Johnson’s out-of-character arrest could be fatal to his career

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The man with a habit of promising but not delivering ass whippings finally has followed through.

Allegedly.  And unfortunately.

Through all of the trouble Chad Johnson has caused in his career, he always had been able to say that he never had gotten into any trouble off the field.  And apart from the rare lawsuit for, for example, promising to give away a car but failing to do so, Chad never had been arrested.

That feather has now been removed from his cap.  Given that it comes at a time when his football career is sliding dangerously toward oblivion, the charge that he has assaulted his wife could bring it all to an end.

Already regarded by some as a Hard Knocks-driven publicity stunt, Johnson has brought to the Dolphins the kind of publicity they never wanted.  Thus, in order to salvage any credibility with the women they hope will want to come to their games (and/or with the females who own a piece of the franchise, like Venus and Serena Williams, Gloria Estefan, and Fergie), the Dolphins need to sever ties with Johnson — if after conducting a swift and thorough investigation the team concludes that Johnson did indeed commit violence against the woman he married barely a month ago.

Though nothing excuses the behavior, if the allegations are true, it could be that Chad is feeling a very high level of stress right now, sensing that maybe he won’t be a member of the Dolphins once the regular season begins.

His fears could be coming to fruition sooner than he or anyone else ever expected.

31 responses to “Johnson’s out-of-character arrest could be fatal to his career

  1. If stallworth can still be in the league so can he, we can’t always jump to conclusions we ALL know how crazy women are now these days.

  2. It must be the Patriots fault as they never let him just be Chad last year! What a total and complete fraud this guy turned out to be.

    I hope he still has his phony Hall of Fame jacket to look at.

  3. The good news for Dolphins fan…

    When the Dolphins call Chad’s agent to let him know he’s been cut, they can schedule a visit with Plaxico without making a second call. Drew Rosenhaus represent them both.

  4. people saying chad is done dont realize how desperate the dolphins are. we have no wide receivers. chad may be a number 4 or 5 wideout on other teams but hes a number 1 on miami. we’re that bad.

    also those calling him a fraud….this dude is the last thing from a fraud. he keeps it real at all times.

  5. I never wished this on Chad Johnson, but I am not surprised by this because it always bothered me when everyone dismissed his antics as “playful”; particularly the writer of this article!

    I never bought into his character and now I do not want to!!!

  6. They should cut him? Seriously? If the dude did it then he was wrong and will be punished. But first time the guy has EVER been in trouble with the law and you wanna cut him? Let me guess, a Hines Ward supporter hoping a roster spot opens up so he can come out of retirement?

  7. At least Chad will pick up the tab on gruel for the first 25 inmates that tweet him in prison. #PrisonTweetUp

  8. I think you might be jumping the gun a tad. The term “play fighting” & the fact that it was a headbut with resulting forehead injuries do at least leave a bit of room for this to be an unintentional action. If he got so mad that he tried to hurt in a way that would make him look less criminal, by all means cut him & take him to court. Until then I’d hope a former lawyer would wait until he knows for sure what happened before he starts calling it the final nail in the coffin for someone’s career.

  9. Remember the word “alleged.” Innocent until proven guilty. I don’t think this is all true & when it comes to Dom Vio cases, police are quick to place the bracelets on someone. We’ll see what happens & what kind of statement he makes when he gets out of the pokey. I didn’t get a good impression from his wife, aside from her being amazingly hot, on HK the other night. We’ll see, this could be something completely blown out of proportion or it could be true. If it is true, the guy is a scumbag & doesn’t deserve to play another down for the Dolphins or any other NFL team. The lowest pieces of garbage are those who hit women & children. However, as I said, he “allegedly” head butt her.

  10. Anyone who watched episode 1 knew that Chad and wife were going down a rocky road. She was the one with the big L on the forehead. Now he gets to wear the big L.

    You spend your whole life never assaulting a soul and bingo. Doesn’t make it even remotely right but it is NOT HARD to choose someone who isn’t toxic to your life.

    Lose the girl. Lose the football. Find peace somewhere.

  11. I can think of 4 teams off the top of my head that either have such low standards of player conduct or who are desperate enough for players due to a ridiculous number of injuries already to give him a tryout.

    And then there are some teams who will do anything for a little PR . . . .

  12. I wonder if the Miami Davie Police are serving McDonald’s to it’s guests?

    In regards to Plaxico ….. Did Jerry Jones specify that a wide receiver had to be injured?

    Update: Rookie wide receiver Danny Coale has broken his little toe and won’t play at the Raiders.

  13. When it comes to domestic violence, Women have a huge legal advantage. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find out this was blown out of proportion and the lady’s just a wacko.

  14. Amazing all of the Chad supporters still hanging on out there.

    Personally I could give a rip about what he may have done to his wife. The fact still remains that he hasn’t played a meaningful down in the NFL in years.

    There will be a dozen guys out of work with a better work ethic and more upside after teams make their final cuts.

  15. Who the heck is Chad Johnson? Ohhhh, wait…that dumb ass who changed his name for nonsense and then changed back…guess that prenup was a good thing to sign, eh, Ocho No-No? Jackass.

  16. Ben Roethlisberger.

    Randy McMichael.

    Pacman Jones.

    Jason Kidd.

    Manny Ramirez.

    Ron ‘Metta World Peace’ Artest.

    …and the list goes on.

    Chad Johnson’s NFL career is far from over, no matter if the Dolphins keep him around or not.

  17. If stallworth can still be in the league so can he, we can’t always jump to conclusions we ALL know how crazy women are now these days.


    Without knowing the details, there is no excuse that legitimizes that behavior. I’ve dated my share of “crazy” women but I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve laid a hand on them, let alone head butting them.

    That’s a heinous crime. As a man, you have to be better than that.

  18. honestly..the guy cannot catch the football. that is why his career should and will be over soon !

  19. I watched Ochostinko with the Pats last year. Even I could run faster then he could, and I’m 59!

  20. ctiggs says:Aug 11, 2012 10:21 PM

    If stallworth can still be in the league so can he, we can’t always jump to conclusions we ALL know how crazy women are now these days.

    The difference is that Stallworth can still play the game and actually can understand a playbook. The 2012 Chad Johnson won’t survive this. The 2008 Chad Johnson or whatever he was calling himself at the time, would have.

    I don’t “hate” Chad. But he is short on skills and physical ability at this stage and long on excuses. It didn’t work with the Patriots for many reasons and none of them had anything to do with Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, or the Patriots.

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