Report: Chad Johnson arrested on domestic violence charges


If Dolphins coach Joe Philbin didn’t like Chad Johnson’s language, he’s definitely not going to like this.

According to Davie (Fla.) Police Department captain Dale Engle, Johnson was arrested Saturday night on domestic violence charges, per the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

According to the report, Johnson was arrested after an incident involving his new wife, Evelyn Lozada. He allegedly head-butted her during an argument in his car.  They were married on July 4.

When police arrived at the scene, Lozada had lacerations on her forehead.

We’ll have more on this as it develops.

105 responses to “Report: Chad Johnson arrested on domestic violence charges

  1. Don’t condone his actions at all….but….this is gonna be the best Hard Knocks season to ever be recorded….On field drama with the QB situation and watching this situation play out.

  2. I mean, she has a big forehead, so it’s very possible this is a misunderstanding.

    And for anybody who thinks their relationship looked odd on Hard Knocks, try following them on Twitter some time.

  3. REALLY something a new head coach and rookie QB don’t need. What’s needed though is help for 85. And I mean professional help.

  4. This is sad – Ocho always prided himself on the fact that he steered clear of trouble of this sort. Very disappointing to read this 🙁


  5. I’m actually really surprised this has happened. Chad Johnson draws a lot of attention to himself, but he isn’t one to get in trouble with the law.

  6. So let me see …………We release Brandon Marshall because he was a diva and in legal trouble. Marshall has since been cleared of any wrong doing and all accounts out of Chicago say this guy is going to have a monster year.
    We do this so we can sign a washed up 34 year old bum that can’t keep his mouth shut or his hands to himself.
    The only positive that will come out of this season for Miami will be Ireland’s termination and a top 5 pick in next years draft.

  7. I guess Chad should have been thankful that the Patriots didn’t allow him to be himself.

  8. This guy has been nothing but cancerous to this team so far. I was on board with the initial signing, but this is getting out of hand.

    Child Please, Chad.

  9. Evelyn does not seem like wife material; however you can never hit a woman. C’mon Chad you just destroyed all the “Oh that Chad” goodwill you’ve built up during your career.

  10. I honestly am disappointed beyond belief in this story. I’ve always embraced Chad as a guy who had a rough childhood and overcame it, growing into this unbelievably great guy, who loves to have a good time.

    I can overlook a few TD celebration penalties or in-game goofiness… and he doesn’t care what I think, but I’m shocked and unbelievably disappointed that he put himself in that position.


  11. Well…Apparently his honeymoon has come to an abrupt halt, and in addition, nothing like making a sparkling impression on your new team, city and, yet AGAIN, with your new head coach. It appears as though Chad can’t wait to join his colleagues, Sapp, TO, Vince and Plax on the all star, broken and bankrupt team. What in God’s name is the matter with this immature child? They are going to send him on his way. I guess he can donate his HOF jacket to a worthy organization!!

  12. And didnt he say in Episode 1 that he was going to go out and get arrested? I think that was on their first off day during camp, so he was only a week or so off….or did he smack her around that night too, and didnt get caught? He’s really done now….

  13. Dude was mad at himself because he doesn’t have it anymore and takes it out on his wife. The only pass thrown his way sailed right through his hands. I’d prefer we cut him, but maybe the Bears will take him and pair him up with the other wife-beater who used to drop passes for us.

  14. I thought that he was “playful”. 🙂
    I thought that Terrell Owens was “the bad guy” and “mean-spirited”.

    People, never buy 100% of the image an athlete displays!!!! Ever!!!

    Not everyone is as good as they are portrayed and not everyone is as bad as people make them out to be!!!

  15. Boy, Miami is in for a spectacular season

    I’m talking about Hark Knocks, not football.

  16. Chad!…That’s not what your therapist meant by “giving her a piece of your mind.”

  17. How will mealy mouthed Philpin handle this incident? The F-bomb is out in so beach, maybe head butting your wife is OK? Very interesting, old 85 maybe out the door sooner then normal. Ya gotta ask the question, what woman would marry chad johnson.

  18. Cincy fan is gonna have a stroke if tomorrow’s headline reads:

    “Former Bengal Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge”

  19. Evelyn is already piling up charges on him, so when she files in October, she gets half. But seriously, I don’t advocate violence against wives OR husbands; they are both immature.

