Kellen Moore does not look like an NFL quarterback


Opinions were divided about Kellen Moore coming out of Boise State: Some said Moore simply lacked an NFL arm (not to mention NFL size and NFL athleticism) and could never cut it at the next level. Others said the NCAA’s all-time winningest quarterback had the intangibles that cold-eyed NFL talent evaluators couldn’t see.

Based on Moore’s performance in the Lions’ preseason opener against the Browns, it appears that those who say Moore can’t play in the NFL are right.

Moore, who signed with the Lions as an undrafted free agent, entered Friday night’s game late in the second quarter and promptly led the Lions on a three-and-out. And that would be the theme of the rest of Moore’s night.

Overall, Moore led the Lions on seven drives, and five of them ended in punts. One ended in a field goal, but Moore didn’t really have anything to do with that: The drive was powered by running back Joique Bell, who marched the Lions down the field with runs of 14, 21, 13 and three yards on four straight plays. Like Moore, Bell was a celebrated college player who went undrafted (Bell won the Harlan Hill Trophy as the best player in Division II college football), but unlike Moore, Bell actually did something on Friday night to suggest he might have a place in the NFL.

Moore got two-plus quarters to prove his doubters wrong, and he did nothing with that opportunity. Moore went 4-of-14 for 40 yards, with no touchdowns and an interception on the Lions’ final offensive play. It’s hard to see Moore having a future in the NFL.

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  1. “Moore went 4-of-14 for 40 yards, with no touchdowns and an interception”

    a good day for Tim Tebow

  2. The Redskins brought him in last year. During the preseason he made me think Rex Grossman and John Beck were legitimate NFL starters. That’s how bad he is/was.

  3. How well did his offensive line block?

    Did his receivers get open?

    Did he miss open throws and/or reads?


    Are you just looking at his stats in a vacuum?

  4. It’s hard to see Moore having a future in the NFL.

    Michael David Smith, it’s hard to believe you have a job when you constanty write garbage. It was his first game.

  5. Love how these so-called journalists make an determination after one appearance. Have another beer and make another observation…..

  6. Watched him and he’s a carbon copy of Tim Tebow…without the size…and strength…and ability to run people over if needed. But, other than that, he’s got exactly the same skill set as Timmy.

  7. Based on the Packers preseason game Aaron Rogers didn’t look like an NFL quarterback. If Moore makes the team he’ll be a third string QB trying to be the next Sean Hill, not the next Aaron Rogers. Getting on tape and having NFL coaches evaluate his performance will be more valuable to him than the actual performance.

  8. Wait a second. He’s a good guy. He’s a winner. He works hard. He DESERVES a chance to start.

    Isn’t that what the media has been telling us for two years? Or do those rules only apply to one person?

  9. I’m sure glad the pats didn’t give up on tom Brady after one pre season game, and I’m a pats Hater. I’m just not nearly as dumb as to think one PRE SEASON game playing with the lions backups (which in turn are worse then most college teams) will decide your fate. I think eli manning looked pretty bad in his first ever pre season opener to. Buy I’m glad your so smart that after one pre season game you can tell he’s going to be a bust. Oh brees didn’t throw
    5 tds in his first pre season game either. It’s PRE FREAKING SEASON.

  10. I’m from the Pacific NW and you won’t find a bigger Kellen Moore fan than I am. And yet if he doesn’t have it, he doesn’t have it. It’s probably time for him to get on with his life. HOWEVER, his football intellect is so high, so off the charts, that I hope they make a brilliant move and put him on the coaching staff. He has a phenomenal football mind and will become one of the all-time great coaches within a few years.

  11. this guy will alawys be fighting an uphill battle.
    1 played at Boise St
    2 is left handed
    3 isnt Tim Tebow
    4 cant sling it 65 yds on a line
    5 isnt 6ft 4 240 lbs
    yep the guy must be a scrub

  12. Joique Bell will be one of the top RB’s this season. Another great Running Back that came from Buffalo, like McGahee and Lynch this kid has some skills.

