Stephen Jones: “Mo Claiborne’s got to get out there”

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Stephen Jones, the Cowboys’ executive vice president and the son of owner Jerry Jones, sounds like he’s getting sick of seeing his first-round draft pick in the training room.

Rookie cornerback Morris Claiborne was sidelined by a wrist injury during Organized Team Activities, and has recently been missing training camp practices with a knee injury, and Jones said in an interview on KRLD that it’s time for Claiborne to prove he can play through the pain.

Mo Claiborne’s got to get out there,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “The times he’s been out there, it’s been impressive. But he certainly can’t make the club in the tub, if you will. He’s got to get out there. It’s time. We got to start having a mentality that we’re going to play through things.”

Of course, it’s easy for Jones to say that Claiborne has to play through things. If Claiborne is injured seriously enough that he simply can’t practice, that’s a fact of life in football. But Jones said, “There’s no excuse,” and he wants to see the Cowboys’ younger players emulate themselves after veterans who are willing to play with pain.

“You don’t ever see Jason Witten missing practice, and he’s going on 10 [seasons],” Jones said. “He just won’t miss. So, we got to have the young guys step up and play better.”

And if calling Claiborne out publicly is the way to get him to step up and play better, that’s something Jones is happy to do.

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  1. This is why any and all lip service paid by owner’s to player safety should always be taken not with a grain of salt, but with the whole shaker.

  2. I agree. I mean Pierre Garcon has to burn a Cowboy CB right? Who better than Mo Claiborne aka Jacque Jones Jr brother.

  3. Son of Jones never played through anything. It’s just foolishness coming from his mouth. If a guy like witten calls him out, then there might be something to it.

  4. Jones needs to shut up. “Cant make the club in the tub”? Uh yes he can, Being the #6 pick in the draft says that he will!

    Listen if the guy is hurt then he is hurt. I understand that you want your team to be physical and tough, but at what risk? Season ending injury in “practice” just to rush him back?

    This kid is going to be great! Year two he will be shutting EVERYONE down. Rookies will struggle,
    just like Patrick Peterson did as a rookie. That guy was suppose to be great at CB, yet he had a horrible rookie season as a Corner.

    All the haters saying that Claiborne is a bust are just ignorant and jealous because “your” team didnt have a prayer at drafting the guy.

    Yep keep telling yourselves that he is a bust if that helps you sleep at night. Because the Best Defensive player in the draft “by ALL scouts” and “football gurus” and “analysts” is wearing the star!

  5. When you’re a self-made man, having fought your way to the top with all the odds against you, and using your own grit and determination, and having that fire in the belly to overcome all adversity, and never having had anything handed to you – like Stephen Jones – well, it’s okay to question the courage of others.

  6. In the age of twitter, facebook and up to the second news the responses on here(some) are just a prime example of that impatient mentality.

    What qualifies a bust? If this kid is injury prone than thats unfortunate. Some consider Terence Newman a bust( he was the 4th pick I believe) but in fact he had a formidable career,.not great but pretty good.

    Around the league, since the nfl has morphed into a passing league you just arent going to find that many shut down corners anymore cuz pretty much everyone gets burned. But I do believe this kid has the instincts to survive on an island, and thats all you need. Anything more is a bonus. There arent that many darrelle revis’ in the world.

  7. It’s easy for a privileged, rich man’s son to make demands on other people to gut their way through something. What has he ever gutted his way through, other than worrying about displeasing his dad and getting the silver spoon taken out of his mouth? But Stephen is only doing what his father does all the time — interfere with his employees. I’m sure the football people in the organization who actually know what they’re doing don’t appreciate the interference from either one of them. (Yes, I know that daddy is the gm, a title that implies football knowledge, but it’s easy to get the title of gm if you own the team.)

  8. I bet Mo has to stand outside the door and sound out the letters before he enters the “Tub” room.

  9. The exact same mentality that leaves 40 year old former players jabbering to themselves in darkened rooms as they slowly go insane due to brain injuries they “played through”. I thought the “rub some dirt on it” approach was out of fashion these days.

  10. I agree the Jones’ arent the easiest group to understand, but you can’t knock them for trying to win at all costs.

    They get a lot of slack, but after the triplet era, any team would find themselves in a hole. I think it was their fault for not molding an heir apparent to Aikman. After that, the Romo era has been better than people think.

    As an undrafted QB, Jerry has given him an abundance of talent, the defense has been OK, up until this year’s collapse. Im not making any excuses but it just so happens that Giants and Eagles are in the same division.