  20. She probably attacked him. Then if he lays any finger on her in self defense, she calls the cops and BAM domestic violence charges. The police will not care about what led up to it. If you try to restrain an attacking female, it is domestic violence. And for the rest of his life, Chad will be labeled a wife beater with no shades of gray.

  21. Im just glad Chad Johnson is back to his self… Now he will have a 1000 yard season in Miami or some where else. But he will be playing football this season. His wife an that fight has NOTHING TO DO WITH FOOTBALL

  22. At what point do the owners and the commish get fed up and realize that the DUI’s, domestic abuse, drug trafficking and countless other arrests are not the message you want to send to fans that they will be overlooked as long as you can play ball?

    The Dolphins should cut him. If you want to start over and send a new message to the fan base that this won’t be the team from the past few seasons with the good “character” guys Ireland brings aboard then you cut him.

  23. Maybe I’m ignorant of the obvious answer, but if someone headbutts someone forehead to forehead, how do you know who initiated the headbutt? Not saying he didn’t do it but…

  24. Just came out that he got pissed off when he noticed a receipt for condoms in his wife’s car.

    Maybe Evelyn was hard knocking another man.

  25. Between him, T.O. , and Moss, one of them had to do something dumb with this renewed attention on them. Hope the other 2 take notes and only make news for good reasons.

  26. I don’t believe this one bit.

    This is a guy who doesn’t get into trouble in that way.

    He’s a jokester and throughout his NFL career doesn’t drink in drive, etc.

    Why this? Why now?

  27. realnflmaster says:
    Aug 11, 2012 9:55 PM
    What an embarrassment to the AFC East, I mean the JETS and Patriots division.

    Creative, but ridiculously STUPID. For the AFC East to be the JETS division, don’t you think they should have more than TWO division titles since the AFC East was formed in 1960? Yeah, that’s right, they have TWO division titles in 52 years. That’s about 1 division title every generation. On the other hand, both the Pats & the Dolphins have 14. The best thing about all of this is that not one of those AFC East titles for the JETS happened in their back to back AFC Championship Game APPEARANCES that Jets fans can’t seem to let go. That’s the difference between JETS fans & Giants fans; a conference championship game appearance for the Giants & their fans is a failure without a win (haven’t seen a loss yet, we’re 4-0 in those games), whereas JETS fans think their team is the second coming of Lombardi’s Packers with appearances in those games but nothing to show for. With all that being said, the AFC East is the PATS & DOLPHINS division; 2 titles claims you stake to nothing but mediocrity. With a name like “RealNFLMaster” you should know what the hell you’re talking about before making such stupid statements.

  28. Word is that Chad found a receipt for a box of condoms in Evelyn’s car. I knew it would be a matter of time before this relationship turned into a train wreak.

  29. According to a NFL.Com report, the argument apparently started when Johnson found a receipt in the car (where Johnson head-butted his wife). On the receipt, apparently condoms showed up. One can only come to the conclusion that Ms. Lozada was cheating on him.

    This doesn’t mean I approve of what Chad did (if it comes to light that she was, in fact, cheating).

  30. Actually it sounds like they were having an argument. She leans forward into his personal space and is yelling, and he retaliates by leaning into her personal space at which point their heads collide. The collision breaks the skin and gives both parties a headache. Chad is used to these collisions. The wife is not. She sees blood, freaks out, calls the police, and tells them she got headbutted thus leading to charges.

  31. lets wait till the facts come out this woman is a gold digger and all about herself too, she was married and on basketball wives bc she married a winner in antonie walker , he went backrupt and dropped him like a fly, chad is all about himself but never got in trouble with the law ever. have a feeling she has something to do with this but lets wait for the facts

  32. realnflmaster says:
    Aug 11, 2012 9:55 PM
    What an embarrassment to the AFC East, I mean the JETS and Patriots division.

    You do know the Jets have only won the division twice right? Less than Miami, less than New England and less than Buffalo.
    By the way, last season was New England’s last Division win for a long while, the streak is over. Welcome to a new and improved AFC East, the toughest Division in the NFL.

