Source: Haden took Adderall as a “pick-me-up” in Vegas


What happens in Vegas apparently doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

A league source tells PFT that the locker-room scuttlebutt in Cleveland is that cornerback Joe Haden tested positive for Adderall after taking the ADD medication as a “pick-me-up” during an offseason visit to Las Vegas.

This implies that Haden didn’t have a prescription for Adderall.  It also implies that luck was anything but a lady for Haden, if it’s something he only took once.

The policy regarding anabolic steroids and related substances entails year-round random testing for all players, and Haden necessarily drew the short straw while the substance was still in his system.

If Haden had a prescription, he possibly could avoid a suspension.  (“Possibly” is the key word because the league has been inconsistent with the imposition of suspensions on players who tested positive for Adderall while taking it with a prescription.)

Of course, the deeper question is whether offseason use of Adderall or any other stimulant should be prohibited.  It can’t enhance performance if there’s no performance to enhance, and it’s not the kind of substance that helps a player artificially build muscle mass in anticipation of future performance.

Because Haden’s period for filing an appeal have not yet commenced, he could avoid a suspension for most if not all of the 2012 season.  The NFL’s in-house appeals often require months to be processed; news of Haden’s positive test was leaked very early in the cycle.

30 responses to “Source: Haden took Adderall as a “pick-me-up” in Vegas

  1. Even if it was just once it was a dumb move by Haden. Love him but if you’re in the NFL you need to know what you can and cannot take based on whats on the banned substance list.

  2. It was a work relared event because he was studying the playbook, so he wanted to stay up to learn more.

  3. Actually amphetamines most likely would help with training and working out/building muscle, with health a possible consequence of that sort of abuse. It’s a shame he supposedly happened to get tested with it in his system, if he did actually just take it to stay up one night. He probably is getting paid so much he shouldn’t have taken the risk though, also is a damn good player the team needs (before they miss the playoffs that is).

  4. Adderall definitely could help a player that doesn’t have ADD build muscle mass. If it did nothing to you then people wouldn’t take it!

    If you take it and don’t have ADD it gives you a burst of energy AND let’s you focus on something very easy. If you want to study (even a play book) that will be all you think about. I never took it before weightlifting, but I don’t see how extra energy and focus would be a disadvantage…

  5. Crushing the pill up and snorting it up your nose has a similar effect to cocaine. Since he was in Vegas and he called it a “pick me up” it’s likely that’s why it was in his system. Also adderrall is an amphetamine and only usually stays in your urine for 2-3 days so he’s either extremely unlucky or regularly uses it. He and Ron Washington being unlucky isn’t likely, these guys love the high.

  6. Adderal is a funny drug. For people with ADD/ADHD, it works wonders. But for people without those problems, it is essentially speed or amphetamine. For people without a script, it IS a pick-me-up because you are basically doing speed.

    There is a reason in Major League Baseball the number of people who are prescribed Adderal has jumped up over 30% in the couple years since taking amphetamine or greenies was banned….

  7. Come on man it’s adderall! If he gets suspended for something as small as that then everyone in the league needs to start getting suspeneded!
    There’s so many college kids out there, probably 70%, that take adderall nights before tests. I’m sure commish Goodell took it before to pass his law tests.

  8. Adderall is an amphetamine. Whether you have ADD or not, it is an amphetamine that has the same effects on everyone, which allows you extra energy and ability to concentrate. I don’t understand how people think that the drug has completely opposite effects on people depending on if they have trouble concentrating or not. No, it affects everyone the same regardless of whether or not doctors believe they have a poor attention span.

    If Adderall should be considered a performance enhancing drug, well, as others have said, it could likely provide athletes with some boost in performance in the weight room, especially if they do not use it regularly. Though it sounds like he was using it to boost his performance at a party, not in the weight room or studying the play book.

  9. Obviously you know nothing about why players are taking adderall!
    Do the research then write the article. It helps:) and is used in combination with hgh and test commonly.
    Because it is a speed it would be out of your system extremely fast as a one time user???
    So just like other users, they lie and pretend and you write articles that help create a false belief that they have been unjustly accused and it was more accidental…..
    Grow up

  10. Of course, the deeper question is whether offseason use of Adderall or any other stimulant should be prohibited. It can’t enhance performance if there’s no performance to enhance, and it’s not the kind of substance that helps a player artificially build muscle mass in anticipation of future performance.

    That makes too much sense^
    thank you

  11. What about putting him in jail for illegal use of prescription medications? He could b in jail too. He is lucky it was NFL not the cops who caught him using it.

  12. I did the same thing while in Vegas for March Madness. Drank like a champ all night. This stuff is pretty awesome.

    p.s. i’m not a football player.

  13. I personally have taken Adderall… actually quite a few times and without a perscription (yes, that’s illegal I know and don’t really care).

    It IS VERY MUCH a performance enhancing substance and aside from Steroid or Testosterone based formulas it may be as readily available a PHD as any other med/substance.

    Adderall = Amphetamine = Speed. It provides a a huge artificial energy boost, increases focus, and could easily be used for game/practice/workout purposes. Different substances provide different “benefits” which is why they are used. It doesn’t have to “build mass” as some have stated, but it can be easily abused for Training.

    I would like to see the NFL stop cracking down on non-PHDs like Marijuana (which does literally nothing performance enhancing maybe other than a stress/pain reliever) and start to focus more on PHDs like HGH and certain Prescription Meds.

  14. Haden KNEW it was on the banned list yet he chose to take it anyway. He was caught and must be punished, maybe he and other players will learn that you need to check that list before you put substances into your body

  15. Bet he had a killer day/night/early morning! Hurts his team but man…. 23 year old with millions to burn in Vegas. Sounds like a pretty solid trip to me.

  16. Adderall is dextroamphetamine, basically between Ritalin and meth in potency. Gives you lots of energy and focus, not a completely brain-blanking “high” like cocaine. Great for long distance drives, staying up late in Vegas, etc.

    When you hear old-time players talking about “greenies” they’re talking about the same substance as this.

  17. I have an Rx for adderall and it has a half-life of 10 hrs which means that every 10 hrs, half of the dosage is in your system. I had to take a drug test for my new job and i took my last dose 24 hrs before my test and it didn’t even show up. Im not saying that it is out in 24 hrs with everyone but 3-4 days…easily. I think the league gives players at least 24hrs to take their random drug test. Likely it was more like a “flight to the moon” than a “pick me up”. Its very easy to get this prescribed…dope move.

  18. “An off-season visit”?

    Adderall is out of your system completely within 2 days.

    Second, who the hell needs a “pick-me-up” in Vegas of all places? Dude, you’d need the pick-me-up in Camden…not Vegas.


  19. I’ve eaten and snorted it as a pick me up but I guess I’m not a professional football player

  20. Adderall only stays positive in your urine for maybe 2 days. He was in Vegas in between training camp practices, huh? Sounds fishy to me.

  21. If you need a “pick-me-up” while in Vegas, then why go to Vegas? Just going there is high enough.

    Regardless of the reasons, you play, you pay.

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