:Aug 11, 2012 5:29 PM

    People put way to much emphasis on the first preseason game. Teams don’t game plan, they don’t watch film, it’s extremely vanilla on both sides of the ball.
    As a Miami fan that is actually what makes last nights performance so concerning. As you stated offenses do not game plan and are very vanilla yet a mediocre Tampa offense managed to smoke Miami’s first team offense. If Miami’s D cannot carry the team this year, it is going to be a long long season.

  10. The young (and previously under utilized) receivers looked really good. If the trend continues, the Dolphins could be in a better position at WR than has been speculated by the media in general.

  11. Btw, I noticed Tannehill has the top QB rating in the NFL thus far. I know, one preseason game, but still interesting.

  12. Nice to see Tannehill put up some numbers even if it was against 2nd stringers but it is still early. Would like to see them give him a shot with the starters but i think I would still like to see him sit at least the first part of the season. That way if the veteran flops then bring him Tannehill for the game experience and he doesn’t feel like he let the team down. As far as the defense goes its still early considering they are switching schemes, if they still look bad by the 3rd game then they might be in trouble

  13. I was at the game, which is something more than Garrard can say. We needed to know if Garrard was brittle. Now we know! Let’s focus on improvement here. Garrard is out for most of preseason so his integration with the team is on hold, at best. I didn’t see much difference in the final results from Moore. Tannehill or Devlin but they were all healthy and on the field getting reps with their teammates.

    The Roster needs to go Moore (starter), Tannehill (backup), Devlin (third QB). Garrard can have a choice of keeping the money and being put on season I/R or making a settlement so he can move on and play this year somewhere else. He is just too banged up and we don’t have the time or need for a part time QB. You have to be on the field to improve.

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