Chad Johnson was on a “one-strike” arrangement

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The quick decision of the Dolphins to part ways with receiver Chad Johnson suggests that the team didn’t believe his version of the events that resulted in Johnson being arrested on Saturday night for head-butting his bride.  Whether they believed him or not didn’t matter.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Johnson was on a one-strike arrangement with the team.  Coach Joe Philbin, who has welcomed plenty of distractions in the seven months since he took the job, ultimately didn’t want the added distraction of the criminal prosecution of one of his higher-profile players.

That said, it surely didn’t help that Johnson told police that his wife actually applied the head butt to him.  While it’s possible that he’s telling the truth and that his wife intentionally struck her head against his and claimed that he did it to her because she was mad about the condom receipt she found in the trunk of his car (and those are 42 words I never dreamed I’d type), Johnson should have at least gotten some inkling during their courtship that she was capable of such conduct.

So, either way, he didn’t sufficiently have his personal life in order to avoid creating for the Dolphins the kind of publicity the team currently doesn’t want.

64 responses to “Chad Johnson was on a “one-strike” arrangement

  1. The person who should be punished in this is Chad’s “Dad”. Because if he didn’t know he should have known.

  2. Can’t say he wasn’t warned. The guy was a distraction plain and simple. You think he would have walked up in one of BB’s Patriots coaching meetings? NO. He got to Miami and instead of staying quite, being humble, he announced to all the world in his introductory press conference that he was going to be a headache. Good riddance.


  3. Well that’s unfortunate. Just because a poorly run team, with a history of players with off the field issues, gave him a zero tolerance contract shouldn’t end his career.

    Especially, when it probably wasn’t even his fault. (wasn’t proven yet)

  4. And the moral of this story is: Don’t ever marry a woman that’s as big of a drama queen than you are.

    Either that, or stay the hell away from them altogether.

  5. I don’t know why he got with her in the first place.

    If I was him: “Oh, so you used to be Antoine Walker’s girl? And you were on reality tv? Hmm…pass.”

  6. Good for the Dolphins. Johnson is nothing more than a distraction in a locker room now.

    It’s a shame that big mouths like ocho crappo and TO grab all the headlines while quiet superstars like Curtis Martin are virtually ignored all their careers. Go the the HOF website and watch his acceptance speech to see a class act.

    P.S. Mike Wallace are you watching? Asking to be paid like Larry Fitzgerald is delusional.

  7. The countdown to that clown being broke is underway. I give it 2.5 years. Now he won’t even get a network job he longed for. (he only would have lasted a year because he’s a babbling idiot anyway)

  8. It was really a no brainer when you think about it.
    He was once a decent receiver who has fallen to no better than side-show status.
    He brought media attention, but apparently it’s become the kind of attention they didn’t want.
    It had to be easy to decide to move on.

  9. Even if his wife headbutted Chad, and not the other way around, it is still the right move to release him. He’s not very good anymore, his act is old, and a new head coach doesn’t need this distraction.

    The Dolphins take a lot of criticism for the way the team has been ran in the past, but this is a GOOD move. Perhaps signing CJ wasn’t one of those good moves. However, they reacted quickly to the arrest and didn’t let it become a lingering distraction.

  10. I think Chad needs a year away from the game, be with Evelyn and see how that goes and get his life together, there is a reason the Seahawks and 49ers signed Terrell Owens and Randy Moss respectively. They had a year off, they worked out, 4.5 40 speed and running crisp routes and they were hungry to re-play the game of football and it showed. Chad is missing that hunger for the game and a great deal of maturity.

  11. This is what comes with a life of being what CJ has been. It’s not that he’s been that bad, it’s just been, he’s sort of been seen as a less than serious goofball.
    All that stuff comes home to roost as you reach your expiration date.

    Women lie. It’s what they do. In domestic abuse cases, more so. Is CJ guilty of what’s charged? Possibly. Is the ho bag a ho bag? Yes. A headbutt? Really?

    She wanted to hurt him, and she did.

    I think CJ had just finally gotten what people wanted to see and hear from him, but sadly, as the condom receipt shows……He hadn’t ever, really “gotten” it.