    Forget playoffs people, if Romo and the Cowboys dont make the playoffs again, its not going to be because they stink, its going to be because they cant get over the Giant/eagle hurdle. Taking care of the division is first priority and Dallas cant do that yet.

  11. Jones’ statement should be used in the upcoming concussion case. The comments that “Little Baby Jones” is making are EXACTLY what these players are complaining about. “You can’t make the club in the tub” comment is why players fake concussion results. The owners do not care about players as human beings. They are race horses or slaves for all they care and only look at their bottom line! I bet if “Little Baby Jones” had to put on pads and let one these players hit them just once, he would be crying and in bed for a month. If the trainers feel like it is not worth putting on the field then I would probably take the advice of a physician that has a degree in this field and go through the motions. I don’t care what uniform he is wearing this guy could be the next Champ Bailey and you better believe when it comes time for him to sign an extension he is going to remember these comments. I guarantee that he is a TRUE competitor and wants nothing more than to be on the field. Claiborn wouldn’t have gotten this far if he wasn’t (his test scores should prove that if he wasn’t in the NFL no one could be sure he is even smart enough to work as the “fry guy” at McDonald’s) a hard core competitor. I wish the owners could suffer the way some of these players do so that would shut up!

  12. Stephen, you are a suit who either cannot or will not play pro football (my guess is the former) so I’m pretty sure Mr Claiborne can’t care less about your assessment of his pain threshold. If this comes from a veteran TEAMMATE, it immediately gets his attention. From you, not so much….besides, who really believes that you’re actually pulling the trigger with live ammo when it comes to personnel decisions?

  13. @calizcowboyz
    Yep keep telling yourselves that he is a bust if that helps you sleep at night. Because the Best Defensive player in the draft “by ALL scouts” and “football gurus” and “analysts” is wearing the star!

    Are those the same scouts/analyst and gurus that rated Jamarcus when he was coming out? makes ya say hmmmmm..

  14. the trainers are the ones saying he needs to rest there is no reason to rush him out there and hurt it worst i dont get why he would call him out like that…shut up an stay ur ur office ur already sounding to much like jj

  15. Cowboy fan here,that being said…
    We don’t know the inside scoop maybe Mo is being a little soft behind the scenes,ya never know. I think the kid is gonna fair well in the future,I like him so far in his interveiws,just want to see him ball already at the next level.

  16. Huge cowboy fan but I gotta say this guy is an idiot. Claiborne get on the field so you can further injur yourself instead of getting healthy. But hey we are all about player safety

  17. I understand playing through pain. But at what cost? Why rush a guy you’re paying a ton of money to play? Then when he gets more injured they’ll complain about his ability to cover. Can’t have it both ways.

  18. For years people have been down on Jerry for being soft on his players, his son comes out with balls and says what we all think and he gets burned too, Dallas is a better team with Stephen at the Healm.

  19. You guys get off Stephen Jones’ case, for goodness sake! He is not some spoiled rich-kid who never wanted for anything! I happen to know this fact about him growing up…….during his younger years, the maid and butler were off on Monday’s and if Stephen wanted fresh-squeezed orange juice, he had to SQUEEZE THE ORANGES HIMSELF!!!! He is still in counseling today trying to get over that…..have a little compassion.

  20. Yes, rush him back prematurely and urge him to play through injuries, presumably against the advice of doctors and trainers, for a preseason game.

  21. I like Jerry, Stephen not too “fond” of. His comment is idiotic, mostly after what happened with Austin last year. He came back too early, got hurt, was out 4 additional games, and that missed catch vs. the Giants was due to his injury. Same with Dez – “injury prone”. This kid will be good and he should practice, but he also he has a couple of pre-existing conditions that they knew of before they drafted him. DeCastro may have been a better pick, since they need a center desperately.

  22. The Jones’ need get off the players and concentrate on what they’re good at, like not making the playoffs.

  23. Footballs less than a month away people, everybody calm down. Everybody puts too much into stories like these. How bout’ some good old fashioned motivation??? Time will tell what Mo’ Clai’ will do on the field but really??? Before they BOTH EVEN PLAY a PRE season game you’re saying “SO GLAD WE DRAFTED MARK BARRON”??? You may look back on those comments as being VERY foolish in a few years.

  24. steelerdynasty2010, you are a commenter that either cannot or will not run a professional sports team (we don’t have to guess which one).

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