  13. RG3 is headed to canton next year, according to skins fans after one preseason game ……FAIL!!!!

  14. politepunk says:
    Aug 11, 2012 9:19 AM
    The Redskins brought him in last year. During the preseason he made me think Rex Grossman and John Beck were legitimate NFL starters. That’s how bad he is/was

    It’s not surprising he played badly for the Redskins during preseason last year, considering he was still the QB for Boise State at the time.

  15. As opposed to all those undrafted quarterbacks that step in and play like seasoned pros in their very first NFL action right?

  16. 1 – It’s one game.
    2 – Some guys need time to develop. Give that kid the chance before you evaluate him so strictly.
    3 – Sometimes a guy is only as good as those around him, so the blame goes evenly to the whole 3rd/4th string Lions offense, not just Moore.

  17. Mcg said it best. RG3 is a hero because of one preseason game, and this dude is a zero. Good news for Moore is that he won’t be expected to start until Stafford goes down with injury.

  18. Actually I was at the game in the ole dirty D.. There were a lot of guys who did not look like NFL players . Kellen was not one of them.. His stats sucked but he had good reads, good footwork and his lefty pillows actually had a tad of zip on them and he attempted to go deep once or twice to stretch out the D fence.. Pretty sure this article was supposed to be about Byron Leftwich

  19. If he put bible verses on his eye black and wouldn’t shut up about his religion then everyone would be praising him and saying “just give him a chance, wait til you see what he does in REAL games”. But since he’s not Tebow, the media will crush him.

  20. The preseason doesn’t matter. I’m not sure why media members are intent on taking these performances seriously.

    I’m not sure if Kellen Moore will be good or not but I do know that it’ going to take more than two quarters of a preseason game to convince me one way or the other wake me up in September.

  21. Give the guy ONE SNAP with the first or second team offense. He’s basically out leading the practice squad there. And if we wanna talk about QBs, Stafford through an awful looking pick too. No one was even close. But you know what? He’s a great quarterback. Because a few bad drives, (especially, in Moore’s case, his first drives) do not make you a bad QB. Also, glad to see that Bell is looking good. Even Keiland Williams had some good runs. Glad to see that after Best and Leshoure got hurt/suspended.

  22. Great college player, just doesn’t have the physical tools for the NFL so he won’t get much of a chance unless he lights it up in pre-season, not a good start.

  23. Looking at stats in a vacuum. His recievers dropped a few passes. He’s not starting material, but his performance wasn’t as bad as the stats suggest.

  24. And rg3 said the nfl was easy and practice was harder than the real game…..after one preseason game against vanilla bills D…and hes not arragount?

  25. Just like we cannot say RG3 is a can’t miss because of his performance, we cannot say this guy can’t play. I mean, is this a personal vendetta? Just a weird article after only 1 preseason game.

  26. Not to mention Brandon weeden a first round pick went 3-9 two turnovers yet no ones saying anything it was preseason get real Idk where these writers think they are scouts or something they praise tebow when he completes 2 passes in a whole game give the dude a break

  27. Isn’t saying that Kelem Moore does not resemble a NFL QB just another way of saying he resembles Mark Sanchez?

    In the future I would just suggest that it would be simpler to just write “Blank QB plays like Sanchez.” You could even make a template out of it. kind of like when Tebow threw that interception many people last night said that “Tebow was channeling his inner Sanchez.”

  28. Two words come to mind when considering Kellen Moore’s potential in the NFL:

    Ty. Detmer.

    Except that Detmer, a career NFL backup who was also an outstanding college player, probably had more raw ability.

  29. EJ says:
    Aug 11, 2012 10:06 AM

    Joique Bell will be one of the top RB’s this season. Another great Running Back that came from Buffalo, like McGahee and Lynch this kid has some skills.

    You’ve come to this conclusion watching him run against the Cleveland Browns 2nd and 3rd string D?

    oooooh kaaaayyyy….

  30. You can’t read too much into preseason! Cleveland played without 5 starters on D, and the backups played well against Stafford! It means nothing! Weeden’s numbers are skewed! He looked comfortable, and had a great deep ball to Benjamin! His int was in the right spot for
    Little, but Little couldn’t make the catch. Don’t look much into it! It’s preseason.

