LeGarrette Blount thinks Bucs could have league’s best backfield

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The biggest statement LeGarrette Blount made Friday night wasn’t his touchdown run.

The Bucs running back, who could be on the verge of losing his starting job, said he thinks he and Doug Martin could be the best pair of backs in the league.

“We can definitely be the best duo in the NFL, with the schemes that we have, with the offensive line that we have, with the blocking and the confidence [Martin] has in me and the confidence I have in him,” Blount told Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times. “It’s definitely going to be a really good fit. We have the potential to be the best backfield in the league.”

Perhaps Blount should start with being the best backfield in the NFC South, where a group that includes Michael Turner in Atlanta is probably last in terms of top-to-bottom talent, behind Carolina’s three-headed attack (or maybe four, if you count Cam Newton) and a New Orleans fleet of backs who fit into specific roles.

Blount ran for 30 yards on seven carries, and Martin added seven carries for 21 yards. Each scored a touchdown, as coach Greg Schiano tried to establish a mindset with playcalls,

Blount said he’s lost weight, and feels quicker this year, which is what a guy who is being pushed for his job should say.

Of course, by putting himself at the top of the heap so soon, he may have said a bit too much.

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  1. I like the enthusiasm and the potential is there. It’s a tall order to be the best backfield in the NFCS for sure, and I think Carolina is the team with the most weapons. With the addition of Tolbert things should get real interesting. I like Tampa’s chances for sure much better than last season, and that revamped OL is sure to make a difference. Go Bucs!!

  2. Carolina, as mentioned.

    Forte/Bush/Kahlil Bell is a pretty formidable group in Chi

    Peyton Hillis/Jamal Charles is worth mentioning in KC

    Frank Gore/Brandon Jacobs/a bunch of young guys in SF

    Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller are a very complete tandem

    And last but certainly not least, Arian Foster and Ben Tate are pretty good

  3. uhh Blount is 100% correct ! believe it bro-ski’s
    Doug Martin will be the best rb drafted this year, mark it down !

  4. Running backs just ain’t like they used to be. Every year somebody breaks out and looks like they are the “next” big star……..and they are not. They are all over-hyped. So with that having been said, I see my DETROIT LIONS as having this years sleeper breakout offensive backfield! GO LIONS!

  5. I think it’s pretty obvious to most people that Blount isn’t the smartest guy in the world, but has this guy even looked at other RB corps?

    As mentioned the Panthers are easily better.. Rb corps I’d take over the Bucs RB’s:
    Rams (SJ)
    Ravens (with just Ray Rice even)
    Steelers w/ healthy Mendenhall

  6. Leagues best backfields:
    1) vegetArian Foster & Ben Tate
    2) DeAngelo Williams & Jonathan Stewart & Tolbert
    3) Matt Forte and Michael Bush
    4) Ray Rice and nobody
    5) Lesean McCoy and whoever
    6) Maurice Jones Drew and some other dude
    7)Marshawn Lynch and a bag a skittles
    8)Adrian Petersons blown out knee and some random white guy
    9) Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller
    10) Tie Steven Jackson and Isaiah Pead or Michael Turner and Jaquizz Rogers

    Sorry guys, didn’t make the top 10.

  7. Not so fast there Blount you haven’t started fumbling the ball just yet give it some time. Bucs offense will be better but they didn’t do a lot to improve their run defense. I still think the D will be average at best.

  8. Read the quote. It says WITH OUR O-LINE, WITH OUR SCHEME. Its going to be a run heavy team and the offensive line is better than any of those other teams mentioned. It cracks me up how people think a running game is ALL about the running back.
    Im not saying it’ll happen but its not a ridiculous statement considering everything involved.

  9. My Panthers are talking super bowl, the Bucs are talking best backfield in the NFL….. Lets all just pipe down and just play some football and win some games. The road to the NFCS still will through ATL and NO, just be better than them first.

  10. Demarco Murray/ Felix Jones Cowboys, isnt to bad.

    Murray only started 7 games last year and ran for a 1000 yards as a rookie! Think what he is going to do this year. Felix is a home run threat every time he touches the ball as well.

    And dont give me this “if” they can stay healthy crap, because that same “if” applies to every running back /
    player in this league.

    Murray = 1600 rushing yards
    Jones = 600 rushing yards

    Not to bad at all.

  11. Uh, guys…..

    Hate to burst your bubble but the Saints backfield combined for over 2,000 yards and caught 160 passes for another 1,200 yards.

    Don’t get me wrong, your running backs are all very nice but collectively the Saints’ backs are the best group in the league, hands down.

  12. I do love their guards Joseph and Nicks is the best guard combo in the league. Bucs are a big physical team. Even their wrs are big. They are gonna surprise some people.

  13. I’m going to go a different direction rather than join in “the best backfield battle.”
    I’m going to fixate on Blounts motivation behind the statement. Think maybe the guy seeing his starting job slip away wants to talk about how good “WE” can be for fear how good the other “HE” is? IE Blount doesn’t want to lose the job completely.

  14. going to have to go Saints on this one. 4 headed monster of Sproles/ingram/thomas/Ivory. everyone forgets the saints bc brees/saints are known as a pass first offense. however everyone forgets that despite Brees’ yards thru the air the Saints also placed 6th in the league in rushing

  15. Won’t matter when Freeman continues his fall from grace and every opposing D will be focused on the run solely.

    Ps- Spiller is average, Felix Jones is right there with him and give it til Christmas when everyone knows the name Rainey.

  16. Man, If he knew you all would be going at this like nutcases, he’d be laughing his a$$ off. To end this convo.. They will be good and the offense as a whole will be better. We have a big and nasty o-line and the way blount wore the D down and Martin finished is a good preview as to what they could look like this year. Or just run the hell outta the 1st back and then bring in the 2nd. They will be a force for sure but best duo in the league? Not there yet.

  17. I think they need to wait and see what they do against a top 10 defense in a regular season game, running against a pre season Vanilla defense is not a good gauge of there worth, and only time will tell. Bill

  18. Legarrette “smoked one too many” Blount should wait until they’ve played some real games before opening his trap. No doubt Martin is a balla but he’s still a rook nonetheless. And Blount is far from being a serviceable back, hence Martin in the first round.

    COULD be the BEST backfield in the NFL? Don’t think so.

  19. What a lot of you are missing is he said “THEY CAN BE”. He didn’t say they were. I do believe they have the potential to be a great backfield. Doug martin will become a star.

  20. Don’t sleep on the Vikings backfield just cuz AD went down with the knee injury…he’s way ahead of schedule and looking great, with his determination i believe there’s no doubt he will come back and still be a top 5 back in the league. Then you got Gerhart who i would compare to a young Michael Turner in both style and situation, he’s not flashy but he’s tough and has way better hands than Turner too. I don’t know where they rank but those two need to be mentioned with the top 5 tandems in the league easily IMO.

  21. In the intrest of full disclosure, I’m a Buc’s homer. Teams with their all world QB’s setting all time records may put newer fans fannies in the seats but I’ll always take a stone cold, lights out, step on their necks DEFENSE. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have a QB who takes care of the ball but NFL football is about imposing you will and your game plan while adjusting to obvious defeciencies in either execution or match ups. When your team has the good fortune of ownership with a true financial commitment and the understanding that real football people should make decisions about personell then you have the potential to make a run at a championship. NFC South, pretty tough division. I seriously doubt anybody saying anything against Blount’s statement would have the stones to do it within reach of him.

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