  12. So where are all of the Dolphin fans that were giving Pats fans a hard time when they were calling this guy washed up and saying this signing was a mistake?

  13. To release the guy because his wife is a wacko? At least sit on it a week Joe and let things cool down , who knows what the real story is.Its not like the guy gets in trouble all the time. Now if uts because you think the guy cant produce anymore then thats another story all together. Go Hawks!

  14. It’s more likely they viewed Chad as a P.R. Disaster, than a liar. How can you get all the facts to make that decision this quickly? The fact is Chad would have been all over Hard Knocks and that story line would have dominated the show. What the Dolphins really want is for the show to put enough butts in the seats and create enough buzz and optimism to start the rebuilding process ………….not only with the team, but fan base.

    Chad is just a victim of circumstance……………..he never should have married let alone date that drama queen. But it’s very irresponsible journalism (even if it is only sports journalism) to suggest that Chad lied to the team before all the facts are in!

  15. Yeah, I don’t buy the reasoning behind this post. I’m not sure that we should dump on people just because it’s convenient. Say what you will about Chad Johnson/Ochocinco/Johnson’s whimsical personality, he’s never in his career been known to be a criminal.

    By your logic, friend, if we assume that he is telling the truth, (we don’t know, but we didn’t wait to find out, did we?), any work that Andy Reid may have missed after his son’s death and any shock caused to the team can and should be held against him, right? After all, he should have known even more about his son that Johnson can be expected to know about his wife and he is therefore responsible for anything that happens.

    That would be preposterous, of course. Things happen to people. And fifty minutes of Hard Knocks has suggested to me that the Miami Dolphin organization is run primarily by retards and misguided bean counters. My first instinct is certainly not to assume their correctness in this situation.

  16. As a due hard Phins fan, I’m glad they cut this fool! Finally Miami is not making an exception for bad locker room players (ex: Marshal).. We destroyed and rebuilt, a washed up diva WR isn’t going to stop us from growing!

  17. If he was still a good reciever and was making 8 mil a year the dolphins wouldnt cut him and the judge would give his wife 100 days anger managment, but sorry chad since your old slow and annoying you will be broke in 3 years and the love life will get a little bit tougher with no money man. I can see you with rosie odonnell in 10 years

  18. Doesnt surprise me at all in today’s world of knee jerk reactions to everything, Chad hasn’t even been found guilty and yet the Dolphins cut him…Complete BS

  19. Oakland, Philly or Dallas…

    The phones are ringing at his agent’s beach house as we speak, and where he lands he’ll bring that team down as well.

  20. “Under pressure, I lie for ya, die for ya
    Cougar by the thigh for ya, right hand high for ya”

    I guess they don’t build them like Lil Kim anymore.

  21. He was a good citizen in NE but he couldn’t grasp the offense. Too bad as it appeared that he still had good speed and hands. He wasted the opportunity there, unfortunately, as that was the perfect spot for him.

    The Miami situation was doomed from the get-go and hooking up with this woman was equally doomed.

  22. I’m not a Dolphins fan but I applaud them for this move it shows that coach Philbin is about football not distractions. I think Philbin will put Miami on the right track toward being a top NFL team. It sends the right message to his lockeroom and to future FA’s and draft picks that the Dolphins are focused on winning football games.

  23. From what I’ve seen on Hard Knocks, Philbin doesn’t seem like the most inspiring leader of men I’ve ever seen … but I gotta give him a lotta credit for pulling the plug on Chad this quickly.

    Maybe the Dolphins are starting to take themselves seriously again. When they signed up for the HBO show and then added Chad Johnson, I thought otherwise.

  24. Here’s my idea for the team that finishes with worse record:
    * #1 pick in the draft
    * must sign Chad Johnson, Terell Owens, and Pacman Jones and keep them on the team all year
    * must appear on the new season of Hard Knocks
    That would give teams motivation not to finish last.

  25. Dolphins should take their lumps and start Tannehill. Playing without a washed up diva WR couldn’t hurt him.

    Regardless of whether it was his fault or not; he has to be smarter than to put himself in that situation.