  31. Don’t know if he will be good or not but did Moore offend this writer at done point. Almost seems personal to write something like this after an undrafted free agent plays part of his first exhibition game. Very odd.

  32. Easy to tell if a guy is a Boise hater or not, obviously this author is one. Moore made some mistakes, first game in the NFL, that’s hardly surprising, but most of these drives ended because of his receivers dropping the ball. Moore hit them in the numbers or on both hands they just couldn’t hold onto it, that’s not Kellen’s fault

  33. Oh My God !!! I absolutely hate the Preseason NFL Bloggers and the STUPID, IDIOTIC comments from a few sh-t for brains posters.

    When 3rd stringers are up against 1st stringers, you’re going to see some really good plays, and some really bad plays, and for the most part none of means diddly squat. Just coaches evaluating players. That’s all it is folks !!!

  34. What is it with you rope smokers and Tebow? The article had nothing to do with Tebow but you drone on and on about how you hate Tim. Try this, take off your knee pads, tear down the picture of Tebow on the ceiling above your bed (the one you keep there to remind yourself how much you hate TT), go to the bathroom and rub one out. Then move on already! BTW, the author is a idiot to pronounce someone unfit after one preseason game. Jay Cutler didn’t even take a snap while his team was humiliated. I wouldn’t either if I had that O-line. They aren’t fit for the NFL, CFL, OR arena league.

  35. Too bad he didn’t play for the SEC and isn’t outspoken about his religion, he might have a hundred more commenters defending him as a winner.

  36. This is the first time that I had to look at who posted this article because overall PFT does a good job across the board. Preseason is not something to get hyped on. The good and the bad are irrelevant when the game matters winners will win. Can no-talent-clowns play in the NFL yes. Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf both played. Kellen Moore will ride the bench as a 3 string or be on the practice squad its too soon to tell which way he will go.

  37. AH guess I can’t question if you actually watched the game or just went off the box score.. yet you wonder why you get non-sense answers to questions from coaches and players now

  38. The Lions had bigger issues than a walk-on QB who didn’t play great. Schwartz was not a happy camper after the game.

  39. Kellen Moore = Colt Brennan 2.0

    ……minus the douche-bag personality and sense of entitlement.

    50-3 in college? Just like Colt, played a cupcake schedule in a cupcake conference.

    He’ll end up like Colt (minus the DUI and drug addiction), washing out of every pro league possible until he finds a back up gig in the AFL or something.

  40. To all of you who say “It’s just one game,” etc…..that makes no difference in this case. Moore’s arm is not going to miraculously get stronger by the Lions’ next game. His arm was adequate against collegiate-level defenses, but it simply will not suffice in the NFL. I’m a huge Lions fan, and it’s kind of sad to say it because I was looking forward to his winning style….but he’s not an NFL quarterback and more than Tim Tebow is.

  41. Let’s evaluate:

    4 completions
    4 dropped passes
    3 defensive deflections
    1 overthrown pass
    1 throw with defender grabbing arm
    1 INT

    The INT was thrown at the WRs inside shoulder. Too bad the WR was not looking at the ball like the DB was.

    So, what exactly is so bad about his performance? It’s not like he threw to any good WRs.

    None of his passes were blocked at the line, so his height isn’t an issue.

    He wasn’t sacked, even on the rollout pass, so his speed isn’t an issue.

    He did just fine. If he had the chance to play with guys that actually tried to catch his passes, he would’ve been 9-14 with no INTs.

    How many TDs and INTs did Matt Stafford throw?

  42. So according to your theory, kellen Moore who went for 4-14 with an int dosent belong in NFL?? What about a guy who went for 2-8 (drew brees) or another guy who went for 2-8 with int which comes out to a 0.0 QB rating (Aaron Rodgers) which was lower then moore’s rating of about 20.0… Should all these 3QB’s be out of NFL?…. Keep in mind Moore is a “rookie”, first time on the field, these other two guys have been doing this for a long time…
    You sound like a person who is clueless about football…. Kellen Moore might not be a superstar, but give the kid a chance…

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