Road-weary Cardinals still looking for a quarterback

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When it was over, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt sounded mostly like a guy who just wanted to go home.

His team dropped another mostly lifeless preseason game, and he’s no closer to knowing who his quarterback is with two games under his belt.

I don’t think it was a good effort by our team,” Whisenhunt said, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. “I’m looking forward to getting back home.”

The biggest problem continues to be the lack of production from his quarterbacks.

Through two games, neither John Skelton nor Kevin Kolb has thrown a touchdown. They have a pair of interceptions. Skelton’s 39.2 passer rating seems Brees-like compared to Kolb’s 0.0.

“We had some one-on-one matchups with receivers downfield tonight and we didn’t get to them; we didn’t throw them. So those are things that are frustrating,” Whisenhunt said.

So were the quarterbacks just not seeing them?

“Well, I thought John was pretty good to start the game,” Whisenhunt said. “He was late on the one throw that was intercepted, but he had to step around the protection. I’m just saying we’ve got opportunities for big plays and we got to make those. When a team is playing you like they were playing us with press coverage, we’ve got to get the ball downfield and make some throws.

“Kevin threw one early to DeMarco [Sampson] and he didn’t catch it. Then he threw another one to him and he did. But we can’t miss those opportunities when we have our initial chance. . . .

“I thought John looked comfortable, ran our offense well. He had a mistake on the second play, he called a run the wrong way. He made some good, accurate throws and looked good in the pocket.

“I thought Kevin looked good early and made some plays, but we continue, it seems like, to have some protection issues when he’s in there and [that] forces him out of the pocket.”

The Cards have reason to be road-weary, having stayed in the Midwest after playing the Hall of Fame Game in Canton last weekend.

But the road’s only going to get longer until they find someone who can complete a pass.