  26. Seems like Chad had it all bottled up inside him for a year and when he got to Miami he had to let all the IDIOTNESS naturally inside him all out in 2 weeks

  27. I truly hope that this is the END of Chad Johnson’s career. Nobody should give this bum another chance at playing in the NFL. Retire and stick to your reality shows Chad.

  28. I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for Chad O’Johnson, but lots of good wide receivers, and even a couple of great ones, have been head-cases. Good organizations know that, accept that, and can work with that.

    This is just another one of the many, many signs that Jeff Ireland really doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. It does nothing to change the Dolphins’ image as the Gang that Can’t Shoot Straight, and only hurts their on-field product.

  29. “While it’s possible that he’s telling the truth and that his wife intentionally struck her head against his and claimed that he did it to her because she was mad about the condom receipt she found in the trunk of his car (and those are 42 words I never dreamed I’d type)”

    haha bravo!

  30. One of the best lines I’ve ever read on a blog: “While it’s possible that he’s telling the truth and that his wife intentionally struck her head against his and claimed that he did it to her because she was mad about the condom receipt she found in the trunk of his car (and those are 42 words I never dreamed I’d type) … ”

    Seriously, that is some crazy funny $hit.

  31. (and those are 42 words I never dreamed I’d type)

    The greatest statement that sums up every screwed up I honestly believe I can get out of it and it was not my fault I am sorry I did not do it reply.

    (I am not going to count, but was that last statement 42 words?)

  32. Interesting to hear about this, he’s always preaching positivity, giving relationship advice, and showing off his seemingly happy life on twitter. I think this proves it’s all just a mask behind his real insecurities.

    I don’t wish bad on him, I actually had started to like him after following him on twitter. Hope he’s able to work through his issues.

  33. No one knows what happen except the 2 fools who are involved in this mess. One thing is sure, he lose a chance to make some money, I guess the cost of a box of rubbers cost him more then he thought, however there must be a 5th or 6th WR who will make the cut now that Chad is no longer talking up a spot. I also have a lot of respect for the coach for making a good decision for the team. Bill

  34. I’ll never know why people who train themselves to be world class athletes are such world class morons.

    Welcome to the real world Chad, get in line for a 10 dollar an hour job like the rest of us, cause your such a dope I highly doubt you saved any of your money.

    Oh wait, do you really think you can play again?


  35. I look forward to hearing of Mr Ocho Stinko at the NFL rookie symposium next year speaking of the importance of installing a portable document shredder in the trunk of your car.

  36. Good move by the Dolphins. Chad Johnson or “Ochocinco” or whatever his name is these days is an over rated has been. He is a legend in his own mind and the Dolphins don’t need this cancer in their locker room.

  37. frenchy121212 says: Aug 12, 2012 9:07 PM

    The countdown to that clown being broke is underway. I give it 2.5 years. Now he won’t even get a network job he longed for. (he only would have lasted a year because he’s a babbling idiot anyway)

    Actually he’s a penny pincher….he is one player you will never read about being broke. He just doesn’t spend very much of his money.

  38. I think it’s wrong and very dangerous to suggest that if his wife attacked him, he is to blame for not having his personal life in order and not having seen this coming. No matter the gender roles, we should not get in the habit of blaming the victim of spousal abuse for getting attacked. If your spouse attacks you physically, it’s the spouses fault, not your own.

  39. In one episode of Hard Knocks you could see he was determined to be as big of a jackass as possible. He thought it was funny, but the Dolphins did not.

    He laid the groundwork for this and has no one to blame but himself.

  40. More to the point, she certainly should have had an inkling that Johnson regularly had sex with women who aren’t his wife.

  41. Chad Johnson may not be the hottest WR right now because people think he’s just there for show. He might think they are right. This domestic violence case is totally whack! Anyone who has seen the reality show knows he walks away from her every time she says or does something he doesn’t agree with. The Dolphins should reconsider the firing of Johnson. There is no evidence yet and I believe that he did not head butt this woman. One could say Miami was looking for a reason to get rid of Johnson. You don’t fire a player without facts.

  42. Wil the next man in line please step forward. Yes, Plax, that would be you. Quickly now.

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