Jamaal Charles shakes off hit to surgically repaired knee

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Eleven months after suffering a torn ACL, Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles was back on the field on Friday night, and when he took a hit to his surgically repaired knee, he easily brushed it off.

I felt fresh. My body hasn’t taken any licks in 11 months, so I feel real good and ready to go,” Charles said after the game.

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel said after the game that he believes getting Charles a hit to the knee in live game action was a good step. Charles needs the confidence that he can take a shot and pop back up, and now he knows he can.

“For him to take that hit, I think that helped clear his mind with where he is with that injury,” Crennel said. “Until you get hit on it, you just don’t know. You’re always wondering about it.”

Charles had three carries for 12 yards and one catch for 11 yards, and the Chiefs’ two other key players who suffered torn ACLs last year, tight end Tony Moeaki and safety Eric Berry, also returned to action. The Chiefs, who scored touchdowns on both of the offensive series that starting quarterback Matt Cassel played and jumped out to an early 17-0 lead over the Cardinals on Friday night, have to feel good about how their healthy starters are looking.

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  1. The Chiefs looked very efficient for their first preseason game and Crennel is off to a good start whereas his predecessor had trouble winning these games. It wasn’t important for Haley to win in preseason but it most certainly helps the moral of the Chief fans.

  2. It really is amazing how far ACL injuries have come, It used to be the death blow to a players career now its just a year off


  3. Anyone remember how hard it was for the chiefs to get plays in last year? Cassel screaming at the sidelines, calling timeouts and chaos. He was under center with plenty of time on the play clock last night, looked professional

  4. yelix says: Aug 11, 2012 2:40 PM

    You are the only reasonable Raiders fan I have ever seen.
    That’s because I got a GED when I was in prison. All the other Raider fans just got tattoos.

  5. LMAO @raiderapologist

    God, i’m really looking forward to seeing what the chiefs can do. I could go without Cassell, but he’s the best QB we’ve had since Trent green. Hopefully he can manage the game and keep his passes short, sweet, and efficient. If he can do that and our running game does what it looks like it has the capability of doing, the chiefs aren’t gonna be the automatic W on the opposing teams calender.

    And i really do think they are taking the AFC west.

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