Quinton Coples impresses in his first game with the Jets

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On a night of more heralded debuts for the Jets, Quinton Coples didn’t garner nearly as much attention.

But maybe he should have.

The first-round pick had five tackles, two for losses, a strip sack and a batted pass in his first game with the Jets.

Coach Rex Ryan said Coples had “a tremendous game,” via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger.

“Some real encouraging things,” Ryan said. “That’s not surprising, but I was happy to see it nonetheless.”

Coaches told Coples to plan to play all four quarters. He didn’t start in the base 3-4 set, but worked with the starters in the four-man front as well as in their 4-3 sub package.

“I did very well,” Coples said. “I don’t have a grade for it, but I was very productive. I also have a lot to improve upon as well. It starts on Sunday when we go back to practice. I look forward to looking at this game on film and correcting my mistakes.”

If Coples proves to be more than a physical specimen, the Jets have the potential to have a dangerous defensive line, whether it’s three or four men up front.

And if they continue to fiddle with backup quarterbacks, they might need their defense to be dominant.

14 responses to “Quinton Coples impresses in his first game with the Jets

  1. Good for him. I had really thought my Seahawks were going to draft him, and I thought he would have been an excellent choice. I hope he goes gangbusters with his NFL career.

  2. Coples looked good last night… in fact he was the best Jet in the field. It looks like he is motivated to go after the perception that he takes plays off, and he didn’t take any off last night.

    The trouble for the Yets is that he was their best player last night, and unless he can also play an amazing quarterback this team will be doomed.

  3. I thought the overwhelming response from the PFT masses was this guy was supposed to be a bust because he was drafted by the Jets? What gives???

  4. Lets be for real now, qb is not the issue cause sanchez and tebow both looked great, it’s the offensive line that is going to be the issue. Maybin, coples, Wilkerson and the d as a whole all looked solid last night and have to keep pushing. Also we need to pray Eric smith is ok, not for his d, but for him on special teams.

  5. I thought he looked dominant against the back ups. Will be interesting to see how he does against the big boys who he doesn’t have such a natural advantage over.

  6. I watched the game last night and was alarmed that Coples seemed to be totally out of gas at the start of the second half. His pursuit of running plays to the opposite side of the line consisted of him standing up and walking, and he wasn’t a factor when they ran right at him.

    He had a promising first half, but I was dismayed at how poor his conditioning seemed to be as the game wore on. Maybe he just needs a little time in a pro setting, but I’m surprised to read all this gushing about a first round pick that can only give you one half of very good football.

  7. 1. Maybin will be playing de while coples plays dt or Maybin will be olb while coples plays de. Both will see the field plenty and improve the pass rush.

    2. It’s not trouble for the jets that he was the dominant player, the starters only played for a quarter.

  8. I’m sorry, I watched him for 2 series last night in the 3rd quarter and he didn’t do a thing. He looked gassed, took plays off and generally gave no effort. I’ll have to watch the 1st half on replay I guess but after what I saw, I was glad the Seahawks passed on him. sounds like if the coahces stay on him he’ll be good though.

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