Stewart gets $23 million guaranteed


A year after the Panthers gave running back DeAngelo Williams $21 million guaranteed on a five-year deal, running back Jonathan Stewart received $23 million guaranteed on a five-year extension.

A league source tells PFT that Stewart receives $11.5 million fully guaranteed in 2012, with another $11.5 million that is guaranteed for injury only until the third day of the 2013 waiver period, at which time it becomes fully guaranteed.

Stewart’s compensation for 2012 includes a $9 million signing bonus.  He’s also due a $9 million option bonus in 2013.  The other $5 million in guarantees comes from base salaries.

The deal averages $7.3 million per year, with annual escalators of $1.5 million in 2015, 2016, and 2017 based on 1,200 yards rushing or 1,600 yards rushing and receiving.  Another $500,000 in each of those years is available based on higher levels of performance.

Stewart, who was due to earn $1.311 million in 2012, opted to do a deal now and avoid the franchise tag in 2013.  And with the veteran running-back market considerably softer than it used to be, it made sense to take the $23 million now.

Especially since Stewart has rushed for only 3,500 yards in four NFL seasons, with a career-low 761 yards in 2011.

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  1. We couldn’t afford to lose Jonathan Stewart, as he is the younger of the two. All this means though is that Sonic and Knuckles will stay together for another few years. I’m excited for this!

  2. Man just when you thought the Panthers were getting better they make another move that makes you go Huh??? 40 mil+ invested in 3 average RBs. That sound you hear is Shad Khan’s pocket book moaning in pain and MJD dropping a “Thank you” card in the mail for Stewart.

  3. Spending more than $18 million per year on the RB position, when none of the RBs earning that money are truly elite.

    Not exactly a smart idea, especially when the NFL is rapidly becoming a passing league……

  4. Note to mjd, if you want the money, you gotta show up and do your job. Though I still think you don’t deserve yet another mega deal at 28, teams have beens awarding the guys who show up and not the ones staying away. I’ve seen the jags play in week one pre-season, trust me, RB is the last thing they need right now. You not showing up is only giving the next guy a chance to take your spot and before you know it, instead of looking for a new contract, you’ll be looking for a new job.

  5. Panthers seem to have an endless salary cap, i just dont understand paying 2 decent backs that no one would put in the top ten, top ten money. Imagine if they had forte, foster, AP, mccoy , MJD or Rice they might get 100 million dollar contracts. I agree with the other poster, are the Panthers hiring?

  6. When they signed Williams to a big contract I thought that meant they chose him over Stewart. Then they signed Tolbert and I thought there was no way Stewart would get a new contract. This seems ridiculous considering they only have one good receiver who can still play but he is getting older. Money would have been better spent at Wr.

  7. Terrible mismanagement of the salary cap!
    $80 million tied up in 2 running backs when the QB rushes for 14 TDs and 700+ yards? LOL.

    Should’ve used that cash on Bowe or Mike Wallace and just draft a back. Oh well, too late.

  8. The panthers are not setting cam Newton up for success. Steve smith is getting older and outside of him, whose their number 2 guy. There were plenty of good WRs in FA the panthers should have grabbed instead of paying two RBs hell most teams don’t even want to sign one to a mega deal. Im looking forward to cam regressing a bit becausehe doesn’t have the weapons he need to continue getting better

  9. “There were plenty of good WRs in FA the panthers should have grabbed instead of paying two RBs hell most teams don’t even want to sign one to a mega deal.”

    Good wr’s in FA? Like who?

    Braylon Edwards who has been bouncing from team to team lately?

    Terrell Owen who hasn’t played in a year?

    Randy Moss? Who takes play offs when everything doesn’t go his way.

    Plaxico B? Not sure if he is an everydown wr.

    DeAngelo Williams has “no guarantee money” for the rest of his contract. Either he restructures or he get release.

    “Steve smith is getting older and outside of him, whose their number 2 guy”.

    Seems like their coach Ron Rivera is giving Brandon Lafell a chance to establish himself as a #2. Will it work? Who knows, but if it doesn’t 2013 draft has talented wr such as Kennan Allen, Justin Hunter, Da’Brick Rodgers ect possible coming out.

  10. goes to show how people forget so easily. Wasn’t till Newton’s Rookie year was over that people were calling them two Elite backs. Every damn one of you was wishing they would trade one.

    Now you guys are just butt hurt that they are both signed. Get over yourselves Dlo and Jstew were the first Tandem to rush for over 1100 yards each in 2009. (Williams with 1,117 despite missing 3 games and part of two others with an injury)

    In 4 years of being a back up Stewart has 3500 yards rushing and 26 TD with another 3 receiving. Were he the only back on a team with a pocket passing game manager at QB, he would be making more money as an Elite back.

    To dismiss this Duo cause of the Additions of Newton in 2011 and Tolbert in 2012 is really stupid when most were praying Stewart would hit the Free Agent market. So don’t come in here with your comments about how stupid it was when most of, if not all of you would take one of them in a heartbeart

  11. I’m cracking up at the overly-simplistic comments about Stewart’s production (especially Florio, who’s supposed to be smarter than this).

    Y’all are just looking at rushing yards and dismissing Stewart – and Williams – as mediocre. If either one was the only feature back, he would put up the monster numbers you people seem to think is the only measure of the status of a player. Like someone mentioned earlier, both of them had over 1,100 yards in ’09. We have a QB that can run as well as any RB, and he got some of the numbers. We were 3rd in the league in rushing last year as a team. With Williams having such a front-loaded contract, Stewart’s back-loaded, and Tolbert’s fairly evenly spread, we should be able to manage the cap numbers just fine, especially if the cap goes up significantly, which it may do later on in the CBA. This was a good signing.

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