  33. No facts needed. Headline conviction.
    Thats how we roll 2012. 34 no previous charges allegations etc. I’ll let it play out before I say he’s guilty especially when she sounds like a whacko. I’ve known a few.

  34. I’m surprised to see all of the jokes going on over a man striking a woman. My wife told me she is a huge drama starter but be that as it may you never strike a woman!

  35. Can’t wait to see this show up on Hard Knocks! Media-starved athletes + cameras around 24/7 = comedy gold! Even better is that the entire city of Miami is shown to be populated with complete, utter fools, Even the non-Dolphin fans willingly choose to live there, thus deserves nothing less that ridicule, contempt, and disgust.

  36. Too Bad for Chad and his wife. That marriage was doomed before it began, child please marrying a reality basketball wife / groupie what do you expect. Please don’t have kids!

  37. No way! Wait until the facts come out!
    My ex wife was miss Hawaiian tropic & a MetRX spokeswomen! Fukn hot as hell, I left her after 6 months… Not for cheating but she was nuttier than a Salted nut roll! My wise father , said to me…. So how old is she son? I said 26 pop! He said, ” son, a women that hot, still single @ 26??? She is definitely NUTS”!!! Totally, should have listen to the wise old man! Good luck chad! Your screwed!

  38. Man you guys are getting your reported facts wrong. It is being reported that his wife was confronting Chad about condoms she found in HIS car.

  39. Honestly anyone that’s on the ___wives of anything probably deserves to be head butted.
    They are just attempting to make money from the fact that their husbands have marketable skills.
    Do something on your own then come talk to me.

  40. C’mon down Mr. Ochocinco or what ever the hell you call yourself now….your the next contestant in the turd bowl!!! Dad as you like to call him is going to be pissed!

  41. This in the midst of the barrage of NFL Public Service Ads opposing violence aganst women. Bad Timing at minimum.

  42. Why in the hell would you not throw away a receipt with condoms on it if those condoms were meant for someone else?

    Even if that’s true, no excuse for what he did. Regardless of how vapid and trashy she seems.

    What seems stranger is, when was the last time you read about domestic violence that involved a headbutt? That seems more like an old school Samoan wrestling move.

  43. No one has mentioned the whole “I won’t see my wife until I make the team” and “I don’t get sex from her unless I score TDs”. Meanwhile, she’s banging some other guy? Not to excuse domestic violence, but this isn’t a usual situation either. The Dolphins obviously agreed to Hard Knocks and agreed to Johnson as part of this, so they should let this play out now.

  44. My advice to Mr Johnson should should change his name back tto Ochocinco. Evidently his JOHNSON got him into trouble to begin update..looks like Mr. Johnson said he only had Ochocinco condoms..Mrs Johnson said their was ochoseite..

  45. Ahhh, marital bliss. The Dolphins had to be out of their minds to sign this piece of scum. Chad Ocho/Johnson is the poster child for the “me first athlete.” If he couldn’t catch more than eight passes in a season with Tom Brady and the Patriot offense, what in the world would make the Dolphins think he could contribute to their poor excuse of an offense? This is subtraction by addition.

  46. A head butt?! Do human beings not named Superfly Snuka or Junkyard Dog actually do that to other people?

  47. We’ll see who’s running the team during this one. Sincere, competent head coach or owner looking to make splash headlines.

  48. Too bad Chad doesn’t have a medically issued Get Out of Criticism Free card like Brandon Marshall.

  49. The racial lines which comments on this issue tip toe is razor thin. so I’ll be careful.

    Ocho represents a way of thinking that black, white, Latino, Philippino, Bellarussan, or Mongolian, whatever, is bad philosophy, bad teamwork, bad parenting, bad culture, bad football, ect He has been the poster child for the qualities that IMO make human beings potentially so greedy, self absorbed, loud mouthed and most of all self destructive. If all you care about is yourself, you will presume everyone else around you owes you something……… and that my friends is a recipe for a bad teammate and an even worse husband.

    “The hen is the wisest of all the animal creation because she never cackles until after the egg has been laid.” – Abraham Lincoln

    Ocho aint-no Hen.

  50. In a society where most women are greedy, self-absorbed, and completely disrespectful to men, we need more Chad Johnsons. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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